3 Easy Hacks to Make Your Extra Small Hong Kong Homes Feel BIGGER in 2022

3 Easy Hacks to Make Your Extra Small Hong Kong Homes Feel BIGGER in 2022
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Want an upgrade from your extra small home but don’t want to move to somewhere new? Here are 3 simple hacks to make your extra small home feel bigger:

  • Optimizing the layout of the house
  • Using multifunctional furniture
  • Utilize the outside space

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Optimizing the Layout of the House

If you are an owner of an extra small home, either by necessity or your own choice, the first thing you need to take care of is a smart layout. Just because your house is small does not mean it cannot be designed to look its best. While your house may be a small house it can still fit everything you need or want. Of course, it is better to entrust the re-planning of your house to the professionals. However, if you want to do it yourself that is possible with some help! Here are tips for creating an ergonomic design.

Tip: It might be useful to study the designs of caravans and boats to pick up some good ideas.

1. Less Walls

The general rule for all tiny homes is the fewer walls the better. As you can imagine for obvious reasons. Walls occupy space and obstruct view. When your house is already small you want to create a spacious feeling by obstructing the view as little as possible. Thus, the fewer the walls the more spacious your house can look. This doesn’t mean you have to give up a bedroom or a closet room. Rather, this means you can have one big room instead that has both the qualities and functionalities of a bedroom and a closet room. Or if you have one bedroom, you can merge it with the living room to make it look even bigger!

Thus, instead of having several micro rooms it is better to have one big room that is multipurpose. This means that you can combine different rooms into one bigger space. If you need separation and sectioning of spaces, there are still way around how to divide the space into different areas. For example, use room dividers of different textures, colors, and structures or paint the walls of different areas in a different color. They take up way less area than thick walls and the different color will signify the purpose of the space is different from one another. This was you still get the benefit of a sectional space in a larger area.

If you still want some walls in your house at the end of the day, let them be glass walls. The transparency of glass opens up the house to look much more spacious and doesn’t obstruct views. It can act as a wall and also look like an open space at the same time. They help to create different areas without visually dividing the room and making the tiny space even tinier. You can also consider using sliding doors instead of the traditional doors, which not only saves space but gives the feeling of spaciousness.

Tip: try to use semi-opaque materials to let the light into the rooms without windows.

2. Under Stair Storage

If your apartment has stairs, don’t waste the space under the stairs and use it as a storage space. You can save a lot of space making effective use of this area. This can be drawers for keeping the shoes or a fully-fledged wardrobe with lots of shelves and lockers. Alternatively if this space is already uneasy to access due to its slanted and low ceiling you can turn it into a small storage room storing away things that doesn’t need to be used often such as Christmas decorations or luggage and travel goods.

3. Additional Loft

If you are lucky enough to have a flat with a high ceiling, make sure to take advantage of this feature as well. You can add additional lofts to make use of your space more efficiently. For example, an additional loft used for providing additional sleeping area, or a cozy nook that provides you a space for relaxing and reading books. You can also turn this into more storage spaces for your winter clothes or store away important goods and documents in the area.

4. Kitchen Storages

There is often a lot of kitchen tools you need to keep close at hand in the kitchen. It can take up a lot of space. However, if there is not enough room in your extra small house, try looking around the kitchen and use your creativity. There are lots of unused nooks, which is a real waste of space in the extra small house. All the walls can be made use of for hanging towels or kitchen utensils with just minor additions of hooks. Even places like the top of the fridge or top of microwaves can be used to store away food or other things. Make sure that you identify these areas to save more space. There is even an advantage in having a small kitchen – you can reach everything you need without leaving the spot.

To keep your things you can use open storages. Dividers are also a great way to organise stuff. It is convenient and also makes you keep control of clutter. A messy kitchen can make it look very tight and full even when there is space. You can use simple boxes to arrange your stuff. To make it more personalized and cozy, you can decorate the boxes with different colors or add different patterns. This way, it can also act as a label to identify which boxes are for what for easier access later on.

Tip: If you are bad at remembering, you can also add word labels to your boxes in order to help you find different kitchen tools easier.

