Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong (Updated 2022)

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong (Updated 2022)
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Planning to start a renovation project but concerning about money? With what budget range can you launch a satisfying project? Below are some references and guidelines for residential construction with different budget ranges, let’s go ahead and match you with a renovation that most suits your budget!

Home renovation costs breakdown 2022 is out! Click here to see!

2022 HK Residential Construction Fee Report

Area 300 – 480 (1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom) 480 – 600 (1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom) 600 – 800 (1 Kitchen 2 Bathroom) 800 – 1200 (1 Kitchen 2 Bathroom)
Days needed for construction 50 – 60 days 60 – 70 days 70 – 90 days 90 – 110 days
Basic Renovation 140k – 220k 180 – 300k 250k – 350k 290k – 530k
Including furniture (with kitchen cabinets) 40k – 85k 70k – 108k 85k – 135k 100k – 205k
Total 180k – 305k 250k – 408k 335k – 485k 390k – 735k
  • Unit as HKD
  • Basic Renovation includes demolition (if any), new wall, redo painting of walls and ceiling, tiling works, installation of floor and furniture, replace doors and door frames, replace floor skirting, waterproofing works, redo electricity works, redo gas works, redo water works.
  • Days needed for construction do NOT include Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays, and will depend on weather and Management office rules.
  • NOT including any window works, air conditioning work,  external façade work, electrical appliances and external furniture.

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong
Contact Designer: ng kwun man stephen@archiparti

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong
Contact Designer: Martin-Utard Solene@archiparti

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong
Contact Designer: Minds Archgroup .@archiparti

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong
Contact Designer: Nivera Charlyn@archiparti

Home renovation costs guideline in Hong Kong
Contact Designer: O’Connor Debbie@archiparti

Still feeling insecure?

You may use this as a reference for your project, but please understand that it is only a reference, and that every project is different and varies from the use of material, amount of furniture, and for anything that needs to be custom built. To start your renovation project smoothly without limitation, find the best service with reasonable budget range that suit you the most in archiparti.

Remember to do your site measurement before you start your renovation project. Don’t know what should be done? Find out more from the home renovation checklist here . To find out more about different project guidelines, feel free to contact us or comment below.

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