30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money in 2022!

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money in 2022!
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Cutting costs and increasing productivity are the goals of any business, whether large or small. While most business leaders look to streamline and reduce inefficiencies in their logistics, customer service, and marketing, few consider the impact that office interior design can have on the bottom line. A good office interior design can have an immensely positive impact on the productivity and focus of employees, while a poorly designed office can have the opposite effect! This article will outline some of the ways in which you can implement time and money saving office interior design ideas in your workplace, all the while preserving existing functionality and style!

Before embarking on your workplace renovation, let’s talk a bit about what “office interior design” is. Firstly, interior design is both the science and art of organizing interior space – meaning not only how rooms look, but also how they function individually and in relation to one another. Lucky Joker Slot stays true to its classic roots by incorporating traditional slot symbols. Cherries, lemons, oranges, watermelons, and lucky sevens are just a few of the symbols that players will encounter on the reels. However, what sets Lucky Joker Pin Up apart is the inclusion of the Joker symbol, which acts as the game’s wild. When the Joker lands on the reels, it substitutes for other symbols, increasing your chances of forming winning combinations. Interior design, therefore, involves everything from the selection of wall colors and furniture styles to the structure and placement of walls, electrical outlets, and water lines. Office interior design is this process applied to the workplace, with particular attention given to the needs of the business – such as co-operation between employees, access to relevant technology, and efficiency.  

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1. Create a work environment that inspires.

Motivating your employees can be difficult enough as is, so make sure their environment is positive and productive. Creating proper office interior design spaces to showcase employee achievements, whether that be a simple wall of awards or something more complex, can improve employees’ sense of loyalty and boost morale.

2. Go Wall-less.

An interesting way to increase floor space, save money, and promote an open office environment is to minimize the use of walls. To delineate different areas, consider using glass panes, curtains, or floor markings to break up the space.

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money!
Contact Designer: Chen Hui-Zhu@archiparti

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 3. Use natural light.

While designing an office, make sure to be conscious of opportunities to use natural light through the appropriate use of windows. Not only does the sun provide a more pleasant, softer source of light than many artificial sources – it’s also free. By using natural light, you can cut down on costs as well as illuminate the work space!


4. Maintain a constant temperature.

Constantly changing the internal temperature of an office can mean expending a lot of energy – and that means paying a bigger bill! Instead, try instituting a consistent, fixed temperature policy within the office. Figuring out what this temperature should be can made in many ways, but we suggest holding a vote or involving employees in the decision making process. This way everyone will feel comfortable!

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money!
Contact Designer: InterDots Interior Architecture Limited@archiparti

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5. Use LED bulbs.

 Office interior design LED bulb

One of the simplest ways to save energy and reduce an office’s overall expenditures is to use LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent light bulbs. Unlike older bulbs, which only last for a few thousand hours, most LED bulbs can be used for over 25,000 hours – and use as little as 1/6th the wattage of incandescent lights! The consequent savings over the course of your business’s lifetime significantly outweigh the initial higher cost of LEDs – so when designing your office, make sure to choose the right bulbs!

6. Fragrance and office interior design.

Office interior design fragrance

Another quick and easy way to boost employee productivity is to make sure your office – for lack of better words – smells nice! Many people’s ability to focus in the workplace is influenced both consciously and unconsciously by environmental cues – like sense of smell.  By using an inoffensive fragrance (like peppermint or cinnamon), you can ensure your office consistently maintains a pleasant atmosphere conducive for work.

 7. Double pane windows.

 Office interior design double pane windows

Using double pane windows can help save energy and lower costs by more effectively insulating your office than single pane windows – whether that be keeping the building cool in summer or warm in winter. Double pane windows can also protect your space from noise pollution, great for offices near busy roads, train-tracks, or airports!


8. Use opaque curtains.

Constantly changing the internal temperature of an office can mean expending a lot of energy – and that means paying a bigger bill! Instead, try instituting a consistent, fixed temperature policy within the office. Figuring out what this temperature should be can made in many ways, but we suggest holding a vote or involving employees in the decision making process. This way everyone will feel comfortable!

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money!
Contact Designer: 39 Plus Ltd.@archiparti

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9Use solar panels.

 Office interior design solar panels

Solar panels may be expensive to install initially, but can pay substantial dividends in the long term. By connecting solar panels to the local power grid, you can generate additional electricity for in-office use – reducing your utility bill.  Be sure to check your local laws and regulations before installation, and keep on the lookout for tax credits and stipends that national governments and local municipalities give to renewable energy generators and users!

10. Biometric scanning system for employees.

 Office interior design hong kong biometric system

Once seen exclusively in spy thrillers and science-fiction movies, scientific innovations and growing economies of scale mean personal biometric scanning equipment is becoming ever more affordable.  Employing such a system can improve security, as well as allow you to keep track of employee hours by asking them to scan out when leaving for the day.

11. Buy used equipment.

Once of the most expensive parts of the office renovation and design process typically comes at the very end – buying office equipment. Instead of buying new equipment, contact repair shops and authorized used-equipment sellers to find cheaper models (which are often only a few years old anyways!)

