Interior design project management: Here Are 52 tips to save you loads of money and months of time (2022 Ver.)

Interior design project management: Here Are 52 tips to save you loads of money and months of time (2022 Ver.)
//This blog is updated in 2022//

When it comes to Interior design project management, a whole lot of choices abound in choosing a bespoke manager for all your project management steps. However, ignoring some essentials could be a potential tripwire for sub-quality projects while also putting you on the receiving end of financial losses. Surely not what you look forward to when going for interior design project management services. There are many ways to keep things in check and ensure all your project management processes are not ruined. If you are looking for ways to double down efforts on cutting financial and monetary losses in your interior design project management checklist, let’s get the ball rolling. So, first off. There are several big names in the market for interior design work. You may have a good experience with some of them. But, have you ever tried the exceptional services of Archiparti? Here are some solid reasons that will differentiate archiparti from other interior design solutions in the market.

What does an interior design project manager do?

An interior design project manager is your go-to specialist when analysing and planning your space needs for an interior design project process. The project manager also manages designers, arranges meetings for stakeholders, conducts site inspection, and every other nitty-gritty needed for your home design or office projects.  As the interior design industry grows consistently in China, it has brought close to US$500 billion in revenue as government and firms cash in on the expertise of designers for their projects.  The interior design industry is also said to have over 13,000 employees spread across 180,000 companies. The future of interior hong kong design may well just be getting started!

Interior design project procedures

Limitations: limitations can plague your project if you are budget constrained, in which case you may be forced to work with average designers. At Archiparti, this is not the case. We provide affordable, yet top quality and seamless interior design project management services for everyone.


Does your interior decoration project seem to be taking longwinded to be completed? We know the feeling. Having worked for numerous outfits in the industry, experience drives the Archiparti concept. Hence, tasks relating to project management are efficiently handled and don’t skew the free flow of design and creative studies for your project. This ensures time is well spent, and your budget is just right for the needs of your project.

Parties involved

The archiparti team is made of top quality talents from all parts of the world. This doesn’t only ensure a diverse talent pool, but one with different concepts that synergize in delivering the best service for your project. Given the paucity of talents in Hong Kong and many other parts of the country, it’s just right to find the right mix of experience and budget when hiring an interior design project management team. Archiparti leverages this caveat and opens the way for you to work with talents from more than eight countries.

Interior design phases

A lot of effort and time is needed for the successful completion of any interior design project. Central to having a successful project is the right team to oversee all phases of your project. As you would expect, Archiparti starts by ensuring all the nitty-gritty details of the project are hashed out by consulting clients to identify key objectives and needs. Schematic design of the project comes next to make for broad presentation of layouts and rough sketches. With these approved, the design is developed and construction is documented before the final administration stage where project materials and installations are done.

How to inspect deliverable quality

With things in top gear, it’s easy to leave everything in the hand of your project manager and expect to get a sublime result. However, this is not always the case, and more so if you’ve hired an inept interior design project management team to oversee your project steps. You don’t want your property investment to go down the drain. Archiparti takes care of these worries by ensuring you get only the best equipment, the best fit, size, shape and every detail correct as far as your project is concerned. This will not only make your project successful but also make sure little to no problems arise in the course of project execution.

Project management concepts and tips

Before diving into hiring a team for your project, you’ll want to nip potential bottlenecks in the bud by finessing your plans and taking note of every possible challenge you might encounter. While there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to interior design or construction management, a number of things should be on your checklist. At Archiparti, we’ve got the experience and expertise to handle a wide variety of projects, thanks to our diverse pool of talents from many countries. However, to save time and make sure you don’t exceed budgeted cash spending for your project, these tips may be the goldmine you need before taking on an interior design project management task.

26 suggestions on How to save time during an Interior design project management

Here are top time-saving tips for your next interior design project

  • Consultation

This is a no-brainer, really. Before starting any project, ensure to have ironed out all details with your team. Archiparti makes sure all checkboxes are ticked and grey areas are adequately addressed before your project commences. This leaves little to no room for time wasting during the construction phase.

  • Go digital

Administration procedures are things to bear in mind, but you don’t necessarily have to take the arduous route of physical delays too. By digitizing many administration processes, your team will have more time for critical aspects of the project.

  • Create a clear roadmap

Knowing what to do at each stage of the design process undoubtedly saves you time, and keeps everyone in the loop. That’s the best way to go about an interior design project. And thankfully, Archiparti ensures a seamless workflow in this regard for everyone involved.

  • No in-person meetings

There are oodles of tools you can leverage in preventing undue interference and glitches during the interior design project management process. Skype, Goto meeting and many other platforms will save you invaluable time.

