Kitchen Design: The ONLY Guide you need in 2022 (SIMPLE)

Kitchen Design: The ONLY Guide you need in 2022 (SIMPLE)

The act of remodeling a kitchen is of substantial importance as it can truly breathe life into traditional kitchen design. The majority of the people crave for a kitchen design which provides the user with the greatest degree of accessibility in the most aesthetically appealing manner.  From architectural layouts of the past to the modern design ideas of 2022, the design fanatics of today are gifted with a remarkable freedom when it comes to simple kitchen design styles. The latest simple kitchen design ideas offer the users with a blend of innovation & creativity without sacrificing on the aspect of accessibility. 

young mother with little daughter preparing breakfast in kitchen
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There are several factors that one needs to consider while remodeling a kitchen and it is essential to value the significance of every individual factor in order to craft the perfect modern kitchen design. It is crucial to understand the needs and requirements of the kitchen space prior to adopting the most suitable design. The options are limitless and one can decide from designs such as modern kitchen design, simple kitchen design, Indian kitchen design, kitchen island design, outdoor kitchen design, modern Scandinavian kitchen design, and ultra-modern kitchen design. The design is one part of the overall kitchen remodeling process and there are several other factors which hold equal significance & same value. These factors include the likes of:

  • Design Cost Estimation
  • Storage & Accessibility
  • Arrangement of Workspaces
  • Division of Workspaces
  • Selection of Materials
  • Aesthetics

In order to design the perfect kitchen, it is crucial that we give equal importance to all the major and minor factors involved in simple kitchen design. Kitchen Remodeling is an essential part of home design and plays a substantial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the workspace. A decently designed kitchen can make cooking much more enjoyable. Along with the client’s demand, designers should also focus on maximizing efficiency and facilitating workflow. Hence, it is important to first clarify how the kitchen will be used. In this article, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of designing and building a kitchen.

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What are the different areas of the kitchen?

Both the modern and traditional kitchens are divided into five major sections and a complete kitchen is the one which provides substantial accommodation for all the major sections of the kitchen. The five main areas of a kitchen space are:

  • Storage area

Food storage space, refrigerators, and cupboards all are included in the whole of the storage area. It takes up the major portion of the kitchen and is essential for providing better accommodation to the user.

  • Instrument area

All the utensils, appliances, and dishes are placed in the instrument area. The instrument area is usually close to the sink area and nearby preparation area. Saving up the all-important time of the user is one of the most important aspects of the simple kitchen design.

  • Sink area

Washing & cleaning area makes up the sink area of the kitchen and it plays a vital role in the completion of the cooking process. It is one part of the kitchen workspace triangle.

  • Preparation area

A large and flat-surface section of the kitchen makes up the preparation area and is the second part of the kitchen triangle.

  • Cooking area

Oven and Stove usually constitute the cooking area and it is the third part that completes the kitchen workspace triangle.

Various arrangements of these triangular components generate different styles of the kitchen. Depending on the space available and the type of kitchen, these sections can be remodeled and arranged in different approaches & styles. Kitchen remodeling tips and renovation ideas of the today’s design world never seizes to amaze the design enthusiasts who are always in quest of creating better ways to utilize the kitchen workspace.

What are the different types of kitchen layouts?

There are several modern types of simple kitchen design and architectural layout options which a homeowner could decide from depending on their unique taste and design needs. The Kitchen design ideas of 2022 usually revolve around the 4 major layout designs which are made specifically to adhere to the ever-evolving needs & requirements of design enthusiasts. The most common types of simple kitchen design include:

  • Linear (“Galley”)
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Open Kitchen

Linear (Galley) Kitchen

Simple kitchen design form
Image courtesy of archiparti designer Chen Hui-Zhu.

The Linear or Galley Kitchen Design is ideal for small space and gives greater accessibility as compared to some of the other layouts for the smaller space dimensions. The galley kitchen comprises one passage in-between two sections composed of partially open walls, closed walls, or an island.


  • Linear Kitchen maximizes space and provides greater accessibility to the kitchen zone.
  • Better management of appliances and a higher degree of versatility.
  • Lesser design space gives more room for designing other areas of the house.
  • Economical and low maintenance cost.


  • The smaller size quite often becomes a drawback in the overall kitchen design.
  • Not suitable for supersizing the kitchen with ample storage & counter space.
  • In most galley designs, upper cabinetry is limited.
  • No room for future development and renovations.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Simple kitchen design L shapeThe L-Shaped Kitchen is made in such a way that the corresponding walls or sections of cabinetry form an L. Such a kitchen usually comprises of an island in the middle and provides the user with an open-concept cooking experience.


