2022 Amazing Restaurant Interior Design Ideas People Will Feel On A Personal Level

2022 Amazing Restaurant Interior Design Ideas People Will Feel On A Personal Level
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Do you want to promote your diners and want guests to take pictures of your restaurants and post on social media and spread how lovely the food, atmosphere and service is at you restaurant? If your answer is yes, you should continue reading this post.

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Best Patio Table and Chairs

Solid sturdy and beautiful – This is the greatest bistro set ever. I ordered the mint green and it came exactly as photographed. All three pieces are heavy, stable, and sturdy. Highly recommend!

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Best Vintage Bistro Lights

BRIGHT AND AMBIENT – The party feeling is on at our house. Love the feeling of walking out on our deck now, and my husband is enjoying being able to control the lights from his lounge chair while watching TV. Also makes it more visible at night for him to walk down four steps to take our poodle out to do her business, then push a button when he sets back down. Yeah, he smiles! Well worth the cost to have more security and safety at night.

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Best Coffee Cup Wall Decor

Great Coffee Bar decor – These are super cute. I have them hanging in my kitchen near the little coffee station I have set up. They are just a little bigger than what I needed but it still worked out fine. The colors are good and they came in perfect condition. My original plan was to hang 1 or 2 of them, they are so fun though, that I hung all 4. All you need is a teeny tiny nail, metal art is very easy to hang.

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Eating is a serious matter in Hong Kong. There are thousands of restaurants catering for diverse foodies. From different cuisines to different flavors, Hong Kong restaurants are on top of its game. You can literally find anything you are looking for right in the city. From local Hong Kong restaurants selling ham and egg rice noodles to southeast Asian cuisines from Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam to Japanese and Korean dishes and even Nepalese dishes, as long as you want to try it, you will be able to find it in Hong Kong. After all, good food equals good mood and what better place to get a great experience than trying out all the different exotic dishes around than world right here in Hong Kong.

Having so many types of cuisines and restaurants are great for customers but it also means it is a highly competitive market for business and restaurant owners. To draw in customers other than the quality of the food, the overall design of a restaurant is also very important and something to put a lot of thought and effort into to make sure your restaurant provides an excellent overall experience from food quality to the atmosphere of the diner. Though space is small and prices high in Hong Kong, it is not a problem for designers to perfectly deliver unique designs. It also makes renovating the place into the dream dining house much cheaper than if you own a large place! Design of a restaurant is not only crucial in the effective flow and maximum efficiency, but also the quality experience of customers. Design is can also be a tool to express the concept and brand of the restaurant so customers can gain better understanding of your branding and belief through the subtle decoration choices in your diner. Either way, we can’t deny the importance of design. The overall aesthetics of a restaurant tells a unique story through its visual details.

When thinking of a design, we need to think about what story to deliver. How can we give a good first impression to the diner? What kind of setting will catch their eyes most? How can the design of the restaurant carry out the owner’s message? You’ll find out the answers to these questions after reading this post. The right restaurant’s design can bring out a whole new experience to the diner. These 4 restaurants have been sensational in Hong Kong and Shenzhen through not only their food but also winning customers over and drawing more new ones into their doors with their unique and beautiful interiors. Their design is a paragon for good design and style, while each has their own distinct style and branding they are all great at providing a good experience for the customer from the moment they walk in. And thus it deserves our exploration and definitely everyone’s recognition. Wanna know their secrets of success? Let’s dive in!

1. Buenos Aires Polo Club

Wow! It’s rare to see a steakhouse like this. It looks like an antique house that is cozy and warm. When we first enter the restaurant, we can see a bunch of antique frames being placed around the restaurant, including colorful oil paintings, restaurant’s co- founder’s collection of steak knives and tarnished trophies. Buenos Aires Polo Club is an Argentinean steakhouse located in central Hong Kong. It is considered by many to be one of the best steakhouses in the city! Quality of food is not the only quality about this restaurant. From services to the presentation, the restaurant excels in providing A grade level all around. It gives off a sophisticated private club vibe with richness through its designs.  

The color choices mainly consist of dark wood, green, and hints of gold. Very back-in-the-days classy. It is not as bright and overall has a dim and orange hue lighting that adds on to the elite design and a sense of romantic atmosphere. The rich wooden floor also creates a sense of vintage chic. Indirect light is being used to protect the oil painting while localized light allows diners will pay more attention to their partners instead of the restaurant’s details. Although, details are not forgotten! There are small patterns and designs on the chairs that stem away from being simple and more elaborate. Even the ceiling has smaller lights and divided sections of walls in its detailing. Not to forget, the tableware is also color coordinated with its gold salt and pepper shakers. The designer’s attention to every detail completes this restaurant ambience. Imagine having a steak and wine dinner in this amazing atmosphere. 

The restaurant is more like a polo club than an ordinary steakhouse to me. The inspiration of the restaurant design came from South American country’s elite members-only clubs in the early 1900s. No wonder it perfectly exemplifies this vibe. It is a place that makes you feel like Instead of flying to Argentina, we can learn more about the history and culture of Argentina while enjoying the delicious food in Hong Kong.

2. The Ocean

And now it’s time for something completely different!  Located in Repulse Bay, The Ocean is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery of the area. Given its location. it’s such a waste if we cannot see the great view, so the design of the restaurant with the floor-to-ceiling windows and seats facing the beautiful gulf of Hong Kong makes sure that you can get the perfect view with no boundaries. It is such a luxurious escape from the busy city life in Hong Kong, away from road traffic, tall skyscrapers, and hectic environment. The Ocean creates a unique space with a heavy focus on its natural elements. What a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying great food. The Ocean is a Michelin 1-star french seafood restaurant so you don’t need to worry about quality. The simple and bright design really helps you focus on the rich flavour of the food and the breathtaking view.

