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22 Things To Know about Lighting in Interior Design That’ll Give you Good Mood In The Long Run

lighting design basics

Looking for ideas on choosing the right lighting for your home?

Are you looking to place your home in a different light to make it feel different, yet comfortable? Let us inspire you with our infographic highlighting some of the best lighting ideas.

Here are the 3 points that you should take into account when choosing your home’s lighting:

  • The type of lighting fixture: chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants, recessed lighting, lamps (table/floor), and task lighting.
  • Where to place your lighting fixture: entrance/hallway, dining room, living room, and home office.
  • Basic measurements for lighting fixtures: the arrangement of each lighting fixture according to the location of its placement in your home.

The matter of lighting can be deceptively simple. However, it can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed in the morning, or feeling sleepy throughout the day.

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