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Design/Renovation + Tech: If you’re looking to renovate your property, we want to give you the best award-winning designers across the globe, while also saving you time and money through our standardized system. We’ve fully managed hundreds of homes, offices and shops, saving project owners months of time and millions of dollars in the process!

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archiparti started as a local interior design platform in Hong Kong, and today, we continue to empower project owners and independent designers by digitally streamlining processes in the global design & build industry.


Time to renovate your office to attract more talents and impress clients.


Build a home instead of a house.

F & B / Retail

Our designers will give you bespoke options – with speedy delivery!

Event Installation

1400+ designers around the globe – always ready to serve.


We design with love – regardless of the scale.

Our Facebook Reviews

  • review rating 5  I submitted my project and promptly received matches from 5 freelance designers. They are of pretty much similar backgrounds as my friend (international background, 3-8 years experience, having a full-time job and freelancing at night to build a portfolio, or young-ish designers at their late twenties just started their one person firm). The freelance nature made daytime communication regarding design management less effective, but it is still fine for me as I have my job in the daytime as well. Also how archiparti handled the project during renovation stage is quite different from what I expected. The project is basically passed to a renovator who agreed to follow archiparti's rules after all renovation drawings are issued. There is a project manager who visited the site at the start of the project, midway and at the end to inspect the quality and schedule. Construction Fee was put in escrow and passed to renovator only after those inspections and per my agreement. Progress photos were sent to me every day. This made the whole home design project possible as at the end I chose a designer based in Manila who worked as an interior designer in HK before.

    thumb Natosha Jacobs

    review rating 5  Excellent.

    thumb Alex Perrigo
  • review rating 0  I did my research after being contacted by each designers. I read their reviews and past projects. I didn't rely solely on archiparti's recommendation. Both designers were helpful, responsive, and really tuned into my taste and needs. There were actually much less communication between me and the chosen designer than expected, I filled in quite a detailed project needs enquiry form, and the 2 designers proposed their design. Both proposals were nice so I made decision base on affordability. Talked with my wife and gave a list of design comments, received the design revision, then passed the design to sifu for quotation, made the last reveison based on budget limitation. That's it, and the result is definitely better than many of our friends' homes that were designed by ""famous design firms"" if there is such a thing in HK.

    thumb Zhu Chia

    review rating 5  The home design wasn't for me it was a birthday present for my Sister. She is a product designer and says that the small home renovation work is excellent. Therefore I am very pleased with the purchase.

    thumb Janet Chua
  • review rating 0  You will get lots of ideas on products, colors and layouts that you would not have thought of. Number of revisions included in the package is much more than you needed. You are going to buy some products and furniture anyway but the planning stages will make all the difference and save you loads of time. They have a satisfaction guarantee which eliminates the risk to you.

    thumb Jin Tsao

    review rating 5  Checking out the 3D rendering walk through, it is awesome, thanks!!!! Can't wait to move in by August!

    thumb Jillian Wyatt
  • review rating 5  The right place to go if you’re renovating your home.

    thumb Gordon Su

    review rating 0  project management for interior design and rennovation or new build.

    thumb Carl Andrew Camenisch
  • review rating 5  best place to find good designers from all over the world!!

    thumb Kiki Ng

    review rating 5  I have several friends who are architects and interior designers, but following the advice of not to hire friends to home design for your family. I've got one of my interior designer friends recommended me to archiparti as he is one of the registered designers.

    thumb Ashley Rosa
  • review rating 0  The fact that it provides so many different designers from all over the world really allowed me to think outside the box when it comes to house renovation. The diverse selection from their online portfolio was so convenient to use as well. Really efficient company!! Would so recommend!! ☺️

    thumb Flora Liu

    review rating 5  Professional design service that helps me a lot on my office!

    thumb Jennie Kooz
  • review rating 5  Awesome!

    thumb Samuel Liu

    review rating 5  First of all, Karbi is a Super nice and responsible designer and leader!!! Archiparti really can help freshman in HK to solve a lot of tricky things and problems in renovations. Their team is very passionate, professional and patient, doing designs to early in the morning...Keeping touch with me every single step during the project to make sure it can be proceeded smoothly... And what the most important is that they finished the project as promised date. That’s what I really appreciate! Believe me or not, Archiparti won’t let you down. Cheers!

    thumb Kelly Liu
  • review rating 0  I learnt a lot from the team not only on interior design or renovation, but also on marketing and positioning of my retail business. It is a very blessing 2 months of time.

    thumb Li Rong P'an

    review rating 5  Nice platform if you seek to renovate your property!

