[2021] If Your Interior Designer Does These Things, NEVER Let Him/Her Go

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//This blog is updated in 2021//

This is the fun bit. Work with your interior designer to establish how your interior is going to look. Minimal, glossy, classic, white, quirky, fun, serious, or traditional? Perhaps something completely different? How will that match with the functional needs?


Have a brainstorming session

Discuss the problems you have with your existing situation and come up with some creative ideas for your new one.

Browse library images online

With literally thousands of photos available it’s worth looking at  other designs to get a feel for the style you’re after.

Visit other sites

Visit other sites wherever possible to get a good understanding of what works  (and what doesn’t).

Concept drawings

Get your designer(s) to do some quick concept drawings to show how things might look.

Mood board

Have your designer(s)/builder(s) pull together a collection of samples so you can  touch and feel the materials that will go into your space.

Photo real visuals

Get your designer(s) to create life-like computer visuals (stills) of the important areas of your space. These will show you exactly what your new space will look like.

Animated 3D walkthroughs

Have your designer(s) create animated 3D walkthroughs. They’re perfect for illustrating a journey from one part of the space to another.



Deciding who sits where and which area will be used for what activity, needs to be carefully thought through if you want to maximise your space.

With space planning you’ll need to think about:

Accommodation standards

There are standard measurements for corridor widths, bathrooms, kitchens, tea point sizes, copy areas, meeting rooms, receptions and the amount of square footage someone needs to work or rest comfortably.

Legal requirements
  1. Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations
  2. Building Regulations
  3. Access to and use of Buildings
  4. Resistance to sound
  5. Fire Safety
  6. Disability Discrimination Act
  7. Conservation of Fuel and Power
IT and telecoms

For your space plan to work, it must take into consideration access to IT, telecoms and small power. For example, will there be raised flooring to make running cables easier?  If so, you’ll have a lot more flexibility with your layout. If not, you’ll have to space plan your workstations with access to a wall or ceiling with power and data.

Flexibility and growth

A well considered space plan accommodates the changing needs of your business/lifestyle. For example, flexible spaces that can be used for either break-out or work stations will save you time and money in the future if your business/lifestyle needs change.

Consider dilapidations

Most rental leases require you to restore the space to the condition in which you found it. That means you’ll most likely be ripping out everything you put in. So consider this from the outset and save yourself hassle in the future

Get your landlord’s approval

Any changes within your space need to be approved by your landlord. A design package needs to be put together showing all changes, construction activity, workman access and disruptions. Make sure you plan enough time for landlord approvals, as they always take longer than you would expect.

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