Featured Designer: Casey Wang, Co-founder of BLEND

Featured Designer: Casey Wang, Co-founder of BLEND

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by Dr. Ross Geller

//This blog is updated in 2020//

Welcome to our feature designer blog series! A story about Casey, one of the archiparti’s outstanding independent designers. You may deem Casey’s life as a success, with a winning business, great capability, blah blah blah… She just gets all qualifications a business woman should have!

Not much philosophy to say, so just take it easy! Don’t forget to be one of our designer teams if you want to be as success as Casey:)


Currently, besides being a co-founder of BLEND, a multidisciplinary design practice, Casey is teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong at Master of Science in Urban Design program. She is also an active member of Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. She co-edited the books Factory Towns of South China, Villages in the City, and lectured in various insti­tutes in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Germany, and Bangladesh.


Something unique about Casey…

I have been always curious about the space and cities around me, it leads me to make it as a career to create betterment of place.

‘Communication with clients is always the key for designing a better place.’

– Casey Wang



Design Journey

Timeline of Casey
Worked in Shanghai

participated in the Metropol Parasol Seville project at J. Mayer H. Architecture Design and Research in Berlin

part of Foster +Partners in London,
working on projects
(the Robert Gorden University in Aberdeen, the Birmingham Library,etc.)

returned to Asia and joined OMA HK
working with Rem Koolhaas on key projects
(complete design phases of the Taipei Performing Arts Center, the Tencent Beijing Headquarters,etc.)

Assistant Professor in the Master of Urban Design program at the Hong Kong University Faculty of Architecture

invited as an exhibitor for Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture

a Project Manager at Gensler responsible for projects in Zhuhai and Guangzhou, China, as well as developments in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Australia.

Most Challenging Tasks…and TIPS!

Convincing clients that design can be quantified is the most difficult part. (you know, it’s hard to figure out the design details by words, not to mention those without design knowledge). Therefore, spending more hours exploring smart and efficient work method that put into design is essential to make the outcome to a higher level.

How did you overcome it?

The only tips are to be bold, be strong, and be persistent. Open your mind to look at the world beyond through the lenses of being a designer.

A few words to say…

Diversify your interests, create a broader range of friends circle for your own, and your business.

Jackie, archiparti blog contributors

archiparti empowers one-person design firm. From corporates, small teams to one person firms, the world is changing – Gig Economy, Workation, Remote teams – there has been a macro shift towards a new way of work, we are enabling designers in the traditional design and build industry to go independent, focus on creativity, design anytime anywhere, with quality and efficiency. The result is a much more streamlined and efficient project management process for project owners, affordable price and a much more individualized and interesting physical world. Come join the change today!

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