  • Best layout for socializing and transform the kitchen into a true home hub.
  • It is highly spacious and the most island-friendly layout among the rest.
  • It provides the user with sufficient counter and storage space with greater accessibility.
  • Creates better and more accessible work zones.


  • An island is a must-have for the most L-Shaped Kitchens for the extra counter space.
  • They are comparably more costly and quite often burdens the overall budget.
  • The work triangle is more spread out in this particular simple kitchen design layout.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-Shaped Kitchen is mostly used in smaller homes and residences and has also become part of modern kitchen designs. It can only be transformed into an open-concept design with minor changes in the structural design of the kitchen.


  • The offers the user greater storage space as compared to the overall size of the kitchen.
  • The appliances are usually organized closer to one another which saves up time.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen is the preferable choice of the homeowners who prefer closed kitchens.


  • The closer arrangements of the appliances usually cramp up the kitchen space.
  • The excess of corners and its arrangement lessens the accessibility of the cabinetry.
  • Many U-Shaped gives the feeling of isolation from the rest of the space.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen is a concept that had been adopted by the majority of the latest architectural layout being used today. The latest advancements in the design concept of kitchen renovations and remodeling had opened doors to newer approaches and kitchen styling methods.


  • Provides a greater visual appearance and increases the overall aesthetics of the living room.
  • Open Kitchen provides a greater degree of convenience for dining purposes.
  • Leads to an overall increase in socialization & communication.
  • Eliminates the underused living room space


  • Maintenance is really important as badly maintained kitchen worsens the view.
  • The smells of cooking processes and food travel to the entire room
  • No perfect way to contain the mess.
  • Lack of privacy

In order to facilitate the cooking process, the triangle formed by the three areas – sink, preparation, and cooking – should be easily approachable from one area to another. In other words, it is to make sure that there is no crossing movement when there are two or more people working. It is helpful to question oneself “What do I like the most/least about my kitchen?” or “How would I like to change/use my kitchen?” This way, it will be easier for you to produce a more practical and convenient design.

What are the measurements needed for simple kitchen design?

When taking the dimensions of a kitchen workspace we take three aspects into considerations. These being width, depth, and the height.


We usually take the distance between one outer edge of the kitchen to the other outer edge of the kitchen to measure the width of the kitchen workspace. Depending on the purpose and the type of the kitchen the widths varies accordingly. Most commonly the widths are 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, and 90cm. There are several factors which change the width of the module and these cause an increase or decrease in the general values of the kitchen module’s width. In addition to this, the accessories such as dish racks, organizers, and spice racks also cause a modification in the module’s width.


The basic depth of the standard module is usually 2 cm less than the module width and the 2 cm gap is used for the door. The depths of the various components of the kitchen space greatly varies with the functional properties of various parts. 35 cm is an ideal depth for the bottom while the 60 cm is best for towers. The countertops are usually designed larger than the module in order to give it a greater degree of accessibility. While designing the dimensions of the kitchen, it is essential to consider the needs and requirements of the user and also provide accommodation for space.

Simple kitchen design schematic


The height of the base module separating the countertop and the floor is usually 90 cm. To keep the countertops protected from the moisture, it is suggested to keep a gap of 10-15 cm in between the two. This extra space is created by the adjustable legs which are usually covered by a baseboard that is separated from the door by a gap of 7.5 cm. Similarly, the upper modules are 140-150 cm above the floor level. The placement of the upper module greatly depends on the positioning of the base module and both the depths should be taken into account.

What do you need to know about adjustable parts?

All the adjustable parts of the kitchen need to have a gap of 5cm from the walls of the kitchen and this space is also required for slight errors in the execution of the design plans. It is also important to leave a possibility for adjustment and depending on the kitchen type these requirements vary from one type to another.

Simple kitchen design layout 

What are the different materials used in kitchen renovation?

Materials constitute a major part of entire kitchen renovation plan and take up a huge chunk of kitchen renovation cost. The average cost of a new kitchen varies in accordance with the quality of materials and floor finishes being used for renovation & remodeling purposes. Adopting a simple kitchen design rather it is totally modern or a stylish kitchen design with traditional wood finishes, one can never undermine the factors of quality and the cost of the materials.

Shelvings & Doors

The material of the shelves is solely responsible for the length of the kitchen cabinet and shelves lifespan and require the greatest degree of focus. Prism TFL or Thermally Fused Laminate is one of the most common materials used in kitchen shelves & cabinets nowadays. Providing greater efficiency with an enhanced lifespan of 15 years. It is crucial to consider the aspect of the time period in designing the kitchen and it is recommended to design and remodel the kitchen in a way that simple change of door could satisfy the renovations requirements of the future.


