10 Of The Best, Worst, And Most Unique Interior Design & Decoration Inspired XMas Gift Ideas in 2021

10 Of The Best, Worst, And Most Unique Interior Design & Decoration Inspired XMas Gift Ideas in 2021

Last Updated on March 15, 2021 by Chandler Bing

//This blog is updated in 2021//

Holiday season’s arrived and busy shoppers are getting increasingly anxious about what on earth to get their loved ones.

The holiday seasons are coming very soon and if you’re racking your brains for holiday present ideas, why not consider revamping your home to start off the new year with a bang? Or your office during Chinese New Year when conveniently no one is at work? Instead of typical gifts that you probably are not going to make good use of, a new interior is great for its practicality and durability. You cannot go wrong with it! Here are 5 reasons why interior design is THE perfect present.

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Best Christmas Snowman Water Glittering Swirling Snow Globe Lantern

Yes, it is really that beautiful. Buy it. –  This is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful objects it’s so worth it! It is not very loud like maybe a little humming sound if you listen closely, but other than that it works like magic!

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Best Birch Tree Battery Powered Warm White LED

Perfect touch – They are perfect for the shelf in your room. Much nicer than you expected. They are evenly lit and you can bend the branches to make it work in your space. It’s such a nice ambience, it lights up the room brighter than your nightlight. Very satisfied with this product,

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Best Interior Design Room Decor Light

Lots on complements – People always complement us on these lights. They put out the perfect amount of light and its the right color. Warm not bright white

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Best Color Changing String Lights

Bright and fun – These are really fun lights. The many color settings and modes keeps things interesting. Very bright. A little pricey

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Best Clips for Hanging Greeting Cards Photos

Super cute! – The ribbons are long so the will hold a lot of Christmas cards or you can use it to display pictures. The color and the graphics on the sign is perfect.

1. A new kitchen for the husband or wife, and be greeted by a million mornings of happy smiles.

Food’s the way to the human heart – but what’s a meal when the cooking process means awkwardly chopping vegetables at a stuffy cramped kitchen counter while a menacing pot boils away only inches from your fingers. You might think a small kitchen is to blame, but even the smallest kitchen can be turned into a spacious area when the design is right. There are a lot of spaces in your kitchen you are not making full use of! Not just that, small things like the color choice of you tiles can really change up the atmosphere. Redesigning your kitchen can not only increase your cookery space but also improve ventilation and safety. As a little bonus to you, come to us for more details on our exclusive discounts from Towngas Mia Cucina Kitchens to bring together your top-notch kitchen.    

2. From bathroom to shower room – the most caring decision for aging parents

Moving around might be easy for you but certainly not for the elderly. If you live with an elderly at home it is important to take cautious measures in the interior of your home. The bathroom is the most dangerous part of the house because it is slippery and filled with hard furniture. Rather than watching them struggle to function normally every day, what about making your home more ‘elderly-friendly’ by swapping your bathtub for a shower to save them the difficulty of clambering over the bathtub edge? It makes not only makes it easier for them to make use of the shower but also much safer for them! If changing up the whole tube is not on your list, try adding a handlebar next to the loo or anti-slippery mats. This can at least prevent any injuries. Even the simplest alteration does wonder for their convenience.

3. Time to have a study room for your grown-up baby

Playgrounds are great until you witness your children outgrow their playhouses and in its place, are piles of school exercise books. Your cute little monster needs a proper reading table and legroom for studying and moving around. Create the ideal study space for your children by turning the playroom into a multifunctional study room filled with your tailored bookshelves and drawers! It is not an overwhelming change, but it can be super functional. You just need to do some rearranging and purchasing of some furniture and voila! A little tip for your study room to look aesthetic as well is to measure your area and buy fitting furniture, plan the color of your furniture to match the others, and get organisers on your desk to arrange books or stationaries!

4. What about an energetic new working environment for your dear teammates?

In the past year, several teammates left us because of their dissatisfaction with the work environment. They specifically complained about the cramped workspace where they cannot freely move around. Are you sick and tired of listening to the loud humming air-con while sat behind the computer every day? Inject some new year enthusiasm into the company atmosphere by revamping the office. You deserve a high-tech energy-saving air-con and a comfortable environment to get your head in the game! Simple changes to your office can make a cramped area feel more spacious. For instance, getting rid of walls and dividers, painting the wall a bright color, extending desk space by organising clutter. You can also put decorations like plants or flowers, which liven up the atmosphere. 