  • Hire top professionals

While the cost of hiring proven experts for a project can be scary if you are budget constrained, things can go plain wrong if you hire inexperienced professionals. Thanks to Archiparti, our wide pull of experts will ensure you get the best service for your project.

  • Project fees should be sorted

Many projects can take unwanted dimensions, especially when a balance of budget and project fees wasn’t reached before starting your project. Needing to hire another project manager in the middle of a project not only means more funds expended. You lose time too!

  • Logistics

If you would be dealing with so much peripheral needs, having a good transportation arrangement is important to make things proceed at the expected pace.

  • Storage facilities

With transportation demands sorted, you also want to ensure any products or materials with specific storage arrangements are well catered for. This will ensure you don’t incur storage losses or waste time sourcing for new ones during the course of your project.

  • Builder briefing

Builders involved in your project have to be briefed adequately before a project is commenced to prevent unwanted delays.

  • Getting the right designers

Experience is key when hiring designers for your home or office design. With the right team, the right approach can be taken in time, and this undoubtedly ensures your project is completed in record time.

  • Contract and quotation checking

Make sure everything stated in the contract is agreed on before starting a project. Misunderstandings in the long run surely don’t save you time.

  • Follow guidelines

If there are specific guidelines set by authorities for your project, following them ensures you don’t redraft a project plan or spend more time hiring a new specialized team.

  • Monitor construction progress

Not taking cognizance of proceedings can be a real time waster. If any of the construction requirements is not adequately fulfilled, monitoring the project is your best way to go in ensuring you don’t have to restart a project.

  • Do quality checking

Your project timeline might be on smoothly, but are you getting top quality service for your budget? Taking time out for construction quality checks reduces any time gap in fixing issues related to your project

  • Deal with open-minded professionals

Payments may be arranged on an hourly basis when hiring a team for your interior design project. However, it’s not uncommon to find individuals who skyrocket the hours needed for your work in a bid to bill you higher. Thus, you have to hire the right set of professionals to ensure your project is not only budget friendly but wouldn’t go on for extended periods of time too. Think Archiparti!

  • Strictly follow your timelines

After setting your project milestones, strictly following them and eliminating distractions not included ensures the project is completed on time.

  • Research your needs

In the event that a material is not locally available, adequate measures should be put in place to ensure that suppliers are contacted well ahead of when such products will be used to prevent project delays.

  • Contact only trusted suppliers

While China is home to a wide range of manufacturers, getting ripped off by pricey and unworthy suppliers cannot be ruled out too. Ensure your project team are well in the know of the best suppliers for your interior design project needs.

  • Take feedback seriously

If corrections are not effected early for some reason, minor issues may eventually set the recipe for delays in project completion or even a total overhaul which surely doesn’t save you time.

  • Use historical insights

New projects may have lines of similarities with past projects. This makes it easier to look up on details that could help in avoiding mistakes in a future work, consequently reducing time losses during an interior design project.

  • Spend time on dependencies

Some tasks can be done concurrently, so you don’t have to follow a sequential approach. Finding such parallel tasks saves you time and money in the course of a project.

  • Templates are handy tools

Sure, your home design needs will significantly differ from an office cabin design. However, instead of reinventing the wheel every time, having a template ensures you have an idea of what to do. While no two projects are likely to be exactly the same, this reduces the time needed to take on a new project.

  • Communicate more

Effective communication is critical in all facets of endeavours, including in interior design project management. By communicating with teams frequently, you leave no rooms for ambiguity and mistakes in the course of a project, and this undoubtedly saves more time.

  • Manage problems effectively

Whether it’s a team member losing focus, scope creep or time losses, your project team needs to identify problems that could escalate to disaster and prolong your interior design project duration.

  • Hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings

As may be convenient for all members, team meetings should help identify project challenges as well as ways to tackle them as soon as possible. However, finding ways to organize digital sessions is more expedient in saving needles time losses.

  • Always have a project debrief

No matter how successful a project went, there are likely to be problems and delays that could have been avoided. A project debrief helps to evaluate the whole project and makes it possible to identify potential tripwires in future ones.

26 suggestions on How to save money during an Interior design project management

The following ways can be your best cash-saving measures when taking on a new interior design project.

  • Don’t take free offers

While this may sound counter-intuitive to saving your overall budget cost, a number of designers may offer free services to lure you into securing a project. However, they ensure they follow up their trade-offs with a matching sky-high fee for your project construction, causing you more financial commitments than you had thought.

  • Understand your requirements

Interior design may not be the cheapest project to execute, and more so when you accommodate too many features that may not be relevant to your project. Cutting cost by only including key essentials is what want when looking to work on a budget for an office interior design hong kong.

  • Work with industry professionals

The cost of hiring an expert overwhelms the complications and possible damages that may result from an inept designer’s project. Pretty obvious!