The name says it all. From the interior design to the table setting, we can tell the main theme is the ocean. The ceiling is a matte finish while the paint on the wall is a glossy finish. Glossy paints are shiny and reflective, which creates a surreal atmosphere and maximizes space. Even the color combination of blue, white, and brown is a reflection of the beach and ocean. The ceiling mimics a wave in its curved blue flow on top of the brown base. Its subtle and flow creates a soothing feeling and placid atmosphere as if really floating on the sea. The soft seats are also in irregular shape just like that of nature. The lights that hang from the ceiling that incorporates accents of clear blue put the look together. They didn’t miss out any details, they even included the Baccarat glassware in the table settings. With even the menu placed its focus on seafood. It’s amazing that everything is all connected- from design to food. We’ll have a comprehensive experience in The Ocean. Every designer has their own style, it’s very important for you to choose the right designer.

3. Ammo

Thirdly, let us talk about AMMO, an Italian Japanese fusion restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong. From the previous two restaurants’ name, we can make a guess on how their designs will look like. How about this one? AMMO? What does that mean? According to the owner, AMMO is a slang term for ammunition and it is derived from the words “Asia, Modern, Museum and Original”. This retro-modern restaurant is mainly done with copper and bronze. The metallic accent is inspired by botanical surroundings and creates a luxurious touch. In addition, the use of reflective elements can increase the richness of space. This’s one way to make a small space look bigger without giving up aesthetics. Their main color combination of green, copper, and bronze achieves the modern mixed with nature vibes. Overall, it presents itself in an artistic fashion.

Designed by Joyce Wang, AMMO aims to deliver a sophisticated and cinematic vision come to life. She describes her design process where she ” was immediately drawn to the surreal quality of AMMO’s context, which inspired the design narrative – a glass cube of modern clean lines within a primitive lush landscape. Because the site is so isolated, it was also difficult to place the space in time. This led us to curate a space that is a dream-like experience for visitors, which also lends itself to reference its past as a magazine storage facility.”

When you enter the restaurant, you can see a cocktail bar which allows the guests to interact with bartenders and a sculptural copper mural on the wall behind it that enhances the texture and detail.  The floating spiral staircase on the curved ceiling also creates a dramatic effect. All these copper and bronze designs create a visual flow. They also include a floor- to ceiling windows to give diners a sense of freedom by making the restaurant seem larger. Diners can enjoy the foliage that surrounds the building through the three floor-to-ceiling windows.


4. Chill Bar

A neighbour of Hong Kong, just a few minutes away, you can find Chill Bar in Shen Zhen. The tagline for Chill Bar is ‘Let’s Chill. Your new lifestyle.’, which sounds about right. It is the brainchild of 5 authentic whiskey lovers. With an aim to bring the whiskey culture into Shenzhen, these young entrepreneurs chose Chinese Hi-Tech Venture Park to start their journey. In a busy city, life can get hectic and sometimes the best remedy is to relax, empty your mind with a drink in hand. This bar is for just that. It is a place where anyone can come to take their mind off their busy schedule and freely enjoy for a moment. Chill Bar is unique in that its design revolves around a feeling rather than a style. It does not try to convey styles like nature or rich and elite, instead, it reflects a mood of relaxation in all its aspects. The purpose of this design along with its name has its intentions to serve a bigger purpose- relax and enjoy. 

The extremely well put out design does not undermind the quality of services. Expect high-class cocktails, excellent service and an energetic atmosphere in Chill Bar. The very bar where you can meet young, talented creative people from town and chill. With the second floor designed as a secluded booth, this bar makes a great spot for you and your mates to hang out and shake off worries. Not in that mood? Situated yourself in a cozy leather chair, sip a Martini and kill your blue evening in the heart of Shenzhen’s most creative district. The bar is dark with red lighting choices. This is such a great way to set a warm tone that compels relaxing factors. The overall design of the place is a dark theme with many sources of light coming from the ceiling, stands, walls, and signs. 

What to know how it started? Disappointed by local designers, the entrepreneurs seek help from archiparti. Just a few minutes typing in their concept, budget and preferences, archiparti matches 12 designers with the Chill Bar owners. At the end,  BIGGERTHANstudio a new raising one-person design firm, which is good at F&B design, is chosen by the project owner to help Chill Bar bosses to wave goodbye to the tedious process. And yes, this is when Chill Bar became the ultimate venue to unwind and relax. Chill Bar is designed with distinctive features – one and only one in Shenzhen. With appealing graffiti represents elements of the 5 founders. Through those characterized paintings, founders give a personal touch to space in an affordable way. There’s also strip light to create dynamicity and adjustable lighting places clients in different atmosphere base on need. The second floor is reserved for VIP use only to deliver a superior experience to invited customers. There is also cafe for catering or event holding in daytime, and turn out to a crazy whiskey place at night! – which is an economic and practical way to run a bar.

Plan to open a new restaurant after viewing these four amazingly designed F&B? Go check out the 3 tips for Hong Kong F&B owners to see what lies ahead.

No need to be jealous – as your business dream can become a reality, too. To save time and money, be sure to check out our blogs before your putting your refurbishment ideas into practice. If you’re looking for a creative design idea, simply sign up and check out our designers’ profiles here and get more ideas! archiparti is always here to support your dream by providing wonderful service in interior design. Register and create your own project now!  

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