Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers in 2020

Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers in  2020
//This blog is updated in 2020//

Everyone is worried about it … food safety and interior wellbeing in 2020.

But what can be done alternatively?

archiparti recently renovated an apartment for a chef and learned a lot about urban farming from him. So, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the tips and products and see if you will be inspired to kickstart a better lifestyle of city farmers from today. If you are looking for urban farming of a larger scale such as rooftop of shopping malls then you can also check this outThese products allow an ecosystem indoor, with good planning food can be harvested throughout the seasons.

They can also be special and meaningful gifts for almost everyone at almost any occasions, esp for parents & grandparents, or who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or garden.


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Most of the products we mentioned here are available online from major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Taobao, eBay, Etsy, Tmall or JD to make it convenient for our readers from different countries, just click the image to check out the price & availability if interested. If you are not familiar with the procedures of shopping online yet, or if you want to learn more about the comparison among different platforms, you can click on the image below to find the answers.

Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Kovalsky Igor @ archiparti

1. The Brand to go for Indoor Hydroponic Garden


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon:

“I have managed to kill all manner of houseplants, so I didn’t have high hopes for this. Against all odds, the plants in my Aerogarden are thriving! I’m producing enough basil to make pesto on a regular basis, and the mint keeps me in mojitos. I have even made cuttings from the plants in the Aerogarden and transplanted them to small pots. The plants in the Aerogarden (especially the basil) grow astonishingly fast, and they take very little maintenance. I add water every day to two, add fertilizer every couple weeks, and periodically prune away any part that is trying to blossom. Adding fresh herbs has really improved my cooking. I get tons of compliments on meals I make using herbs from the Aerogarden. I buy replacement seed pods straight from the Aerogarden website so I can choose the mix I want, and I transplant the plants to pots once I get bored of them. (You have to cut the plastic off and cut some of the roots to separate the plants, but they bounce back really quickly.) So far, I’ve grown genovese basil, thai basil, lemon basil, rosemary, sage, cilantro, mint, lavender, oregano, dill, chives, parsley, tomatoes, and peppers. I have only had two pods that failed to grow, and Aerogarden replaced them right away.”


This brand developed its first smart system in 2006, and then the technology had been welcomed by city farmers all over the world esp those in the USA. Its customer even includes NASA. The Kit accompanies all that you will need to develop an indoor hydroponic garden with a competitive price compared with similar products. With the Kit, you can develop new herbs, vegetable, flowers, fruits throughout the entire year, regardless of the season. Simply embed the pre-seeded Grow Pods in your garden, include water and the protected, extraordinarily patented liquid nutrients. It will take 7-14 days for most plants to develop, which is 5 times faster than usual farming by soil and will continue creating persistent harvests for up to a half year and more. Indoor cultivating can’t get any more delicious or simpler, there is no need to run for the formula books in search of better approaches to utilize your homegrown garden anymore. This is the cheapest and easiest way to make indoor farming works. 


2. Funky Growing Kit Gift Boxes


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“We bought my Mom the kit for Mother’s Day. She said “I’ll try, but I’ve never successfully grown anything from seeds”. 2 months later her patio is covered in over 20 tomato plants, and squash the size of my forearm! Amazing.”


This kit is for city farmers who are looking for something more unique and funky. The selection of seeds can include Cosmic Purple Carrot seeds, Golden Zucchini Squash Seeds, Tigerella Stripy Tomatoes Seeds, Rubine Brussels Sprouts Seeds, Rainbow Chard seeds etc. They are either with a rare enlightening color or a funky shape to give more fun to the planting process.

With such type of great gift and good food freshener, your occasion of a meal will be more cheerful. It should be a good offering to the people who are keen on hobby home farm. It is available in a fresh and well-packed kit containing. Moreover, it has great seed growing performance and is tested by US seed supplier. The seeds are nicely packed in a foil protector for freshness. Some of these kits can be <US$20 with free shipping on Amazon, check the price of today.


3. Best Selling on Amazon: Fish Tank + Plants Pot


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon:

“I bougt the 1.4 galllon because I personally think the smaller one is too small. I bought my halfmoon betta and a dieffenbachia plant and both are thriving. With my betta I additionally purchased gravel, a leaf hammok, a thermometer and marimo balls. My fish funnily enough, rather uses the roots from my plant to hang out in and rest instead of the leaf hammock. He even loves to stick his head on the marimo balls and play with them a little. It’s nice seeing my fish thrive in this tank. I enjoy it a lot.”


This Fish Tank adds magnificence to your home stylistic theme with or without fish. While making a sound domain for your fish, this betta angle bowl reproduces nature’s characteristic metabolic cycle by permitting the fish waste to be consumed by the plant above as sustenance. Plastic planting dish incorporates earthenware substrate planting stones and is reasonable for most indoor houseplants, herbs, and verdant vegetables. The plant keeps the betta tank clean and filters the water. Betta tank estimates 10 inches high and 8 crawls in width and holds 1.4 gallons of water. It is all right for use with a betta, little goldfish, bloodfin tetra, and white cloud minnow. Fish and plant are excluded.

Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Wu Chin-Feng@archiparti

4. What about Exotic Edible Mushroom?

Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“I was very happy with the flush I got. In 7 days it was huge and ready to eat. Be aware that once they start coming up they need to spray 10 or more times a day. I carried mine to work and sprayed them every hour and they grew FAST and BIG! Be sure to sterilize your knife, fork you use to make the cut etc. I just boiled the utensils for 10 mins to sterilize them. Also, know that the color fades as they’re ready to harvest…This was my first time eating Pink Oyster Mushrooms so I fried some which tasted like some kind of fresh seafood and baked others with garlic and olive oil and they were crunchy and chewy and delicious! Will buy again.”


Farming mushroom in an urban setting is even easier than farming greens. This attractive pack includes the complete guide on how to build up mushroom in your own interior place. It can be used in a school or office project as the color of the mushroom is very attractive. This pack promises 100% satisfaction guarantee to deliver three to four pounds of mushroom over a multi-month time span. The setup takes 2 minutes, and there is a variety of edible mushroom types to choose from.


5. Easiest Option for Waterproofing Solar Spotlight

Solar panels and solar lightings are getting their popularity more and more these days. This waterproofing solar spotlight has more than 600 good reviews on Amazon. It is super easy to install, you can just stick it into the ground or wall without any wire required. The spotlights charge consequently amid daytime and the inherent light sensor enables the light to auto control on at sunset and kills at daybreak. It has two lighting modes: high light mode (4-6 Hours) and low light mode(8-12 Hours). This is the most environmentally friendly way to decorate and lighten up your indoor and/or outdoor. There is also a variety option of light colors and design styles, really it is time to move on from those poisonous battery products.



6. Best Hidden Secret behind the Creative Vertical Green Walls

Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“Enjoying these to hold my air plants safely where my cats cannot reach. These have remained tightly suctioned to the glass since the first application over a month ago. The metal is flexible enough to adjust for different shaped plants. Perform exactly as expected.”


This hack is for those who claim that there is no rooftop, no garden, no balcony and not even interior space for urban farming. The small facilitators come in two types, allowing you to plant air plants on the window and for decorating the walls as per your preferences. Typically air plants can grow in the air by absorbing moist in the atmosphere. If you want better result you can dip them into nutrient supplement liquid once per week. This is the secret behind many wonderful office/home/retail/cafe feature walls.


7. Heavy Duty Growing Bags esp. for Planting Potato, Taro, Beets, Carrots, Onions, Peanut


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“These bags are surprisingly awesome. I didn’t expect the handles to be so useful or the construction to be so durable. Completely full of soil and with a good sized tree in them, they can still be lifted by the handles without any signs of them preparing to rip off.”


“Growing and Cooking your own food is like printing your own money.” – These grow bags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor farming. You can move the bags around easily and arrange them following your harvest target, this made planting in an urban situation much easier. You can grow tomatoes, carrots, onions, beets and alike. To start just cut potatoes into at least two pieces, making sure that there are at least two eyes in each piece, then cover the chits with soil. Water thoroughly. Usually, it will take 70 to 120 days for the potato plant to wither, after the leaves have turned brown, it’s time to harvest the potatoes, check today & start planning the harvest!


8. Upside Down Flowering Pots


These Sky Planters fabricated an exceptional water supply framework for the roots of the plants. The leaves absorb harmful gases in the interior, the design frees up interior display space. We will recommend it for any commercial or residential place with a high ceiling but limited floor area that is looking for some feature decoration.


Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Mezt Interior Architecture@archiparti

9. Indoor Greenhouse for City Farming


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

”Perfect mini garden starter for me and it helped with my biggest problem… keeping the cat out of my plants!“


Urban farming is becoming such a trend that even Ikea developed a greenhouse system. While it is not available in every country, you can still buy it on Amazon. The benefit of using a greenhouse is that it provides a decent controlled domain for seeds to grow and your existing plants to develop. The roof vents can be placed in a half-open position to allow air to circulate and the temperature to cool. 


10. Vertical Garden behind the Doors


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

Seemed pretty stiff at first, but once you put soil and plants and water it becomes softer. The pouches can carry enough soil and plants are thriving after more than one month of use.

This hanging bag is suitable for planting flowers, vegetables, strawberries, hanging plants and so on. The material used is special as it is rugged, self-absorbing, corrosion-resistant and breathable. Many cafes, supermarkets, shops use it for vertical farming of large scale with plants of long branches and abundant leaves so to form a complete green feature wall. 



12. Turn your Shower Wall into a Breathing Garden


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“This little plant holder is so cute in our bathroom. Great grip. We can remove it from the wall, water it, then put it back on the wall with no problem. We love being able to move it around and having a plant to enjoy in our bathroom that doesn’t take up counter space. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”


Transform your shower walls or any tile/glass walls into a vertical garden you have always dreamt about with these little Silicone planters. This small-scale succulent grower effectively and safely adheres to your shower glass, window, reflector, sparkly tiles and holds your tiniest plants like succulents, prickly plant and more. They are waterproof, reusable and easy to clean. Simply use a pin to pierce through the silicone to create as little or as many drainage holes as you like. And you can water the tiny vertical farm whenever you are taking shower, crazy fun and easy for the laziest ones, the perfect gift for anyone really.


