How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom? (Tips Updated 2022)

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom? (Tips Updated 2022)
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Feeling blue today? Getting sick more than usual? Feeling like your life had not been going smoothly for a while? It might have to do with your house’s Feng Shui not being optimally set up for you and your family. You may feel better and have your luck improved if you renovate your home by following our expert Fung Shui advice. As we had told you before: “we are here to streamline design and build” but we are also here to provide well-rounded information to suit everyone’s needs. Therefore, we provide not only provide information on interior design and renovation but here we also bring you tips on maximizing your home’s Feng Shui for your life as well.

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You may have heard of the term Feng Shui before especially if you had been living in Hong Kong as television shows often invite Feng Shui experts to discuss the upcoming year’s Feng Shui. But what is Feng Shui exactly? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study aimed at improving people’s living standard through changes in their living space in order to match the person’s personality to their home. While it may sound like a lot of work to renovate your home however small changes accumulate and to invest and improve one’s life is never something one should hesitate on. So it is never too late to renew your home. Especially since Chinese New year is coming! So it is a great opportunity and good time to make some changes to your own space in a stylish Feng Shui way now and get good luck!


Special thanks to Master Kwok for all the tips

While getting the best Feng Shui for yourself depends on your own personality and the home you live in there are some general dos and don’ts that are applicable to everyone. Here we present to you the upcoming year’s tips to improve on your luck! Let’s start with the bedroom:


           There are several things that you should avoid when decorating your bedroom:

  1. A mirror or television facing your bed: while having a television at your bedside may seem convenient and provides entertainment whenever you need it is not something that is recommended because it is a huge distraction to you. The bed’s main purpose is for you to gain rest and recharge to prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow and while relaxation is good it is easy to spend too much time on television and lose rest because of it. If you use your bedroom as an office as well this is even worse as it may lead to you unable to concentrate on finishing your work.  You can see it as ‘switching off’ your brain, which means you are not able to concentrate on your work. While a mirror doesn’t do the same thing it is still not recommended to do so as you’ll wake up to seeing your own disheveled face or give a constant feeling of someone watching you. To save yourself some frightening late night toilet breaks it is better to position the mirror somewhere else. 
  1. Tight spaces for your bed: Continuing with the theme that the bed is used for resting it is also not recommended for you to position the bed so there is limited head space above the bed or make the bed too small for your own comfort. While it is true that most flats in Hong Kong have limited space and thus it is normal to try to maximize space usage by raising the bed so the space below can be used as an office, you should make sure there is still a comfortable frame height between you and the ceiling. This makes it feel less claustrophobic and thus can improve on your sleeping quality and is also important to avoid the ceiling becoming a safety hazard as you might end up hitting your head on the ceiling when you wake up or get on bed. Saving on bed size can mean you have more space to work with for your office or other purposes but at the end of the day we spend a third of our lives on our beds if not more so it is always recommended that you get a bed that is comfortable and not too small for you. 
  1. Set the bed placement beside the door: This may seem like one that is surprising and makes no sense but it is believed that placing the bed next to the door can lead to health problems such as getting a headache but with more severe case especially if your Feng Shui this year is already not optimal because of your birth year it can lead to more sever health issues so should be avoided if possible. If you think about it placing your bed next to the door means you are more likely to be disturbed by activities going on outside as you can hear people walking around, talking, playing, etc. So it can decrease your rest quality and lead to worse health as getting high quality sleep is crucial to one’s immune system and health. It is like having your flat right next to a busy road and the noise and pollution will be deteriorating to your health and so by the same logic you should avoid placing your bed next to the door. 

Obviously not everyone has the capital or time to invest into renovating your house. It is after a quite a big project. However you should not need to worry as there are many simple ways to bring changes to your house that costs little time and money but still brings you the good luck you need to advance you to the next step in your life. One easy way is to simply change the color of the paintings or decorations in your house. This will only cost you a little, but can bring you lots of fortune!

       2. Home Decorations (If you have a limited budget)

If you only have a limited budget do not worry you can still improve your Feng Shui by avoiding the placement sharp tools and objects, animal specimens or stone-decorating types of furniture. In feng shui aspect, this may mean to hurt the physical or mental health of the homeowners.

