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We are a Hong Kong-based tech startup with international vision.

Karbi, archiparti’s founder, was trained as an architect in The University of Hong Kong and Cornell University. After years of working in metropolitans such as NYC, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and HK etc., she still cannot find a version of the industry that she believes in. She thinks that there is a vicious circle.

From the Project Owner’s point of view, they have 3 options:

1) Paying a larger sum by going to a traditional design firm for professional design services(in which more than 70% of the money will go to rent, admin work and other type of inefficiency); or

2) Going straight to builders, which saves money, but design or branding result is poor; or

3) Trusting a designer friend to do it as a freelancer, but then sometimes things get sticky as there is not a clear process flow and there is not enough data to know if the freelancer is a matching one with correct expertise.

From the perspective of designers, given that a typical firm will only have a few projects throughout the entire year, it has to mark up the service significantly in order to cover its overhead costs. The high price scares off everyday project owners, there are even less project owners that will consider hiring a professional design service.

By 2015, Karbi decided to collaborate with a team of cross discipline talents and work on providing a new perspective to how the industry should be modernized through the system, tools and global network archiparti developed.

The aim is to help as many property owners to have a smooth, professional, affordable renovation process with the best independent designers in the world. And to allow the new generation of award-winning designers to focus on their creativity, work independently with efficiency anytime anywhere.

Our small yet powerful team has more than 10 years of experience in each of our expertise. Drop a line to get in touch!

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Karbi Chan


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