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money!
Contact Designer: BIGGERTHANstudio @archiparti

 12. Buy low cost furniture.

 Office interior design concept furniture

Branded furniture can be quite expensive. Try local retailers, second-hand sellers, and marketplaces to find cheap and functional furniture for your office space.


13. Buy local products.

One thing that every designer should do is to buy local! Locally sourced products and equipment not only support your community, but they also can offer superior prices and customer service compared to large international retailers.

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14. Automatic lighting system.

You can install an automatic or sensor-activated lighting system in your office. This way you won’t have to worry about manually turning on/off the lights or fans. You can set a starting and ending time for when lights will turn on and off, or allow the system to turn on when it detects movement and turn off after a long period of inactivity.

15. Use laptops.

Office interior design images laptops

Desktop computers occupy lots of space and require extensive tech support to setup and maintain – and while they offer greater processing power needed for more niche needs, theyre also immobile. If you’re office’s needs allow, use laptops or institute a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

16. Keep workspaces near windows.

Placing employee workspaces near windows can help keep them happy, engaged, and alert. Sunlight is a proven mood-booster and adequate natural light can help keep you focused on the task at hand (plus, it’s always nice to have a view!)


17. Recycle and reuse paper.

Office interior design concept paper

Encourage paper recycling and reuse by offering clearly market recycling bins and paper collection points. Instead of throwing paper away, encourage it to be reused first as scratch paper, and then placed in the appropriate receptacle.

18Recycle ink cartridges and computer parts.

Instead of throwing out used ink cartridges and computer parts, recycle them! Recycling businesses with a specialty in electronics often offer cash for unwanted components, meaning you can earn a bit of cash back while helping to reduce unneeded waste.

30 Office Interior Design Hacks That Can Save You Time and Money!
Contact Designer: Wang Xiaomeng@archiparti

19. Ventilate your office.

When you are designing your office, make sure to install an effective ventilation system. A good ventilation system circulates air, distributes warmth and coolness, and removes possible airborne pollutants before they make their way indoors. 

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20. Put comfortable sofas in a resting corner.

Office interior design concepts resting space

Giving employees a designated rest space can help improve productivity! By placing sofas, comfortable chairs, and other amenities in a break room, you can give emp  .loyees a change to recharge for their tasks ahead – improving employee morale and promoting a friendly office culture.

 21. A collaborative space.

Be sure to include a collaborative space somewhere in your office’s layout and design – whether it serves as an area for secondary functions or as the primary workspace is up to you. Collaborative spaces are purposefully designed to facilitate discussion and team-work, and are great spatial tools for fostering innovation and problem-solving.


22. Multi-purpose rooms.

Multi-purpose rooms allow you to save money by consolidating functions that would normally be delegated into different rooms into a single space. Collaborative areas, break rooms, and other social functions can all be located in a single area – with modular or moveable furniture allowing easy transition between these purposes.


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23. Charging for website access.

If your office has a ban on using certain websites during work hours, then installing a computer for dedicated social media use in a break or leisure room might be useful! Employees can look forward to accessing these sites during their breaks, instead of trying to get around computer security features.

24. In-house kitchen.

Office interior design concept kitchen

For companies with a larger budget or a commitment to upholding a certain employee lifestyle, installing a serviced kitchen within the office could be an interesting way to boost morale and improve productivity. Employees can order food and eat within the office while on lunch break, saving time and potentially providing a boost of revenue from food sales.

 25. Adjustable chairs.

 Office interior design concepts adjustable chairs

Every employee has a different body structure. Some are tall, some are short. Instead of buying a one-size chair, consider adjustable seats. By raising or lowering the chair of leaning it forwards or backwards, an adjustable chair can ensure each employee sits comfortably.


26. Automatic temperature adjustment system.

Make sure that the air conditioning system you install in your office has automatic or dynamic temperature adjustment capabilities! By detecting when temperature falls of rises below the set level, you can save money from excess electricity without losing comfort!

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Inverters are part of the latest wave of air conditioning innovations, allowing for lower energy costs, less noise, and greater reliability than traditional A/C units.

 28. Use projectors instead of television screens.

 Office interior design hong kong projector

Many offices require discussion rooms, typically equipped with a large electronic screen to display important information during meetings. If you require a particularly large screen, consider using a projector instead! Projectors are often cheaper than bigger screens, and can be paired with a light or white colored wall for extra savings!


29. Remote access security cameras.

Office interior design images security camera

If you have a small office, or lack the budget for a dedicated security team, consider installing remotely accessible cameras in key areas of your workplace. Viewing or recording the feeds from home or from your smartphone can help ensure your, your business’s, and your employees’ safety!

30Automatic lock switch.

 Office interior design images lock switch

Instead of locking every door manually, a master control switch accessed digitally can automatically access each lock in the office. This design can help assure peace of mind, especially if employees work irregular hours and may need to enter or exit periodically.

These were the 30 office design hacks! Want to learn more from our team of independent designers? Contact archiparti today!

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