Hong Kong Home Renovation Costs: Complete Breakdown 2021

Hong Kong Home Renovation Costs: Complete Breakdown 2021

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//This blog is updated in 2021//

The city of Hong Kong has overtaken New York and London in becoming the most expensive city to live in 2021. The estimated value of a square foot in Hong Kong is HK$ 11,112, homes in Hong Kong ranging from apartment units to bungalows, semi-detached duplexes and other kinds of residential units. Renovating your home in Hong Kong can help boost its market value and lead to an increase in profit gains especially when it is done strategically, for this reason many Hong Kong home owners and property investors decide the carry out various renovation projects before putting up their properties for sale while others really just want to make their new homes, fixer-uppers or old homes more comfortable and convenient to live in.

Hong Kong Home Renovation Costs: Complete Breakdown
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How much does a renovation cost?

Hong Kong renovation cost vary depending on the kind of property you wish to renovate, its location, size and the extent of renovation you want to carry out. Renovating a property in Hong Kong can cost you from about HK$ 850 to HK $2,070 per square meter, and it might even cost way beyond this price range. Most home renovations in Hong Kong would usually involve a kitchen and a bathroom reconstruction and an interior design change at its basics.

To know more about renovation costs you can also check out this renovation cost guideline and for a more detail breakdown take a look at this article.

More Recommendations for Interior Design

Bathroom and kitchen renovation in Hong Kong

Home renovation costs Hong Kong bathroom
Image courtesy of archiparti designer Andra Angheluta.

For a bathroom renovation in Hong Kong the types of materials used usually have a significant impact on the cost of renovation and pricing. For example ceramic bathtubs are cheaper than iron bathtubs and showers even go for a lot less. When it comes to toilets which are usually about 17-19 inches if you’re gunning for the comfort-height pressure assist model, this would cost you about HK$ 225 to HK$ 600 while a cheaper gravity toilet model would go for HK$ 100 to about HK$ 450. Another thing to consider are the tiling materials, the size and style further determine the price of the tile but it is usually advisable to put durability over aesthetics when picking a tile. A tile would typically cost about HK$ 5 to HK$ 34, there are also other things to consider when purchasing bathroom supplies when it comes to the toilets endeavour to get ones with replaceable parts, also it is a best if you stick to white coloured bowls, because “avocado green” might not seem pleasant to you in the next five years. All these being said, the average budget for a bathroom renovation is about HK$ 9,000 –HK$ 20,000 but you can plan your budget with a rough estimate of HK$ 175 to HK$ 255 per square meter. However if you plan to be very thrifty and save you can spend as low as HK$ 100 per square meter, but if you’re going to replace counters, floors, tubs and more extremely high end materials you may spend over and above HK$ 300 per square meter. These renovations actually do take time so for a time frame you could be looking at about one week for minor reconstructions to 6 weeks but of course this would depend mostly on your contractor and the efficacy of your budget.  The cost of renovating a kitchen to a Hong Kong small kitchen design starts from HK$ 8,100 to about HK$ 50,000 with an inclusion if kitchen cabinets.

How much does design work cost and how?

To include an interior design remodeling to your residential property it might cost an extra HK$ 7,600 to HK$ 40,000 depending on your home and the design you want to achieve. To be able to achieve any design you wish to have, here are a few things you should have in place before choosing an interior designer:

  • Create a profile: Your interior designer has to understand how you make use of your living space in order to create the most functional design possible.  You should create a profile that includes what your family and their daily routine looks like.
  • Outline the scope: Once your designer understands how the living space is used, you can proceed to tell them he exact things you want done. You should clearly outline what you expect from the design changes, especially if you are looking to create space, liven up the place, or completely change the entire layout. If there are designs you want that are not completely clear to you, you can explain to your designer who would now help bring your ideas to reality. Your outline is also the place where you include your expectations as regards time and cost. Have a budget in mind and let your designer know how much time you are willing to invest in the remodeling.
  • Create a mock portfolio: It is nice to have a visual reference, such as a Pinterest board, which will make it much simpler to explain your ideas to your designer. Be as detailed as possible while putting together a portfolio so that your designer would be able to replicate your ideas exactly.

How much does furniture and air conditioning cost?

Home renovation costs Hong Kong furniture
Image courtesy of archiparti designer Igor Lychman.