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13. Bohemian style Hanging Planter


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“I bought 2 of these hangers for the spider plants in the kitchen. They’re a neutral color and and well made, they’ll last for many years. They were a little short, but I added 2 “S” hooks from the hardware store, and now they’re the perfect length. This is an add on to my original review, I needed 2 more for the bedroom. The other hangers they were on were way too long, and I needed to keep the plants out of the way of the TV. I These are a perfect fit.”


For many people, this type of cotton rope hanging planter is what it means for interior green decoration. This makes your space image different from others. It’s relaxing and aristocrat. Treat yourself this excellent macramé hanging grower in the event that you are hoping to convey a boho-chic vibe to your interior. Likewise all around wrapped present box is accessible, an ideal present thought for families or companions.


如何在室内种植栽培蔬菜植物绿化 城市农夫 室内种植DIY archiparti

14. Air Plant that grows in Air


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“I bought a smaller order from another seller but this order had some much larger plants in it than the previous one and a great variety types and colors! This made it much easier to group them for projects, I am having so much fun with my air plants! I’ve had them for over a month and they are very healthy and easy to care for so as you can see from the photos, I’ve been able to create some really cool gifts! They came well packaged and The plant food was in a plastic bottle so of course no broken glass ( I noticed someone in another review had complained of this). Highly recommend!”


Air plants are a staggering variety of plants with the capacity to live without soil. Air plants have an astonishing assortment of shapes, hues, and sizes. Their uniquely adjusted leaves retain water and supplements from the air, enabling them to live anyplace in nature, including suspended from treetops and uncovered shake. Since they’re so adaptable, the conceivable outcomes are huge. A solitary suspended air plant is straightforward and excellent, yet they can likewise be masterminded in any style and in any region. That is the reason it’s so enjoyable to structure with air plants — they can convey nature to any space, inside or out! And now surprise surprise you can order plants online, the package comes even with fertilizer.


15. Pots that Hold Firm on any Railing


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“Color as expected. Planter does sit on railing, but due to my railings curved shape it’s not what I would consider secure. I bought zip ties as suggested and will use them underneath to prevent planters from tipping if bumped.”


This grower encourages you to capitalize on your balcony, yard or porch living space. Grow a smaller than expected city garden in a lifted space. Pressure configuration guarantees a safe fit on the railing. It is 100% UV stable to avert blurring and splitting and guarantees durable utilize. It’s also BPA free and made in the USA.

Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Atishi Priyanka@archiparti
在家养鸡 家庭有机鸡蛋

17. Get your fresh organic eggs every day


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

“Great coop. My two hens love it. Easy to clean since it opens up wide. Good air flow. You need to be good with tools to assemble it. Some holes were not pre-drilled.”


The idea might sound insane for urban living, but it is actually getting into a trend in Silicon Valley. Rooftops and small outdoor garden can be perfect for a small hen house like this. Two hens will fit and there is not much work than general cleaning.  Other than the fresh organic eggs, hens can also be the perfect pets for young children for life education.



18. Self-Watering Vertical Green Wall 


Check out these promising reviews from Amazon: 

These don’t have a lot of space for plants that need deep planting, but they did have a really well thought out design with the way they can be watered and how they fit together like a puzzle. They also house the plant on an angle, so it makes them sit out a bit, enhancing the view.

I bought two sets for the wall in my sitting room thinking I would need many to make a full wall, but it looks like I will only need 4-6 more to have a nice configuration. The only thing that was a bit of a surprise is that if you want to put them indoors, you will have to put something under them to catch the water. Buying two more sets today!

The system can be installed by yourself or by the supplying company. Perfect for any space with a wall/fence to be maximized, each hanging divider grower has 3 pockets to give you space to develop distinctive plants in a little space. Suitable for herbs, perennials, succulents, houseplants or vegetables. Once set up there will be little maintenance effort as the watering system is automatic once connected to water pipes. If it is to be used at a fence, then this system gives an extra area for urban farming. If it is to be used against an external wall, then it is advised to select ever-green plants without fruits to make maintenance work even easier. Some people use them indoor too but then an extra device to catch water will be needed.

Living in a city does not mean you cannot have control over food quality and expenses. There are so many benefits for being a city farmer on top of distress, saving money, healthy eating, purifying the interior area and visual leisure. You should not consider these products only for your home, planning yearly agriculture and harvesting calendar is a very good teamwork also for offices and other commercial areas. Also, the products mentioned above can largely improve your urban farming success rate. We advise you to check out also the most popular indoor farming products on Amazon to get new inspirations from time to time, you will be surprised by how popular and developed the industry is, and how many hacks are there to help you easily convert to a better lifestyle.


Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Wu Chin-Feng @ archiparti


If you are at the stage of planning also a renovation on top of urban farming, click here to check out more interior design portfolios of one person design firms partnered with archiparti, feel free to get in touch for a quotation and more project advice.



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Urban Farming | 17+ Best Products to Improve your Success Rate as City Farmers
Contact Designer: Kovalsky Igor@archiparti

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