5. Investment present to yourself

Ever been defeated by a tenant while asking for a higher rent because of how shabby your space is? Be a smarter landlord by equipping your space with better building situation to convince tenants to pay more. Whether your real estate investment is a short term rental of Airbnb or a virtual office business, simply sit back, watch your money roll in every month, and smile. Invest in smart interior design that can really make your property look presentable. Whether you want it chic, modern, bohemian is all up to you. Just make sure it is cohesive all the way! So treat yourself and invest in your property. It is the best present that is useful and pragmatic. 

6. Create your very own relaxation space

Coming home tired from work every day, you need your own de-stress time. Why don’t you reward yourself with a much needed personal space, where you can relax reading a book or take a short nap. A small reading space is perfect. It is so easy to create as well; all you need is to find an open space (best if it is near the window side). Add some cushions, pillows and a divider if you need. You can also decorate it with some candles and flowers or plants to give it a more relaxing mood. If you don’t have a space like this at home, make it by rearranging some furniture! 

7. Gift LED lights for a friend or family

Nowadays LED light systems at home are the craze! Gift these to your friends or family, it is the perfect present to really modernise and brighten the house. It is not difficult to install yourself and it fits any house! It is great for movie nights to set the mood or even just for decorative purposes. There are a variety of color that the lights can shine in so it can match any settings. This is such a simple and easy change that really makes a huge difference in the whole feel of the house. Who wouldn’t want it?

8. Take your restaurant interior to the next level 

You know what they say… you eat with your eye before your mouth. If you are a owner of a restaurant, shop, or bar,  attract your customers with a change-up of the interior. An aesthetic look of the restaurant is vital in good ratings and customer satisfaction. Whether this is a big change or small, it can make an eye-catching difference. You can change up the chairs and tables, but it is not necessary. You can just add some decorative work to your restaurant. For instance, place a flower decoration on each table, some paintings or funky tiles on the walls, or bright lamps or candles around empty spaces. You can even add cool inspirational or funny quotes in neon signs that liven up the whole area. Even changes as simple as a different plate and cup can really put together a new place. These changes will definitely impress regular customers and bring in new ones! 

9. Add your at-home office for optimal convenience

If you need to work at home why not add a home office. It is the easiest change you can make since you just need to add a desk! You really don’t need a separate room for your office, but if you want some privacy you can add some dividers. Make it comfortable and inviting by getting a high-quality office chair and a bright lamp. Make sure you get shelves or boxes to organise your papers or stationary. A tip when you are setting up your work space is to use clean and simple furniture to help you work with a blank clean area. 

10. Tis’ the season for thicker clothes and in need for more closet space!

As the colder weather comes and you change up your wardrobe, why not redo your closet while you are at it? Are you sure you are using the most out of your closet space? Are all the vertical spaces being used? There are so much more clothes that can fit into a closet with the right design. You can either buy a new closet that is customised to your space or add some elements to your current closet. If you have an empty space on top, you can add some boxed and store away clothes you don’t wear (like summer-time clothes during winter). It is also easy to install horizontal poles to hang more clothes and jackets. Add some ladder or steps to help reach high hanging clothes if you do decide to use it other than storage space.

11. The living room is where the whole family comes together

Like getting cozy in the winter season with a family movie night? Spend it together in your living room rather than outside! But what’s more important than a nice space for your whole family to enjoy? Clean up your living room space with some new pieces and arrangements. A great way to upgrade your area without going all out is to change your old TV into a modern projector! This was you can even use it inside your rooms. Have a coach or sofa that is comfortable and large enough for everyone. A great living room makes for great family bonding time!

12. Outdoor areas are amazing and chill areas

If you have an outdoor area in your house you are lucky! Outdoor areas are great for outdoor actvities right at home. Buy some barbecue materials and start a small gathering! Set up some nice chairs and tables. Enjoy a house party with friends and family while eating warm food and conversing with a nice drink. Not a must, but a great way to set the mood is to get a speaker and play some cozy music in the background. You can also put out some lamps or torches for the night. an outdoor area should never be wasted, even in the winter! So make use of it and have fun!

Our most talented interior designers are here to channel your creativity into actualizing your dream rooms. Contact us for our exciting archiparti interior design as present schemes, exclusive to delighting our customers with superb discounts. Click here to find out more or share it with someone who’d find this helpful!

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