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2020 Photo Tour Showing How to Style Your Dining Area

//This blog is updated in 2020//

Today we’re showing you the dining area, and explaining how they made the space flow.

The original dining room had a lot going on, with patterned end chairs, and three pendants. They started by adding woven chairs at the ends, with a stripe to tie in with the rest of the seating. Mixed seating makes the space feel eclectic, and they are able to use both coastal chairs, and more traditional ones! They scaled down by choosing one large lighting fixture with a streamline feel and traditional silhouette.



Modern dining chair



create moments

We usually don’t have open wall space in a dining area, so they incorporated a tall cabinet with glass fronts. Baskets are at the bottoms for storage, and beautiful objects fill the rest of the shelves. In order to create flow around the table they put the cabinet against the wall and created a moment with stacked lighting, artwork, and a bench.





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