Design for Pets in 2021: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It

Design for Pets in 2021: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It

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Despite being an important part of many peoples lives, pets are often neglected when homes, offices, and other spaces are planned and constructed. Pets and the interior design discipline as a whole are two subjects that rarely cross paths. This trend, however, is beginning to change as more people realize the positive impact that pet friendly interior design can have on the well-being of our furry friends. If your pets are an integral part of your family, then why not consider them by implementing pet friendly interior design that can be integrated into the renovation plan of your house or office? Whether your pet is a naughty cat, an obedient dog, a beautiful fish swimming in a tank, a cute little turtle, or a hyperactive hamster, they all deserve a pet friendly house, pet friendly furniture, and interiors that can comfortably accommodate them. Moreover, if you provide them with a cozy space where they can eat, sleep, and play using pet friendly interior design, you can save your furnishings and decorations from being damaged. 

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How much space does my pet need?

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While it is true that your feline or your pet dog cannot talk and tell you that they need a room for themselves, it is up to you to understand and provide them with whatever will make them feel comfortable and loved.

The size of your house or the space you’ve marked for your pet matters to them a lot. Depending on their personality, your pet may feel anxious in closed spaces. It is important to note that the space you mark for your pet must have a function and a form. You can make the most of spaces like empty corners of the house, voids between shelves and tables, or top of the closets to make interesting and fun living areas for your pets. If you don’t provide them “their space,” they will feel lost.

Design for Pets: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It
Contact Designer: Wong Zac@archiparti

Notably, in the case of pet dogs, your pooches are born with a natural wish to be a part of a pack. It is because of this that love jumping on your bed, sofas, and tables. You can create comfortable resting spots for your dogs in your living room so that they feel safe with you around them most of the time.

On the other hand, your pet cats will follow you wherever you go. If you shun them away to leave them alone, they can go into a state of depression. They love to be near their owners in comparatively warm parts of the house such as on your desktop table or your kitchen counter. This is where an interior designer’s skills will come into the picture. Even though your pet feline will find a place for itself in your house, wouldn’t it be great if you are able to provide them with a cozy nesting area near your desktop table, a space specifically built for them, their cute kitty home! This way, you can continue your work on the desktop and at the same time, pay attention to your furball who deserves all the love in the world.

Why do pets scratch furniture and how can pet friendly interior design prevent this?

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Do you know why your pets leave annoying scratches on your furniture? Well, if you don’t, then it’s time to know why!

Many cats and dogs owners complain about their pets being unruly and scratching their sofa or carpets or their cat eating drywall. Well, if you don’t provide them with their own space, what will they do? In the absence of a pet house or a space for them, they consider these comfortable sofas they playground. Moreover, they scratch it to mark their territory and showcase dominance. It’s their way of dispersing their energy.

If you provide your pet cat, dog or hamster with an in-house playground consisting of tunnels, walking tracks, or small gymnasiums, there’s no way they will damage your precious furnishings. If you pay your interior designer a few extra bucks, they can come up with brilliant recreational design ideas for your pets.

Design for Pets: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It
Contact Designer: Conceptual Studio@archiparti

How much sleep do my pets need?

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Research shows that many pets need at least 13 hours of quality sleep everyday. Dogs love to sleep in closed dens, cats love to sleep on cozy cushions, and hamsters or guinea pigs love to sleep in a hollow pipe-like space. To ensure that your pet gets a sound sleep, you must create a living area for them which caters to their needs and allows them to sleep stress-free. You can train your pets or encourage them to enter these spaces by luring them with water or treats. If your pets don’t get adequate sleep, they can fall sick or become depressed.

Everything trickles down to the fact that as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet comfortable, active, entertained, and engaged.

How can I ensure my pets safety during renovation?

✅ When a renovation or home remodelling is about to happen, make sure to pay attention to these details:

  • Use pet friendly paint
  • organize / remove / hide electric wires
  • watch out for poisonous materials
  • consider boarding your animals
  • coordinate with builders about schedule and presence of the pets

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Did you notice? Your cat hides in a cabinet as soon as the drilling work starts?
Your cats can get stressed or frustrated during the remodeling of your house or office. This stress can lead to several behavioral problems, so ensure that you try to minimize the stress wherever possible. Interior designers and contractors need to be careful during the renovation process. Therefore, it is a great idea to discuss the renovation plan with your renovation contractor in detail before you start it.

Dangers from plastic, loose wires, paint: If you have a cat at home during the renovation, keep a check on loose wires, hanging chords, harmful chemicals such as paints and varnishes, and nails. Cats being territorial in nature will span every area and lick off anything that they find on the floor.

Design for Pets: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It
Contact Designer: Wu Chin-Feng@archiparti

How to keep cats safe during construction?

Prepare a temporary shelter for your cat in a safe room of your house. You can decorate the space with food, water, and toys to keep your pet kitty confined to it during the renovation. You can also leverage the noise of your television or radio to keep your cat away from loud noises during drilling and hammering.

How to keep dogs safe during construction?

Whether you are installing a new chimney in your kitchen or completely changing the flooring, renovating your home with your pet dog can be a nightmare! So how to protect your dogs during renovation?

Home renovation is equally hard for your dog, as it is for you. Dog stress during renovation is something to be worried about as it is a serious matter. Since dogs are emotionally attached to even the smallest objects in the house, moving them from one place to another can affect the psyche of your furry pal.

Keep your dog away from the area of the house where renovation is taking place. If your dog is curious to learn what is happening, it can get hurt.

Design for Pets: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It
Contact Designer: Wang Xiaomeng@archiparti

Unlike cats, it’s not a great idea to keep your dog confined to a smaller space as it can take a toll on your dog’s mental health. Instead, take your dog for frequent walks and play with them whenever possible.

