5 Different styles on designing your dream bedroom in 2021

5 Different styles on designing your dream bedroom in 2021

Last Updated on March 14, 2021 by Chandler Bing

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Best Crystal End Table with 3-Drawers Bedroom Mini Cabinet

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Best Acrylic Mirror Setting Wall Sticker Decal

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Looking to renovate your bedroom?

Are you looking to repaint/redesign your bedroom? And also looking for a quick rundown of how to put things into perspective? Look no further! Let us inspire you with our infographic highlighting some of the best bedroom colour scheme ideas and design styles that fits you.

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for more information on interior design styles, or a seasoned veteran browsing for inspiration, sometimes revisiting the most common styles of interior design can help collect our thoughts in an orderly manner. This is important when it comes to simply remind us to take different aspects into account. Color scheme is so crucial in any design process and is essential in what style you choose.

There are 5 most common styles of interior design to consider when designing your home or office: modern, industrial, contemporary, traditional, and classic. The design of the interior space is vital to the outcome of your optimal work activity that involves the elements of the least distraction as possible. If you think this is a simple and straightforward topic, think again! Choosing a good bedroom colour scheme is actually of critical importance. It can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed in the morning, or being consistently weighed down by the ‘gloom-and-doom’ vibe. Depending on the style of your bedroom pick the best colour scheme that complements your chosen style. These are some ideas on what colour scheme is complementary to your bedroom style.

The modern style

“House is a machine for living.” – Le Corbusier

The modern interior design amplifies the illusion of space in the room. The space is asymmetrical, minimalistic, with simple patterns and clean-lined furniture. It is important to incorporate functionality and purpose, the modern style can be described as one that uses functional, clean lines and shapes with natural and geometric elements for decoration. It has an open and refreshing style that automatically declutters your mind and puts you at ease. Simple decorations like a lamp or clean wall shelves can be a great addition to your bedroom. This can help build the character of the modern style. Light cool color is perfect to help with the illusion of spaciousness. In addition, light cool colors are also effective in delivering the modern style concept of clean and simple. The color of your bedroom can also act as a main decorative piece, a focal point of your bedroom if you will. The wooden furniture, natural light, and hints of colors can bring together a beautiful modern bedroom. There are so many different ways that you can achieve the modern style through the use of lighting. Not only does the brighter color choices help reflect light all around the room, but you can add more personal pieces to further brighten up the area. For instance, since you are going for light cool colors, use glass globe lamps to emphasize the natural lighting of your room. The modern style bedroom, defined by its light cool color combinations, is a great look for a clean fresh look.

The industrial style

The industrial interior design is raw and edgy, with its use of bricks, metals, and wood. Calm and cool can be two words that describe an industrial bedroom. Creativity and artisitic side of you can be expressed in this style of room. The interior’s space is open, with exposing structural materials. The edgy vibe is suggested with the dark cool colour to further enhance the mood. However, don’t be afraid because the industrial style bedroom can carry color. Whether it is a carpet, chair or painting, a pop of color can complete the bedroom look to be more inviting and cozy. Just because the industrial style is defined by its dark and cool nature, does not mean everything has to follow its rule. As for decoration, stick to the same color pattern. Be sure to have a fun and different decorative piece in each corner of the bedroom. This style is not supposed to follow strict rules and straight and plain geometric shapes. Have some fun and get creative – mismatch is part of it! You can even make an industrial style look sophisticated and chic. Make use of different tones of the same color such as greyscale for all your furniture. Sticking to the colors of dark cool lighting, have a caged-window that resembles those in factories to really tie the look together.

The contemporary style

The contemporary interior design is pretty and practical with asymmetry, with the use of curves and geometrical shapes, and toned down yet different color combination. A light warm tone is perfect to deliver this style. It is soothing because of its tone, but because this style already has a lot of colour going on, you can have the wall a simple white so it doesn’t clash with the furniture tone. This multi-colour combination mixes well with contemporary styles but it can also mean multi-tone color combinations. The different tones of color is a perfect choice in delivering a calm and peaceful feel. The style focuses on cleanness and straight sharp lines all around. Furniture that makes up this bedroom is nice and simple, with no unnecessary details. It represents an open and clutter-free environment. Many times, it makes use of big windows to open up the area. Wall lights with orange lighting to soften the atmosphere. And lack of texture to create a clean and soft look – unless you use texture as a key feature of your decoration, then have other elements clean and simple with a focus on different textures to personalise your design. This style is simple so you need to find one focus point to avoid dullness. Whether that be some texture or details with light, make sure you don’t have too many details of focus as it is the opposite goal of a contemporary style bedroom. You can see that with a contemporary style, it is difficult to follow certain rules. While the contemporary style aims for simplicity, it offers creativity with opening to a diverse range of focal themes. You can be sure it does not lack character and uniqueness. 

The traditional style

The traditional interior design feels comfortable and homey. It is classy and elegant but not boring and dull. This space is symmetrical with ornamented furniture, use of muted colours, and paired furniture. The use of light warm colours will help make the bedroom feel much cozier. Color scheme is such an important feature of this bedroom design because it is the main characteristic that illustrates warmth. I suggest dark matching furniture set with a grand ceiling light and a rug for that extra comfortable look. The traditional interior design is a great pair with light warm colours because they don’t clash visually and keeps the balance of the design consistent. You might think you are limited to dull colors with the traditional style, but adding a touch of color is a great way to personalize your bedroom. It is so easy to create an elegant and expensive feel to your bedroom with the traditional style. Go explore the furniture section because this style does not settle for simplicity. Details on furniture and colors make the space more luxurious. The detailing can make your bedroom feel like it is built in the Vitorian Era. This rich atmosphere is paired greatly with warm color combinations.

The classic style

From a very similar family with the traditional style, the classic interior design is harmonious and coordinated. The space is symmetrical with elegant furniture and use of curved lines. The classic style is a symbol of rich and grand and it has to be executed diligently, paying close attention to color choice, furniture choice, and furniture placement. You can create a classic style bedroom by combining period furniture, decor, and wall accents. A dark cool colour scheme will put together this design as it can include woods with darker colours. The important focus point is what elements you choose to add. For instance, the bedding, pillow case, or picture frame can make all the difference in creating a classic style bedroom. The point of the classic style is also its attention to details and decoration. Away from simple and clean, you want to add strong vintage pieces. The classic style does not emphasize on comfort or functionality. It is grand and extravagant in that it goes the extra step to look elegant and classy. But just because there are details and decorations, it does not mean your space has to be messy or cluttered. A good color combination and choice of placements can help this look harmonious. It is a great choice for a larger bedroom as it adds to looking grand; however, it can also be applied to smaller sized bedrooms beautifully. The classic style bedroom is a product of extravagant pieces with the dark cool color scheme.

To learn more about colour schemes for interior design, be sure to check out more articles here.

If you are interested, you can also check out our blog for more designer tips and tricks . This will help you in decorating your home and office via a DIY approach. Also you can learn more about the industry. Or check out our designer network’s portfolios showcasing their past property renovation projects – we’ve curated designers from a diverse background both culturally and stylistically. If you’re looking for inspiration for your project, be sure to browse through some of their portfolios.

If you need help with redesigning your bedroom or home, be sure to let us know via the contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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