Hong Kong Renovation Costs: Complete Breakdown for Residential Projects! (Updated 2022)

Hong Kong Renovation Costs: Complete Breakdown for Residential Projects! (Updated 2022)
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Congratulations! You have got your own place now! So for the next step, are you looking for a creative and unique interior designing ideas for your home? Or thinking to renovate your office or shop with the best idea? No matter what  your next plan is,is design budget one of your biggest concerns? With what budget range can  you launch a satisfying project? Below are some interesting projects guide with different budget ranges,  let’s go ahead and match you with a renovation that most suits your budgets!

Project 1: Residential Design in Mount East, Hong Kong

Independent designer: Napp Studio

695 sq. ft (< $20K USD)

Residential interior design & renovation

Project 2: Bar project in Shenzhen

Independent designer: Biggerthan Studio

~1500 sq. ft (20K – 50K USD)

Retail interior and exterior design, renovation  Shenzhen-bar


 Can’t wait to start?

To start your renovation project smoothly without limitation, find the best service with a budget range that suits you the most with archiparti. To find out more about different interior design concepts. If you would like to further discuss with one of our project consultants, please contact us to get a free quote.

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