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3 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas People Will Feel On A Personal Level

Do you want the diners to take pictures of your restaurants and post on social media? If your answer is yes, you should continue reading this post.

Eating is a serious matter in Hong Kong. Other than the quality of the food, the overall design of a restaurant is important too. People like to take pictures before they eat. How can we give a good first impression to the diner? What kind of setting will catch their eyes most? How can the design of the restaurant carry out the owner’s message? You’ll find out the answers to these questions after reading this post. The right restaurant’s design can bring out a whole new experience to the diner. These 3 restaurants have been sensational in HK. Wanna know their secrets of success? Let’s dive in!


1. Buenos Aires Polo Club




Wow! It’s rare to see a steakhouse like this. When we enter the restaurant, we can see a bunch of antiques being placed around the restaurant, including colorful oil paintings, restaurant’s co- founder’s collection of steak knives and tarnished trophies. The rich wooden floor also creates a sense of vintage chic. The romantic atmosphere is created by the use of dim light. Indirect light is being used to protect the oil painting while localized light allows diners will pay more attention to their partners instead of the restaurant’s details. The restaurant is more like a polo club than an ordinary steakhouse to me. The inspiration of the restaurant design came from South American country’s elite members-only clubs in the early 1900s. Instead of flying to Argentina, we can learn more about the history and culture of Argentina while enjoying the delicious food in Hong Kong.


2. The Ocean




And now it’s time for something completely different!  Located in Repulse Bay, it’s such a waste if we cannot see the great view. With the floor-to-ceiling windows, The Ocean invites the guest to enjoy the food in front of the beautiful gulf. From the interior design to the table setting, we can tell the main theme is the ocean. Imagine sitting on the blue comfy couches, looking at the wave design on the wall and ceiling, which resembles ocean waves, and visiting the jellyfish aquariums, it’s such a relaxing experience for all of us. The ceiling is matte finish while the paint on the wall is a glossy finish. Glossy paints are shiny and reflective, which creates a surreal atmosphere and maximize space. They didn’t miss out any details, they even included the Baccarat glassware in the table settings. Not surprisingly, the menu placed its focus on seafood. It’s amazing that everything is all connected. We’ll have a comprehensive experience in The Ocean. Every designer has their own style, it’s very important for you to choose the right designer.



3. Ammo



Last but not least, we’re going to talk about AMMO. From the previous two restaurants’ name, we can make a guess on how their designs will look like. How about this one? AMMO? What does that mean? According to the owner, AMMO is a slang term for ammunition and it is derived from the words “Asia, Modern, Museum and Original”. This retro-modern restaurant is mainly done with copper and bronze. The use of reflective elements can increase the richness of space. This’s one way to make a small space looks bigger. When you enter the restaurant, you can see a cocktail bar which allows the guests to interact with bartenders and a sculptural copper mural on the wall behind it that enhances the texture and detail.  The floating spiral staircase on the curved ceiling also creates a dramatic effect. All these copper and bronze designs create a visual flow. They also include a floor- to ceiling windows to give diners a sense of freedom by making the restaurant seem larger. Diners can enjoy the foliage that surrounds the building through the three floor-to-ceiling windows.


Plan to open a new restaurant after viewing these three amazingly designed F&B? Go check out the 3 tips for Hong Kong F&B owners to see what lies ahead. 

You’re welcomed to visit archiparti.co to locate a designer for your project. Should you have any inquiries, please contact [email protected].









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