Another thing to consider when redoing your interior designs is furniture and air conditioning, the average cost of various types of furniture in Hong Kong is as follows:

  • Bed: HK$ 4,080
  • Coffee table: HK$3,980
  • Sofas: HK$4,380
  • Kitchen cabinets: HK$7,400
  • Wardrobes: HK$ 6,880

In a location such as Hong Kong where humidity can be 100% and the temperatures in the summer can be as high as 95F, having air conditioning is very important. However, having heating is also important since temperatures can drop dramatically in the winter months. The government recommends that buildings set their indoor temperatures to 77.9F. However, no legislation forces this compliance as it is merely a suggestion. You may set your own temperatures inside your own apartment or house on the temperature that is suitable to you. That being said there are several different kinds of air condition units that are found in Hong Kong buildings. Air conditioners can be split types, window units, or central units. A split air conditioner also has a dehumidifier in it. When it is set to the “dry” mode it works the same as a dehumidifier. A reverse air conditioning unit is one of the most popular styles used in Hong Kong, but it can also be the most expensive since it has a function other than heating. The second most popular style is the split unit. Due to the humidity in Hong Kong, taking the dampness out of the air is essential since it can lead to mold and mildew and damage clothing and furniture. Portable air conditioners can be found as well but these tend to be heavy and not as mobile as they would appear. Although these are available, most people in Hong Kong use the window units and have them professionally installed. The estimated prices of these types of air-conditioning / heating systems are as follows:

  • Window units: HK$ 3,890
  • Split units: HK$ 10,380
  • Reverse cycle air conditioners: HK$ 6,500
  • Central units: HK$ 12, 440
  • Portable air conditioners: HK$ 3,590

How much does a village house renovation cost? 

Home renovation costs Hong Kong village
Image courtesy of archiparti designers Tom and Jenni Higgins.

Village houses in Hong Kong are a lot more expensive to renovate in comparison to other smaller residential properties and this is mostly due to their large area. There are four types of village houses, including those regulated by the Small House Policy, such as ding uk, which is a type of village house even though it may not necessarily seem so. There are village houses that are built on land granted by the former Village Block Crown Lease in 1905, and are now called Block Government Lease. These types of houses are usually found in older villages. Once approved by the Lands Department, this type of village house could be torn down and rebuilt, without incurring land premium payment. There are also some built on lots auctioned by former District Offices, now the Lands Department, after 1905. This type of housing was confined to two storeys. It is likely that records of the land leases granted during that period were destroyed or lost during the Second World War. Therefore, the saleability of houses built on these land granted during the pre-war period might be affected. The third type of village houses are those found within the New Grant Lot, with each lot granted on an individual basis according to the Small House Policy enacted in 1972. The grantee, such as an indigenous villager, must have sought written consent from the district lands officer before he could sell it. Finally, there are those built on private farmland within an existing landowner’s old schedule lot.

Here is an estimate of the cost of works typical in the renovation of a village house in Hong Kong:

Replacing the staircase (cost: HK$125,000): Replace a clunky, crooked staircase that was jerry-built 25 years ago with open-tread timber stairs that are now a focal point of the room.

Low ceilings (cost varies in relation to material and extent of work done): Take away half of the ground floor ceiling and the resulting atrium lobby has a feeling of spaciousness.

Leaky roof and walls (Cost: HK$120,000): Replacing the roof on a village house involves stripping off the roof finish to bare concrete and adding insulation, waterproofing and a new finish on top of the existing structure.

Inadequate windows (Cost: HK$350,000):  Replace windows, ideally with high-quality powder-coated aluminium frames with double glazing, and install exterior opening doors on the ground floor.

Building infrastructure (Cost: HK$250,000): You might need to replace the plumbing, drainage and electrical fittings as well as doing a rewiring.

How expensive is a smart home renovation?

Renovating your Hong Kong property into a smart home would most certainly cost you some cash, you can spend as much as one-million in Hong Kong dollars for a 300 square feet apartment, to renovate your home to become super-efficient in such a way that it would include a home cinema, a gym, a large kitchen, a full-sized bathtub, plenty of storage space and the latest smart gadgets. For this to happen successfully you would need to hire credible contractors which will more than likely increase the cost. Recently Hong Kong Nano flats have adopted a smart design containing a plethora of transformable elements that make your small space seem much more, like a bathtub that turns into a bedroom and living room. The cost of transforming your small apartment to a smart Nano flat is an average of about HK$ 38,000 and perhaps even above, and the duration of time for this renovation can vary from about 3 months to 5 months or more depending.

For more information on smart home renovation you can check out this article.

How much does waterproofing cost?

