What Interior Design Styles Says About Your Relationship in 2021?

What Interior Design Styles Says About Your Relationship in 2021?

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by Chandler Bing

//This blog is updated in 2021//

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for more information on interior design styles, or a seasoned veteran browsing for inspiration, sometimes revisiting the most common styles of interior design can help collect our thoughts in an orderly manner. This is important when it comes to simply remind us to take different aspects into account.

There are 5 most common styles of interior design to consider when designing your home or office: modern, industrial, contemporary, traditional, and classic. The design of the interior space is vital to the outcome of your optimal work activity that involves the elements of the least distraction as possible.

We briefly summarize the 5 most common styles of interior design:

  • The modern interior design amplifies the illusion of space in the room. The space is asymmetrical, minimalistic, with simple patterns and clean-lined furniture.
  • The industrial interior design is raw and edgy, with its use of bricks, metals, and wood. The interior’s space is open, with exposing structural materials.
  • The contemporary interior design is pretty and practical with asymmetry, with the use of curves and geometrical shapes, and bold colours.
  • The traditional interior design feels comfortable and homey. This space is symmetrical with ornamented furniture, use of muted colours, and paired furniture.
  • The classic interior design is harmonious and coordinated. The space is symmetrical with elegant furniture, use of curved lines, and includes woods with darker colours.

Be sure to check out our other infographics on our blog, where you can find home renovation tips and other tidbits shared by our network of international designers. Freshome is another great resource to look for different design-related information.

Check out our designer network’s portfolios showcasing their past property renovation projects – we’ve curated designers from a diverse background both culturally and stylistically. If you’re looking for inspiration for your project, be sure to browse through some of their portfolios.

If you need help with redesigning your bedroom or home, be sure to let us know via the contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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