How it Works | archiparti International Limited

How it Works

archiparti helps property owners to design & renovate with award winning independent designer in the fully managed affordable way.

  • Saving time on comparisons

  • Dedicated project manager

  • Digitised & standardised process

  • Global talent pool

1. Submit your project online

A dedicated project manager will get in touch to set up proper project flows after we receive your project information, we will help you identify design priorities and limitations to achieve success throughout the processes of planning and execution.

2. Receive 5 matching bids in 48 hours

We will connect you with 5 vetted professionals from our global-talent network within 48 hours after you create a project base on our matching algorithm. This will save you 99% of the time of searching online and offline and be able to pick up the Pro who fits you the most.

3. Have 2 designers to start Crowdsource idea

Tired of wasting your time on expensive, ambiguous proposals? archiparti let you choose 2 designers to start the concept design for you to crowdsource ideas. You will need to choose one to proceed with the final full design package.

4. Start planning periphery tasks

Your project manager will hold your hands and lead you through the planning of other periphery tasks such as aligning expectations of other decision makers, sourcing builder, property inspection, temporary storage, temporary accommodation, cleaning services, pest extermination, water leakage repairs, property insurance etc.

5 . Receive Full Design Package

The one selected designer will finish the Full Design Package following agreed schedule and deliverables list. In the off-chance that things go wrong, Members are protected under the Project Protection Policy.

6. Have Construction Phrase Started

archiparti is your interior design & renovation management service who will check contract and quotations for you to reduce risks and save you time. You can also choose to work with our stable vetted local partners who agree to deliver up to our standard and follow our project protection policies.

7. Have the whole project protected

archiparti collects payment from the Project Owner on behalf of the Service Providers and escrows the payment. In the off-chance that things go wrong, archiparti will send inspectors, judge for all disputes and make refunds.