  • Tackle problems on time

Whether it’s a faulty procedure, slow working equipment or other technical hitches, keeping a low project cost involves effectively handling problems as soon as they emerge

  • Look up on past glitches

An interior design team with a template or debrief of a previous work surely brings an extra edge on the table. Apart from saving time by preventing a repeat of similar mistakes, a debrief review also helps reduce project cost by eliminating unnecessary cash spending.

  • Shop local

Project costs can take an upward spiral when you factor shipment fees of any materials that will be imported. Given the diverse range of industries in China, there’s more than enough chance to get your project materials from local outlets, and this surely helps reduce your project costs.

  • Shopping online may not be the best

Shopping online is easy, convenient and is understandably a great idea. However, apart from receiving the wrong item, chances are that you may not be satisfied with the overall quality of a product. Shopping from physical outlets ensures you don’t have to buy a single product more than once for your interior design, making you save some extra cash in the process.

  • Monitor and control project progress

Monitor numbers as they trickle in and see if they match pre-set budget allocations. If there are diversions or additional requirements, be sure to only spend funds on them if they align with the project, else you’ll have to spend far more funds than was anticipated.

  • Project monitoring tools

Apart from manually looking out to see the progress of an interior design project, a number of project management monitoring tools can save you time, and cash! Look out for one that is compatible with your project and you are all set. Creative office tools can be particularly handy!

  • Cover all costs from the outset

Are there licensing needs? How about accounting and insurance demands? All these should be clearly spelt out in the project contract to forestall any issues and unexpected financial raises down the line.

  • Cushion your budget

A budget for an interior design project is what it is – only a rough estimate. Price changes of equipment and tools cannot be expressly determined, so making room for these in your budget makes sure little worries arise when changes occur.

  • Have a definite timeline

While unexpected challenges cannot be ruled out, a definite timeline of project execution is a great way to minimize cost since extended periods of work will invariably cause higher project fees.

  • Reduce travel costs

If there are gaps in project schedules that contribute to a sky-high overall cost, cutting down on such demands only makes sense. For example, if a design material unavoidably needs to be imported, taking a standard shipping option saves more cost than an extra fast delivery plan, except, of course, if you are running out of time to complete the project.

  • Handle meetings online

Apart from saving time, online meetings ensure you don’t have to factor financial demands of logistics and personnel.

  • Find a quality examiner

If you are not sure project quality can be examined by a team without bias, hiring a professional to check for quality of final output might seem extravagant on the outside, but surely goes as a frugal strategy against potential issues in the future.

  • An A-list team does it better

As you’d expect, work gets done faster and saves more financial spending when you hire the best

  • Common issues

Cash spending can go up north for unexpected reasons during the course of a budget. However, increased overtime for better scheduling, consultant fees and currency changes are common problems that sneak up and raise project costs down the line. Watch out for them!

  • Check for the longevity of project materials

If any part of your project requires materials that can easily deteriorate in quality, ensuring you get the best longevity when procuring such products by examining it’s lasting potential means you won’t have to cash in on faults anytime soon after a project, except in the unlikely event of an accident.

  • Get priorities right

If there are project components that can be worked on simultaneously, it’s obviously savvier to take them on as such to prevent extend work duration which consequently saves overtime cash.

  • Currency conversion

With a cosmopolitan team, you may need to pay your team in different currencies, and conversion costs have to be figured too. This can slightly raise project cost, so look for a common way to harmonize needs and reduce currency conversion spending.

  • Make sure skills are rightly matched

The project needs will define members to be included. However, having the wrong mix of team members can set you up for time and financial disasters.

  • Warranty

Before hiring a team, ensuring your project has some sort of cover in the unlikely event of damages can go a long way in preventing extra expenditures.

  • Reviews of past clients

A good step to take before choosing your project team is to verify the professionalism of your members. Quality feedback from past clients can mean a great working relationship and decent cash spending on your project.

  • See past work

Professionals shouldn’t have problems releasing their past samples to prospective clients. In the event you can’t get one, evaluating your options can be a goldmine in saving cash in the long run.

  • How about a reuse?

It’s likely to have a used material work well for a similar demand in a new project. If that’s the case, as may occur in a renovation, more cash can be saved by excluding such materials from the checklist needed for a project.

  • Close a project only after full evaluation

Seeing your interior design project finally come to life is exhilarating, but things can go down south when you figure mistakes and project flaws after the contract has been closed. A comprehensive project evaluation ensures you don’t have to spend more cash fixing project flaws.  

Who is archiparti?

