Featured Designer: RYOYU KIDO, founder of BIGGERTHAN studio 2022

Featured Designer: RYOYU KIDO, founder of BIGGERTHAN studio 2022
//This blog is updated in 2022//

Guys, what’s your dream? If it’s starting up a design company, you’d better read the short story of Ryoyu Kido, our independent designer.


Well, we don’t want to sound like arrogant but there are really a definite number of amazing independent designers with archiparti, own their design firm. It should be tough to come along such many challenges, how about Kido?

About the business

BIGGERTHAN Studio (a design studio), established in 2016. The studio aims to use design as a tool to explore bigger problems and to look out for bigger influences that trigger better superior designs. Extending interests to all things design, BIGGERTHAN studio provides a wide variety of projects including F&B, Residential, Hospitality, etc.

Interesting facts about Kido

Kido is a half Japanese-half Korean but also a Hong Kong local, studying in BA Architecture Studies and Master of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.

Things Kido enjoy most at leisure: Exploring the City

‘Every now and then I come across interesting urban conditions.’

No matter in Hong Kong or traveling, Kido often walks for hours without a destination in mind but to enjoy the different urban environments.

Why choose architecture?

With a mind full of creative thoughts, Kiko chose to make thoughts come true instead of waiting whole life long. ‘Going into Architecture was the path I chose but my interest still lies in all areas where creativity and making have a presence.’!

Kido’s Adventure of design  

Adventures may threaten you but at the same time, help you equip yourselves in advance!  3 separate parts for Kido’s journey, let’s dive in!

Formal Education stage

A break is not a bad thing! Kido chose to have a gap-year break after getting a Bachelor degree and returned to her heritage roots, Japan. Being immersed in the deep end of design cult and Japanese culture, Kido learned more than a school can teach. It’s definitely a year of discovery and exploration for Kido! Then he further obtained the Master of Architecture Degree.

Professional Experience stage

With a strong academic background, he was then exposed to the larger ecosystem of the renowned design industry. More than that, Kido participated in several large projects,e.g. East Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Times Art Centre, High Park Grand.


In short, it is a moment for Kido to formulates his own argument and set of beliefs!

A <BIGGERTHAN> Belief of Kido

‘Always make value greater than another value.’

It’s how Kido defines his business.To simplify, it means that in every design brief, there are synergy – values within which lies a bigger element than just design itself.

Actually, aesthetics is somehow similar to design, however, beyond aesthetics, design has a problem to tackle, provides an experience, provides a solution, and raises questions – those make design alive. Only then can design be of value, and be relevant.


You had better learned some business tactics if you want to be like Kido. Being a designer, Kido must also overcome the operational challenges of running a studio. However, the main challenge is to stay in line with your design belief. You know, there are much more limitations than you think in the design industry. Making it work within an existing ecosystem is hard. All Kido has to do is overcome all difficulties with no hesitation. Do not doubt yourselves when a problem was raised!


Honestly, no advice at all. Everyone goes on different paths. Yet, in general, make the path you’re walking much more clear. For example, formulating an individual stance on design or life and that should drive the decisions and paths someone takes. Once you look back, the path you are walking along will be much more clear and real; also obstacles or failures which put many people off become just part of the journey.

Just as in design, the fear of failure only limits our exploration and the potential design outcome. As we learn from a failed concept to develop the next iteration, our decision/actions can also formulate a better direction along the journey.’ – Ryoyu Kido

Great story huh? Kido seems to enjoy his design career and his successful business. Take action now! We are pleased to share your happiness as long as you register on archiparti. Be as successful as Kido.  

Jackie, archiparti blog contributor

archiparti empowers one-person design firm. From corporates, small teams to one person firms, the world is changing – Gig Economy, Workation, Remote teams – there has been a macro shift towards a new way of work, we are enabling designers in the traditional design and build industry to go independent, focus on creativity, design anytime anywhere, with quality and efficiency. The result is a much more streamlined and efficient project management process for project owners, affordable price and a much more individualized and interesting physical world. Come join the change today!

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