Dog afraid of construction noises – protect your dog’s ears from loud noises by placing ear buds and ensure that your dog doesn’t get hurt by renovation tools or objects such as shingles, broken tiles, nails, etc.

No matter how messed up your home is during the renovation, make sure your dog is getting adequate food and water throughout the day.

How to protect fish during renovation?

Even though aquatic pets such as fish and turtle do not get hassled or stressed during home renovation as they are unaware of what is happening outside their tank, it is important to protect the tank for dirt and dust. Cover the tank thoroughly and place it on a sturdy shelf or stand.

Ensure that there is continuous oxygen supply to the tank and the filters are working properly to optimize ammonia levels in the tank. If by any chance the fish tank gets damaged during the renovation, change it immediately.

How to keep hamsters and pet rodents safe during renovation?

The main threat to small domestic pets such as hamsters and rodents is dust, foul odor, and mites. The small body is unable to flush out harmful chemicals and fumes which can even result in your pet’s untimely death. To avoid any such situation, keep your little pet’s cage away from the renovation area. Don’t allow filth to collect anywhere in the renovation area as it can pave the way for harmful fur mites which can latch onto your pet’s body and make them sick.

Pre-renovation planning to keep your pets safe

It is best to take pets away from the renovation site. However, if that is not possible, you must ensure that your under construction home is a safe abode for your pet.

Here are some useful tips to pre-plan your renovation is a way which suits your pets:

  • Get a detailed renovation schedule from your contractor

Haste makes waste. Right? So, to ensure that your pets do not get disturbed during home renovation, request your construction management firm to share a plan before the renovation starts. This plan must include details regarding different phases of renovation – demolition day, drilling day, concrete set-up day, etc. Last minute surprises can take a toll on your pet’s daily routine and mental well-being. Based on the plan, you can decide what will work best for your pet.

  • Create a secure makeshift home for your pet

Since your pet is used to roaming freely in the house, it is important to ensure that they are confined to a safe place during the renovation. Choose a room away from the renovation area and set-up a comfortable bed for your pet cat or dog. In case of other pets, move the cage or tank to a safe area which is free from any noise, dust, or dirt.

  • Don’t change your pet’s daily routine

Renovation can drive you crazy and modify your daily routine. But, don’t let that affect the daily routine of your pets. Ensure that you provide them with food and water from time to time. Take them for long walks and play with them during small breaks.

What are some interesting home and office pet friendly interior design ideas?

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To make your home or creative office area, a beautiful haven for your pet, implement these 7 interesting pet perfect interior design ideas:

  • Pick pet-friendly upholstery

Avoid materials such as velvet as they attract pet fur. Instead, opt for leather and synthetic fiber as they do not retain pet fur. Don’t buy cheap material. Invest in high-quality upholstery that will withstand the fury of your pet’s claws and complement your pet friendly interior design.

  • Avoid wooden furniture

Wooden and leather furniture is easy to chew. Especially, if you are carrying your pet to your office, your expensive office furniture or your wooden office cabin design can be in danger. A hyperactive puppy or kitten may think it’s a toy and nibble on it all day long. Buy furniture with metallic or chrome finish to keep it safe from your pet. There’s no way they can bite that metal! These days, you can even purchase pet friendly couches, pet furniture covers, pet resistant carpets, and pet rugs online.

  • Install anti-slip, easy to clean flooring

While your puppy, kitten, or baby hamster is still learning how to walk, a slippery tile can result in injuries. Stone or laminate floors can be a good choice. Moreover, during rainy days when your pet is wrapped in mud, you can easily clean them. Avoid wooden floor. If you really want wooden flooring, then opt for hardwoods like oak and mahogany.

  • Create a stunning play area through pet friendly interior design

Whether it is your office or your home, an ultimate recreation zone is a “must have” for your pet. Set-up a designated space for your furry friend. Install their favorite toys, create a cozy den where they can sleep, place comfortable blankets, and beautify their little abode as much as you can. The more they like it, the easier it will be for them to get used to it.

Design for Pets: This Interior Design Expert Has Something Serious To Say. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It
Contact Designer: Cheung Krystal@archiparti
  • Select glossy walls

Did you know? Satin-based glossy walls repel pet fur and stay clean. Therefore, avoid deeply-textured walls and use semi-gloss paint wherever possible.

  • Use lightweight curtains

You’ll agree that all pets love to stare out of the window whenever they get a chance to do so. Whether it is about watching kids play or waiting for you to come home, peeking through the window is one of the favorite pastimes for your pet. Don’t deprive your pet cat or dog of the joys of the outside world by installing thick, blackout curtains. Use sheer, lightweight curtains that allow light to enter the room.

  • Avoid breakable stuff at home and in office

A very important aspect of pet-friendly interiors is furniture and decor that is unbreakable. Avoid glassware, low-lying tables, or precious lamps. You never know when your pet might get hyper excited and start running around the house. Well, in that case, you won’t be able to do anything about it!

Need help or some friendly advice for your redesign and renovation? Want to learn more about pet friendly interior design?

If you are looking to redesign or renovate any part of your home or office to incorporate pet friendly interior design, take a look at our FAQs and drop a line to the professionals here at archiparti via our contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you! As one of the top interior design firms in Hong Kong, we offer competitive interior design pricing packages and costs per square foot.

Be sure to check out our blog for our latest designer tips and tricks, current news and media coverage, as well as our most recent renovation article series! Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming guides covering more pet friendly interior design tips! For the visual learners out there, don’t forgot to take a look at the archiparti pet friendly interior design video for pets.

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