VR DIY 2022: How To Make Virtual Reality Video in Interior Design?

VR DIY 2022: How To Make Virtual Reality Video in Interior Design?

//This blog is updated in 2022//

As usage of VR in interior design and home renovation is steadily increasing, many architects, and interior designers are using 3Ds Max to make 360 panorama images in 2022.

VR has became a big business in architecture and Interior design industries, as the uses are countless, ranging from an architect who is planning on building a house to a college student wondering if a desk will fit into his corner. It also allows project owners and designers gather information and work together; the communication between project owners and designers is crucial in cooperating on a project. As a solution, the most realistic way of exploring the completed design is virtual reality. Through this virtual platform, project owners will be able to walk through the interior, make decisions on the colors of furniture, patterns of tile, and add suggestions on the details. Due to the many benefits of virtual platform, it will soon become industry standard.

In order to enable the walk-in and interactive experience with the completed model, it should be rendered in 360 panorama, and then launched to VR platforms, such as easypano and Mewme. Sketchup is the most common program for architects to build the model. To begin with, the Sketchup model has to be exported to 3Ds Max, for it to be rendered to a panorama image.

To aid the communication between project owner and designer, archiparti supports VR platform called DIY 360 VR. It allows project owners to preview the finished model before it is actually constructed. In this way, the project owners and designers can easily work together without having to spend minor costs and time.

Here are images of some previous archiparti projects from DIY 360 VR.

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