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December 20, 2019
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Our Favorite Kitchen Essentials in 2020

//This blog is updated in 2020//

We’re talking about kitchen essentials, and sharing everything we’re cookin’ in 2020.


Stay Clean by the Sink:

The worst part of this whole kitchen thing, cleaning. Try using beautiful scrubs and brushes so your chores will look pretty at least! Cute soaps, hand towels help too.

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On the Countertop:

They love to make their fresh snacks and ingredients into decor. Try using bowls and cutting boards to display and store fresh produce.

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By the stove:

Crocks are really pretty, substantial pieces of decor. They put them to use by storing utensils like spoons and whisks conveniently by the stove.


Create moments

Create a beautiful and convenient mini vignette by grouping your favorite cook book with a beautiful butter dish, and a pinch bowl with its coordinating olive oil bottle. Everything you need fits in one tray!

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