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2020 Renovation Musts: What You Need to Know

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//This blog is updated in 2020//

Launching a project and waiting for responds? Wondering how to get everything done to make projects go smooth? Check out the tips by archiparti and manage your projects easily.

Renovation and interior decoration projects are no small taking, it can take months or even years to turn an initial idea into the final product and there will definitely be many challenges and hardships coming your way throughout the process. Whether the project is a simple repainting or changing furniture or large projects renovating the whole flat to a completely new design, the last thing you want is to invest so much money into the project but get mediocre results that you are not satisfied with but have to live with for years or even decades to come. It is not surprising that the general population has little to no experience with design processes and what to do when renovating a home or designing their flat since that is something people do not encounter and have to deal with on a regular basis unless you are working in the field. However due to that it also means it is very challenging whenever such opportunities come up for someone to renovate their home or decorate their new flat. There are many things to look out for that you might not have realize or know that can make your project go smoother and while other small detail things or tricks that you may have missed and cause complications in the long run. From finding the correct interior designer that can cater to your needs and taste to getting a reasonable quotation fitting your budget to finding trustworthy construction workers to make the visioned flat become a reality and complete the flat renovation within the window of time, so many things can go wrong and will go wrong in the process. Such frustration and stress is no stranger to anyone that had to go through the process before and can seem daunting to anyone thinking or planning to start a renovation or interior design project. Luckily archiparti’s online platform service can provide you with the necessary tools and connections so you can easily and smoothly contact designers and construction workers in your area to turn a long and hard project into a fulfilling and fun project! Using archiparti is easy and the process is transparent so you can know what is gong on and lead the project rather be led by it and feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Read more below about the process from starting to completion of interior design projects on archiparti to learn more about how easy and hassle free it is to use the online platform! 

If you decide choose Archiparti as the platform to conduct your interior design or renovation project. You will file your requirements and needs online on the project creation page.  After that your project will be posted onto the website so all designers on the platform have access to it and those that are interested in the project can submit their ideas and quotations back to you. So you can save yourself trips from going to various interior designer firms to repeat the same speech about the flat you want to create, it’s all going to be sent to you instead! After designers submitted their quotations and portfolios, you can take your time to compare the quotations and look into their portfolios and see whether this designer matches your taste and style and vision for your own project. After careful comparison and probably a lot of discussion with family member and partner you can now select your favourite design and complete the concept stage. Now you know can already know that the designer you have partnered with for the project is likely one that matches what you need and want for your project and know the likely cost for your project, how great! Then you can finish your full project with the right design intent package successfully. So what standard of work are expected to be received in this two different stages? Here are some highlights!

1. Concept Design Package Stage

After you have opened and submitted a project request onto the archiparti platform and interested designers have submitted back their proposals with their quotation and portfolios you can start reviewing his or her plan for your project. At this concept design stage, you are expected to receive from designers:

  • Sketch design ideas: these can be rough sketches hand drawn then scanned into computers or digitally drawn from software. This depends on the individual designer or design firm and their normal practices and can vary from designer to designer. However no matter what sketch design ideas they gave you you can access them all online on the archiparti website platform. 
  • layout plan: layout plans are proportional two dimensional illustration of the space or flat you wish to renovate with a view from the top down. While it is only two dimensional it can provide simple and clear but vital information for the renovation project. Such as furniture placement, and other decoration placement and space use. The layout plan allows project owners to see how the space will be used and see how furniture and other objects is placed within the space to give an idea and feel of how the space will turn out. 
  • 3D image of one key perspective to illustrate style/ colors/ material intention: with technology improving every day designers are now not limited to using only two dimensional layouts and illustrations but they can also utilize software to help them communicate in three dimensions of how they vision your space to become when the project is over. 3D image software are usually used to create a picture of a space in one key perspective that can illustrate the space clearly and see most of the space, usually from the corner. The 3D image is proportional to the layout of the house and is colored so the project owner can see their vision come into life in the most realistic way possible and see how textures, lighting, materials, colors, furniture, and other objects interact with one another within the space. It is invaluable to have 3D images as well as layout for the project and allow designers and project owners to communicate and change areas effectively and efficiently. For project owners that also utilize such software they can also specify the 3D image files needed or specific angles and spaces that requires 3D image. 
  • Reference Images: reference images are also a key part of initial planning stage as it allows customer and project owners to see where the interior designer will be drawing inspiration from. The reference images also allows project owners to see actual real spaces instead of illustration and sketches and allow them to solidify certain concepts that they wish to implement within their own project. Reference images also allow project owners to see the likely style the interior designer will work with and is a great supplement to sketch ideas that allow the two parties to communicate on the styles and feel they wish to finalize on. 

While each designer may have their own preferred tools and formats, depending on what you need you can also specify within the project page what you want from the designer proposals including file types or use of specific software for the documents so you can better review or play with the file. While the initial materials given to you may seem overwhelming and hard to digest, remember to never hesitate to contact the interior designer you have chosen to clarify ideas and or change things that are not to your taste. It is very important to establish good communication with your designer so they can understand what you want in order to deliver a good plan as well as a good final product. While it may take a bit of time to go back and forth to make the necessary changes and discuss potential ideas it is important to remember that it will be time well spent and invested as at the end of the day living in a space you do not like is a much worse torture that will last much longer than this renovation process.

We know it may be hard to conceptualize and verbalize what you want at first but do not worry! Below are some concept design sample projects being done with archiparti in the past, let’s take a look and see what beautiful and gorgeous spaces were being created with our designers!


Project 1: Residential Design in Hong Kong

Independent designer: Lychman Igor (Ukraine)

Project 2: Office Design for Hong Kong Startup

Independent designer: KN (Singapore)

Project 3: Singing Box Project for Shenzhen/ China Startup

Independent designer: K&K (HK)


If you want to look at more designs and concepts you can always find them on archiparti’s website which include many pictures of finished projects for not just home flats but also shops and public spaces. While on the website you can also look through all the interior designers’ that are on our platform and their portfolios so you can see what projects they had completed before and get an idea of what our interior designers are capable of! It is also very important to look and search online for other inspirations so you can explore what it is that you want for your flat. You can also check out archiparti’s pinterest for more inspiration!

2. Full Design Intent Package

After all the back and forth in the concept design stage, congratulations! Your intended and finalized design has came out! And at this next stage, you can expect to receive these following items:

  • Plans
  • Interior elevations and setting outs
  • Sections
  • 3D renderings with at least 1 rendering for each room
  • Design and key details of tailor furniture
  • Material & finishes Schedule
  • Furniture schedule
  • Reflective ceiling and air conditioning plan
  • Electrical and building service intent planning
  • Feature & general lighting schedule
  • Reference images

Again while there seems to be many items involved do not hesitate to contact your designer of choice to go through the material in detail and clarify areas that you are uncertain or do not understand. The full design intent package is essentially a more flushed out and refined version for your project but that does not mean it is hundred percent done! There might still be areas that you will need to go over with your designer to make further small changes. It is also very important to go over the schedule to make sure it is conducted within an acceptable and reasonable time frame and that the scheduling works for you as you will likely need to monitor the progress of the renovation. Remember, do not hesitate to contact your designer to clarify details and make changes! But also remember that you should not go back and forth between ideas for too long as it can waste time and is detrimental to the progress of the project.

Now you find everything’s clear! You’ve learned something from archiparti, but there are more for you. If you would like to further discuss with one of our project consultants, please contact HERE or visit our WEBSITE.

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