    thumb Caleb Tai
  • review rating 5  I can't recommend their interior design service and their awesome employees highly enough. The process of being matched with 2 freelance interior designers was seamless and exceedingly simple. What surprised me the most was how much support archiparti gave me during the process. I was being cheap and sorted builder on my own. archiparti helped me to red flag their contracts and made apple to apple comparison to their quotations. Without their translation, I will never understand those professional terms other than the lump sum figure. Apparently, one of the builders was quoting based on room and the other one was quoting base on type of work(carpentry/plumbing etc). The builder with lowest lum sum quotation actually missed out 20+ items (!!!) and of course, we did not select him. It was invaluable that I could reach out to archiparti for their support and guidance. There were several midnight calls that lasted 1 hour + and my project manager remained helpful. Since this was my first home design experience, I can't imagine having gone through the project without archiparti.

    thumb Samantha Smith

    review rating 5  Nice company yeahyeahyeah !

    thumb Gogo Chloe
  • review rating 5  Cannot be more proud of the highly devoted archiparti team!

    thumb Karbi Chan Yuet

    review rating 5  Very professional!

    thumb Karen Hung

Our Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  While certainly not the company’s fault, I would recommend that everyone using archiparti to provide comments at batch as much as possible and do not change ideas too often. This will help you to getting the most from this service. We changed our ideas many times, while I am really thankful for the builder's patience, the project is definitely more stressful than expected. Also labour in Hong Kong is really expensive! Everything is fine at the end. One feature I’d love to see added is the ability to track the site progress 24/7. Site Security camera maybe? As we are not always in Hong Kong for inspection, other than trust maybe some cameras will be helpful, if that is possible my dear.

    thumb Christina Che

    review rating 5  I loved working with my designer Chen. You get 1 on 1 design advice and the process is smooth, fast and flexible. Process was very collaborative and I feel like she understood my style well. I'm absolutely thrilled with how my studio turned out.

    thumb Uy Bobby
  • review rating 5  Awesome service! Very pleased!! Keep up the good work 🙂 So, I hired archiparti to design my workshop. Basically you hire an online interior designer to provide you designs and furniture/lighting list etc. It can be as collaborative or one-sided as you want. I really liked it. May be worth giving it a shot, all advice are free so it is great for the initial inspiration.

    thumb Martha Jones

    review rating 5  Quality, quality, QUALITY! Can't believe this old flat of my grandfather can be converted into something this charming! The kitchen island is like a dream come true, and are always a topic of discussion. The interior design work was done FABULOUSLY, and I even suggested the team to my sister and best friends for their home design. Along with a superior interior design styles comes excellent customer service. Every inquiry was answered quickly and diligently. I will enjoy it for the rest of my life. Thank you from Nancy!

    thumb Nancy Kim
  • review rating 5  If I had hired my contractor directly, I likely would have been coordinating everything myself and it would have been a thousand times more stressful. archiparti not just provide quality modern designs but also amazing counsel and backup. Employees went out of their way to visit the site, continually coordinate with my contractor, and even help with the final cleaning. They were ready to do whatever was needed to get my office design project done. I would tell anyone considering a renovation that using archiparti for a total project management is a must. Their value-add is immeasurable. And their staff is amazing!"

    thumb Peter Huang

Why archiparti

Sourcing Global Talents

We will connect you with vetted professionals from our global-talent network via matching algorithm so you can always find someone who suits your style and price point.

One-stop Solution

No more headaches and time wasted on cross communication. archiparti fills up the knowledge gap for you and builds the right team for you in this traditional industry.

Money Back Guarantee

How to start? Who to trust? We escrow design and construction fee, carry out inspections before approval of funds.

Unlimited Support

Dedicated management team oversees your project, providing professional advice to ensure a smooth process which will save you cost and time.

+ Saving time on comparisons

+ Dedicated project manager

+ Digitised/standardised process

+ Global talent pool

+ Project fee escrowed


one person design firms registered from 22 countries.


of them are award winning architects/interior designers.


of them have over 10 years of experience.

“… something architects and designers wanted but never thought was possible.”

“… archiparti is a ‘fully managed’ online work system that operates as a layer on top of crowd, old fashioned design & build industry. It is the first platform built around a network of expert project managers equipped with tools to reduce the risk and cost for small businesses …”

No matter the budget, each design is made based on each individual case. While practicality is promised, unique styles are applied with an edge, making the end product full of delightful surprise.

“I thought the selling point is just to find cool designer around the world at an affordable rate, but archiparti project manager actually helped me to check quotation & contracts with other local partners, guide me through the schedule, find me a highly skilled local contractor, and escrow the whole project. This saved me loads of time, and now I am waiting to move into my dream home!”

— Ellie Ho

“Smart and talented designer. Never expected my Bar project could be done this fast and hassle-free with this budget.”

— ShenZhen Bar

“Positively surprised! All communication was done online, I know my project manager is in Australia and my designer is from USA, but with just some requested drawings and dimensions, archiparti helped me to develop the design from planning to construction within the budget and timeframe.”

— Samuel

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