I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover in 2021

I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover in 2021

Last Updated on March 14, 2021 by Chandler Bing

Interior Design Concepts

//This blog is updated in 2021//

Basic interior design concepts revolve around basic principles such as balance, rhythm, and harmony. In order to be outstanding in your design you need to understand these principles & designing concepts in depth. This is important when it comes to presenting ideas to clients, and sometimes to simply remind us to take different aspects into account.

I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover
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There are 5 basic principles to consider when designing an interior space – balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis, and proportion. Omitting any of these elements can be detrimental to your overall look-and-feel of your whole design, be warned!

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The Interior Plan: Concepts and Exercises 

Lots of Commercial Design emphasis – This book was a requirement for your Interior Design course. The concepts were clearly explained and there are multiple drawings. The only thing our class and instructor noted was there is heavy emphasis on commercial spaces design, light on residential design. A lot of the exercises involved retails stores and restaurants.

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Best Interior Design Color Wheel

Great color wheel!! – This is a great tool for design. The quality of the paper is thin and it comes in a plastic pouch so you cut out the side of the pouch so you can turn the wheel without taking it out of it. It works great.

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Best Interior Design Stencils

Excellent product – the stencils are high quality. The ruler is exceptional, it is heavy and professional. The pencils were very lightweight –

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Best 3D Sketchbook For Interior Design

Show your passion – Good quality product best fit for an artist or art student engineers interior designers it’s hopefully useful in many ways (work place classrooms etc) anyone can create multiple projects (2d 3d rendering cityscapes landscapes) in minutes compared to an hours or days. Some projects are complex like creating 5 point perspective manually sketching a globe but this already comes with global grid, so 3 words of mine purchase, give a try and finally you deserve it. Achieving is in your own hands

More Interior Design Recommendations

I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover
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We briefly summarize these interior design principles:

  • Balance refers to the proper distribution of visual weights within an area. The three main styles can be categorized as radial, symmetrical, and asymmetrical.
  • Emphasis can be described as the focal points within a room that draw the viewer’s attention. Fireplaces, artwork and interesting furniture are examples of accesories used when creating emphasis in a room.
  • Rhythm refers to the visual pattern reccurence and/or organized movement in the interior. Factors such as transition, progression and contrast need to be considered when taking rhythm into account.
  • Harmony is the concept of thinking about the project in its totality. This is very different from just using the same elements throughout the building! Different parts of the property should complement each other and work together to reinforce the completeness of the whole project. Generally, colour schemes are a great way to pull different spaces together.
  • Scale and proportion relate to the shape and size aspects when putting your designs together.
I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover
Contact Designer: Martin-Utard Solene@archiparti

Be sure to check out our other infographics in our blog, where you can find home renovation tips and other tidbits shared by our network of international designers. Freshome is another great resource to look for different design-related information.

I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover
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I Used These 5 Interior Design Concepts to Master Any Home Makeover
Contact Designer: Ho Hin@archiparti

Check out our designer network’s portfolios showcasing their past property renovation projects – we’ve curated designers from a diverse background both culturally and stylistically. If you’re looking for inspiration for your project, be sure to browse through some of their portfolios.

If you need help with redesigning your bedroom or home, be sure to let us know via the contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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