In terms of the countertops, the users are provided with a great number of options and the selection criteria for the materials relies greatly on the aspects of cost, durability, and aesthetics. Some of the materials include the likes of Butcher-Block, Marble, Laminate, Soapstone, and Stainless Steel. Each of these materials has their own pros & cons and it is essential to consider the usage frequency and kind of use prior to finalizing the material.

  • Butcher-Block is one of the most durable materials and economical yet is easily damaged by knives and hot cookware.
  • Marble is considered among the most widely used countertop material and is available in different colors and is preferred mostly by bakers. Although, it’s heavyweight and support requirements hinder its success.
  • Laminate is a budget-friendly countertop material and requires no such sealing but it is prone to burn marks and scratches.
  • Soapstone is an environmentally friendly choice though it is softer than most of the other stones making it less suitable for kitchen purposes.
  • Stainless steel gives the kitchen a bold and commercial look though it is rather expensive and may get a tad bit noisy.


A good baseboard is the one which gives the best resistance to surface moisture and because of this plywood covered with laminate is considered as the best option for the baseboards. Using this material gives the user the luxury to add in metal and plastic parts for the purpose of enhancing looks or overall accessibility.

Simple kitchen design baseboard 

Floor Materials

There are numerous different kitchen flooring ideas which one can decide from when renovating or remodeling the kitchen. The durability is the most important aspect of floor finish selection criteria and the best material is the one which is durable and cheap. The maintenance of floor finishes in another area which one needs to consider while the selection of the floor materials for the years and years to come. Some of the most common floor finishes include; Concrete, Rubber Flooring, Stone, Tile, Vinyl, and Wood Laminate. Floors with cushions are mostly preferred by the users as when had to walk and stand for hours and hours during the day on the kitchen floors. Besides these, there are several more ergonomic floor options which include the likes of Bamboo, Carpet Tiles, and Cork. Bamboo is considered the best eco-friendly kitchen flooring materials and is the most sustainable option. While the latest advancements in materials had opened doors for materials such as carpet tiles to step into this list and had now become an integral part of modern kitchen design.

What are the major appliances needed for the kitchen?

The kitchen is home to some of the heaviest and largest home electronic appliances and the allocation of the kitchen space need to make in such a way that it provides the necessary accommodation for the placement of such appliances. Following is a list of some of the most common major appliances used in the kitchen:

  • Microwave Oven
  • Air Fryer
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Water Cooler
  • Dishwasher
  • Drying Cabinet
  • Cooker
  • Cooking Hood
  • Electrical Stove

How important is planning the electrical system?

Designing a kitchen electrical wiring plan is immensely important and is solely responsible for ensuring the safety measure of the entire kitchen workspace. The best plan is the one which plans for the future electrical appliances beforehand and provides an excess of usable sockets to serve the future requirements the best. Adding in a few extra outlets in odd place don’t harm the overall aesthetics but it surely gives the user a greater degree of accessibility and functionality. Another important aspect that plays a crucial role in the electrical planning of the kitchen is the use of branch circuits for the small appliances. Lighting is another important aspect of kitchen electrical planning and is perhaps the most essential one too. In the modern simple kitchen design of 2022, the electrical planning and socket placement had been given the most value and significance.

How important is planning the piping system?

Planning a kitchen renovation had become a trend but quite often, it serves as a necessity because of the ill-performing piping system. Hence, the piping planning of the kitchen is another crucial aspect of remodeling and needs to be given equal importance if not more as compared to aesthetics and spacious accommodation. Planning a piping system which will last for years may appear a bit costly at this instant but it ends up saving thousands of dollars in maintenance in the years to come. So the wisest decision is to invest now to eliminate the piping troubles of tomorrow.

What are the pros and cons of an IKEA kitchen?

IKEA is customer friendly option to several kitchen remodeling issues and problems. Providing users with a top-notch aesthetics and a great value. IKEA had become the cornerstone of modern simple kitchen design. Selection of colors is an important aspect of remodeling kitchen on the basis IKEA and durability is something which need to be given extra attention if you desires of building a kitchen that lasts for long. IKEA offers a great product at fantastic prices but for some, it is rather too cheap to be good and it had been opinionated that the IKEA products usually lacks in quality and durability.

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Kitchen Design: The ONLY Guide you need in 2022 (SIMPLE)
The act of remodeling a kitchen is of substantial importance as it can truly breathe life into traditional kitchen design. The majority of the people crave for a kitchen design which provides the user with the greatest degree of accessibility in the most aesthetically appealing manner.  From architectural layouts of the past to the modern design ideas of 2022, the design fanatics of today are gifted with a remarkable freedom when it comes to simple kitchen design styles. The latest simple kitchen design ideas offer the users with a blend of innovation & creativity without sacrificing on the aspect of accessibility.

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