5. Color

Your extra small apartment is likely to be one room with several different areas, it would be wise to use color and textures for zoning. Since walls and dividers make a house look smaller, color can help you separate different parts of the house. A theme of color can really make a difference in the atmosphere of the entire house. The general rule is: the light colors create the feeling of spaciousness and dark colors provide intimacy and coziness. For a micro home, it is suggested to use lighter colors like white, cream, or sky blue since it gives the illusion of spaciousness. Darker color in a small house may be difficult to execute the way you vision. You can go through our small house interior design ideas, that will help you to decide a better one for your apartment. How to apply this to your apartment is up to you.

Using Multifunctional Furniture

Nowadays there are lots of furniture solutions for extra small homes. Don’t just look for smaller furniture, look for ones that can transform into other uses. Their main advantage is in the multi-functionality. You should choose the furniture in accordance with your particular house and your specific needs. Here are some examples and ideas to inspire you.

1. Sofa and Bunkbed

This sofa transforming into a bunk bed is an ideal solution if you have children and want to save some space in your apartment. Its multifunctionality is not only space-saving but it is also chic and modern.

2. Sofa and Table

This sofa can be transformed into a nice coffee table. And low-sitting furniture creates the feeling of higher ceilings in the house.

3. Fold-Down Table

This table can be unfolded when needed. The rest of the time it is just a painting on the wall.
Actually, there are different options for this piece of furniture. It can be either a painting, a mirror, or there can be a small cabinet inside. This way when you don’t use the table, it can be out of sight.

4. Stacked Chairs and Table

This is a perfect solution for the garden or porch design. You can stack the chairs or table and put it aside to create space when you are not using it. Stationary furniture, when not being used, is an unnecessary use of space in a small house.

5. Window Blinds and a Rack

Such thing in the bathroom will provide you with an additional place for putting your linen out to dry. Always try to see more uses in things than what it is cut out for.

6. Ironing Board and Mirror

This is an extremely convenient solution for every fashionable woman. More times than not, you don’t need to use an ironing board. So when you don’t need it, why not use it as a mirror! Also the go hand in hand in that when you use an ironing board it is for you cloths and when you use a mirror it is to see you in your cloths!

7. Storage, Stepladder, and Seat

This original solution combines a storage space, a step ladder (in an extra small house there are always nooks difficult to reach) and an additional sitting place. Because you use all the spaces available, including verticle space, this is useful in any small houses.

8. Wall Bed and Fold-Down Desk

You don’t need the working place when you are sleeping and you don’t need the bed when you are awake. This convertible piece of furniture can serve both purposes but one at a time. It functions three different ways if you think about it, because they both fold away and make an open floor space you can use for whatever. For example, you can use it for at home yoga or other exercises.  You can save a lot of space in your smaller apartment and still have every furniture you need.

9. Dining Set inside Bookcase

This is a real space saver. It is a highly functional modular piece of furniture that can be used even in extra small apartments. While the two might not seem to be something that fits together in the first place its undoubtedly a lifesaver if you have live in a small home and is in need for more space to store everything.

10. Chairs Fitting into Dining Table

The chairs usually take a lot of space. However, this dining set fits together to save space. It still looks modern and sleek and functions the same as any traditional dining tables.

Using the Outdoor Space

As you don’t have enough space inside the house, use the outside space to the maximum. The outside spaces are great for time in the sunlight and some fresh air. For example, if you have a backyard you can put a dining table and a couple of lounge chairs. This can become your summer residence during the warm part of the year. If you are not lucky to have a backyard there is always an option of wrap-around porch. This will add some extra square feet to your living space and will provide you with a nice lounge place. If this is not a house but an apartment you can use the balcony for the same purpose. Just a small coffee table and a couple of chairs and here are a place to rest in the evening. And having breakfast in the open air will energize you and set a positive mood for the whole day. Don’t waste any space and use to its maximum potential!

Wrapping Up

As you see, living in a tiny house requires a combination of critical thinking and lots of creativity to design a small house. As you can see, your home size should not restrict you to cut down something you need. To Irrespective of the space you have available to you, you can still live a comfortable life without restraining yourself. With tips and tricks such as lighting change, wall color change, and the use of multifunctional furniture, your small home can fit all that of in a big home!  You don’t even need to reinvent the wheel. There are already plenty of solutions just for the extra small homes. To find out more about different design tips, feel free to contact us or comment below.

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