Placing sharp tools and objects is itself something hazardous and should be avoided even taken out of the aspect of Feng Shui but these objects themselves by having the potential to hurt also possess the energy of hurt so by placing these objects in the house they are adding to the negative energy within the house and is not good for the resident’s health. In the same vein one should also not put up decorations that portrays or invoke sad energy such as pictures of children crying as it reminds residents of bad moments in their lives and generates bad energy in the house. 

By the same logic placing animal specimens are a bad idea as they were things with life in the past but are now rendered as objects of decoration and observation. Simply imagining yourself in the position of these poor animals will make you understand why they would not want to be on display. While they have lost their lives already they were still living creatures and should be treated with respect. Also even if they are treated and clean they are still essentially corpses and it is really not a good idea to keep them around in the house. 

Following the same logic as the previous two stone furniture are, well, rock hard and in that sense can also hurt the residents as unlike wood or textile furniture they are more likely to give you bruises and wounds if you accidentally bump or trip on it. It is thus not recommended to be used in the home setting as it also doesn’t create warmth in the house so the home may seem colder and less cozy. The environment one lives in and the vibe the space is in affects one’s psychology. Such as in tall huge cathedrals one automatically feels humbled and the need for respect to whatever deity is being worshiped. In the same way this also applies to one’s home and so if you put stone furniture in the house the house may seem unwelcoming and cold. The home is a space meant for rest and refuge so generally the energy that stone gives off is not recommended to be used at home.

       3. Color tones (For limited budget)

Another way you can improve your Feng Shui if you have a limited budget is by changing the color tones in the house. For the houses with windows facing the south or west, this represents the house may be filled with the element of fire because sunshine can easily penetrate the house most of the day. Therefore, it may not be appropriate to use red color, too much of it can invoke bad energy within the house such as one being more irritated and annoyed. Instead you can try colder tones such as green and blue to balance out the nature of your house. Vice versa,  if your house is facing north or north-east, you may select some warm color like light red, lilac, light orange, etc., to increase the warmth of the house as your house lacks the element of fire due to the sun only shining through in the early morning hours and thus the house generally lacks warmth. An extra tip if you have a room with a sea-view, you should use a pale-green curtain for the windows in this case! 

For the men and women that love to cook and spend lots of time in the kitchen, the kitchen position may affect your heart’s condition. To avoid that the following tips are all about the stove. Check it out!


       4. Kitchen

  1. Stove does not face the sink
  2. Moderate airflow in the stove position to blow away the bad luck
  3. Not facing the door, living room or fridge

Some of these tips are probably known even without the context of Feng Shui as kitchens should always be well ventilated due to all the oil and smoke going on. To inhale too much of these fumes even if it came from food is not a good idea and is bad for health in general so it is very important to make sure ventilation and airflow in the kitchen is optimal and remember to wash the fans that maintains ventilation often so as to keep airflow clean and efficient.  The stove should not face the door, living room, or fridge as they are elements of fire and danger. To have it facing outside will mean people sitting outside relaxing can see the stove at all times and that is not a pretty side to be faced with.

And also, it is better for the fridge to protrude from the kitchen! It not only creates a cleaner view but also makes it less likely for one to trip or get hurt from accidentally kicking the corner of the fridge.
For the open-area kitchen, it’s better to place the kitchen at the corner instead of in the middle of your house area.  So the smoke and oil can be contained in one area instead of spreading throughout the house.

Last but not least, the position of the kitchen should stay away from the bathroom, it is one of the major Feng Shui Taboos. Particles from the toilet can hang around and float to the kitchen and toilet flushes can boost particles to 10 feet high so if the kitchen faces the toilet it is bad for health as the dirty particles from the bathroom can end up on your food. Even if it wasn’t during the food preparation you will still need to pass by the toilet when you bring the food out to the living room so it is for the best that the two aren’t positioned opposite of each other. 


      5. Entrance

A feng shui door dimension is to get the bad luck away. The ideal height is 74 inches, 78 inches or 82 inches. The construction joint of the door should be in the range between 32-35 inch.

Credits to Master Kwok.

Still wondering how to solve the problems? No worries, archiparti provides you some remedy solutions from professional designers. You may get some ideas by reviewing our past competition: archiparti in da room for the design or visit  to get some ideas for your home! Wish you all have a happy lunar new year~

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