Archiparti is your destination for top quality talents for any interior design project management demand you have in the offing. Apart from letting you have access to some of the finest designers around, the diverse expertise of our team ensures you get nothing short of a thrilling, budget friendly and top quality experience. With all the efficiency tools and processes needed to ensure your project goes to completion in record time, Archiparti saves the day for all your interior design needs.

What services do we provide?

Archiparti provides you with all the needed project management system you need to take any project from scratch to completion. You also get top quality designers from a wide range of countries to work with. From matching multiple designers for a bespoke design idea, crafting standard construction guidelines, builder briefing and contract vetting to quotation checking, solving periphery needs such as moving, temporary storage and temporary accommodation as well as insurance and cleaning, Archiparti solves all of them for you!

How archiparti took birth?

“Towards the end of 2015, I felt quite disappointed by the industry in general after working for many different types of design firms in several countries. I decided to propose a new perspective to the industry that I believe to be more efficient and reasonable – archiparti – a project management system supported by independent designers all over the world and a lot of streamlined tools to provide efficiency. All in all, to give professional, but also affordable design services to project owners, and to give productivity and freedom to independent designers.” – Karbi, founder of archiparti.

So here are 4 things that we do differently to bring benefits to project owners and designers.

1. Partner Internationally

The vision for supply and demand should be viewed from a global scale, or there will be a cost/talent issue. In Hong Kong or China, the supply of talents may not be enough, hence interior designers’ and project managers service costs are so expensive and still busy. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, award winning designers fight for the chance to express their creativity and get projects built, and suddenly the system opens up OPTIONS.

We take advantage of that on team building (archiparti has a remote team structure and talents are from 8+ countries), and we want to build a structure that enables the project owners and designers the same benefits.

Ideas are more exotic too when they come from foreign cultures and those kinds of new inspirations and expressions are tremendously important for the industry.

2. Digitalize the process

“When I worked as an interior designer, 70% of my time on each project was dedicated to project management. That took my energy away from design studies and creative works.” – This is overheard from many interior designers and architects.

Administration procedures should be digitalized and streamlined to give time for creativity and important discussions of value. This is true for the independent designers we work with, and also for archiparti internal project management works. Experienced trustworthy project managers are extremely hard to find, and by having a procedure set up we brought down the barrier.

The benefits of a digitized workflow saves a lot of time, while also provides quality assurance since the procedure is standardized. Project owners acquire a better vision of what to expect and what to prepare at each stage. With the organized system in place, everyone is happy.

3. Set up a framework to reduce in-person meetings

Easily the biggest time-waster for everyone. From idea exploration to wrap up of construction management, transportation, plus in-person discussion time easily accumulates up to weeks for any single project (taking immense amounts of time out from busy schedules for both project owners and designers).

For the most part, well structured surveys, research, phone calls, Skype calls, progress monitoring and project management system, good stable long term partners, and new technology such as 360-degree walk through tours do the job just fine, even for such an offline industry. These are tools that help maximize efficiency, replacing every minute spent during in-person meetings. Without this efficient system, the time ratio you put in vs. reward is shockingly low.

In archiparti, we had successfully finished most projects completely online, with very occasional projects with one offline meeting: construction kick-off meeting, in which designer/project manager meets the builder at the site, to go through the design to complete an in-person check-up, and make suggestions on alternatives ideas.

4. Start-to-end full project management

Accurate style/budget/time frame/expertise matchmaking is only solves a small proportion of efficiency problems in the industry, but archiparti is your solution. Seeing that the steep learning curve to a very in transparent industry with every decision costing a lot of money is the real scary monster for project owners, we decided to upgrade our service to provide a full project management service.

An experienced project manager will hold the project owner’s hand through the battlefield of buried bombs to fill up the knowledge gaps, the whole process from helping make decisions, to aligning expectations, to matching multiple designers to contribute their design idea, to completion of up to standard construction guidelines, builder briefing and vetting, contract and quotation checking, construction progress and quality checking, periphery needs such as moving, temporary storage, temporary accommodation, insurance, and cleaning, and many more.

We ask independent designers who join us to be open-minded and are willing to give quotations based on the real number of hours they put into the project, and can comfortably tell project owners that through the above mentioned approaches, our professional service is always at least 1/3 more affordable than market rate of services of the same grade (but do not compare us with the builder who sketch you the layout plan on napkin or designers who give you their work for free,  which will be topped up later in the construction stage).

So far, archiparti is happy to say that we are making professional design services more accessible to everyday middle-class project owners, and through that we want to contribute to a more carefully planned and interesting physical world. Get in touch if you need advice for your next project, or if you just want to get connected to discuss about entrepreneurship, efficiency, and/or innovation.


So now you are pretty aware of what Archiparti is all about? And,what make us peculiar from other interior design solutions in market/ archiparti is an one stop solution to save everyone weeks of time and millions of dollars.

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