Building waterproofing means waterproof a building such that it can discharge or evaporate water without affecting the building structure and its appearance. It is important that you waterproof your property during renovations so as to protect and maintain a good building structure, reduce weariness and improve durability. It is necessary to have waterproofing works done when the waterproofing layer of a building has experienced wear and tear, or there is a change the structure of bathroom, or a replacement of windows or a change in the structure of roof/ floor tiles. An example of waterproofing resin injection method which refers to a method of using high pressure machinery to inject waterproofing resin into a concrete structure or the joints of window frames.  Before you carry out a waterproof work on your building you need to know which part of your residential area is recognized as public area or belongs to private zone. And you also need to know the liabilities, regulation and rules such as scaffolding issue, insurance, and project deposit for management office. The cost of waterproofing are estimated as follows:

  • Grouting waterproofing works starting from HK $ 3,000
  • Bathroom waterproofing works starting from HK $ 5,000
  • Roof waterproofing works starting from HK $ 10,000

Waterproofing doesn’t consume as much time but the duration required to get the work done varies in relation to the type of water proofing done for example  a waterproofing injection can be done within 4 hours, a bathroom waterproofing work can be done in a day and a roof waterproofing work would take about three days. Although budgets and schedules are important considerations when carrying out water proofing, focusing on the longer term structural durability of projects may prevent future problems. Also, working with a waterproofing specialist is important in obtaining the most appropriate solution to meet specific project requirements. It is advisable to use an experienced and trained applicator, this could minimize maintenance and repair costs in the future.


How much does garden and outdoor renovation cost?

Home renovation costs Hong Kong outdoors
Image courtesy of archiparti designer Milan Radulovic.

The cost of landscaping in Hong Kong differs in relation to size and the components you want to have and how complex they are to construct, the following are some of the most common garden features and the average costs:

  • Patios: If you want a new patio laid on an area that’s already flat, quotes should average around HK$ 5,340 for a 4m x 2m area. Make sure your quote includes the removal of excess soil, and that landscapers lay the patio on top of sand, hard core or cement. Any trader offering a quick job and suggesting they lay the patio on top of soil should be avoided. On average, this size patio should take around two days to complete.
  • Patio replaced with lawn: If you want your existing patio pulled up and a lawn put down, it should cost about HK$2,590 for a 4m x 2m area. Again, it should take about two days to complete, and you must ensure landscapers will take away the waste. Many gardeners will include the cost of hiring a skip in the price.
  • Decking: Provided the area is already laid to a flat lawn, a deck that’s 4m x 2.5m in size should cost between HK$5,340 and HK$7,100. Allow up to two days for installation.
  • Raised vegetable beds: Home grown vegetables are all the rage, so if you’re looking at giving it a go, it’s a good idea to start with some raised beds. These are simple to construct, especially if the ground’s already flat. Creating two beds with a total size of 4m x 1.5m should cost between HK$830 and HK$4,400 depending on the materials used.
  • Build a rockery: Though it might seem rather old-fashioned, small rockeries have actually become popular again due to the beautiful modern plant varieties on offer. Including all the plants and rocks, you can expect costs to average about HK$ 1,200. Be sure to have a set size for the rockery included in your quote to ensure you’re not disappointed.
  • Shingle path: Shingle paths are the easiest to build and should be fairly inexpensive. A 6m x 1m path should cost no more than HK$ 2,590 and take only a day. Make sure landscapers put down a weed suppressant membrane beneath.

Quotation Breakdown

Renovation components Estimated cost (HK$)
Roofing 3,300
Painting 15 per square meter
Bathroom 15,000
Kitchen 21,000
Interior finish structural 16,400
Interior finish surfaces 6,200
Air conditioning /heating 12,700
Electricals (rewiring/fittings) 2,350
Windows and doors 3,400
Flooring 2,000
Garden 2,700

While you are slammed with budgets and money, make sure you have saved up some time for the design part! No idea about interior design? Take a look at some of the gorgeous design on our Pinterest board! Pin those that capture your heart! 

Need help or some friendly advice for your redesign and renovation?

If you are looking to redesign or renovate any part of your home, take a look at our FAQs and drop a line to the professionals here at archiparti via our contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you! As one of the top interior design firms in Hong Kong, we offer competitive interior design pricing packages and costs per square foot.

Be sure to check out our blog for our latest designer tips and tricks, current news and media coverage, as well as our most recent renovation article series! Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming guides covering more pet friendly interior design tips! For the visual learners out there, don’t forgot to take a look at the archiparti pet friendly interior design video for pets.

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