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//This blog is updated in 2021//

You’ve spent days and nights designing. Certainly, you expect somebody’s gonna spot your talent. Nothing is more convincing than a professional and informative profile & portfolio. When project owners are browsing the pages, profiles with experiences grab their eyes; the unique design style that they share the same feeling with. It is important to have a profile that helps know more about you in 2021. We tailor this particular blog for self-disciplined, improvement-seeking designers. Carry on reading only if you’re one of them!

1. What interior design service do I need to provide for my quotation?

You should be providing the quotation for the amount of work as included in Concept Design Package + Full Design Intent Package as mentioned below. For detail terms please refer to Service Provider Collaboration Agreement.

A) Concept Design Package is defined as:

  • Design concept/Idea (with 2 revision)
  • Layout plan (with 2 revision)
  • 3D image of one key perspective to illustrate style/colors/material intention (with 2 revision)
  • Reference Images (with 2 revision)

B) Full Design Intent Package is defined as:

  • Layout plan (with 2 revision)
  • Demolition plan (with 2 revision)
  • 3D perspectives at least 1 for each room OR a 360 rendering walkthrough for the whole interior (with 2 revision)
  • Design and Key Details of tailor furniture (with 2 revision)
  • Material & Finishes Schedule (with 2 revision)
  • Furniture schedule (with 2 revision)
  • Reflective ceiling and Air Conditioning plan (with 1 revision)
  • Building service intent plan (with 2 revision)(including Water charge & discharge, Electrical Wiring & switches, Gas stoves & heaters)
  • Feature & General Lighting Schedule (with 2 revision)
  • Reference Images (with 2 revision)

C) Schedule of delivery is defined as:


  • 5 calendar days from confirmation of project/contract: first delivery of Concept Design Package
  • 3 calendar days from all design comments received: delivery of revisions of Concept Design Package
  • 12 calendar days from all design comments received: first delivery of Full Design Intent Package
  • 7 calendar days from all design comments received: delivery of Full Design Intent Package revisions


  • 7 calendar days from confirmation of project/contract: first delivery of Concept Design Package
  • 5 calendar days from all design comments received: delivery of revisions of Concept Design Package
  • 18 calendar days from all design comments received: first delivery of Full Design Intent Package
  • 10 calendar days from all design comments received: delivery of Full Design Intent Package revisions

D) Extra paid services are defined as:

  • External Elevations, Setting outs and Renderings (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Interior Elevations, Setting outs and Sections (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Each Site Visit Coordination Meeting/Construction management (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Extra revisions to any drawing (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Production of logos, menu templates, other visual indicators (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Architectural models (price as proposed by the service provider)
  • Anything outside the Concept Design Package or Full Design Intent Package and not mutually agreed by both the Project Owner and Service Provider (price as proposed by the service provider)

E) Exclusions are defined as:

Service Provider’s liability for this Contract is limited to 100% of the design fee or any additional amount as communicated on the Platform. The following consultant design services are not included in the design fee.

  • Authorized Person’s responsibilities
  • Structural Engineer’s responsibilities
  • MEP Engineer’s responsibilities
  • Expeditors responsibilities
  • AV/Low Voltage/Security Engineer’s responsibilities
  • Contractor’s responsibilities
  • Fire Services Engineer’s responsibilities
  • Printing costs
  • Construction Management
  • Licenses Management

2. What is the best way of utilizing the section “Message to project owners”? 

  • Please be reminded again You can fill in only a maximum of 200 characters here. Any extra words will be cropped.
  • Your quotation and all information in your archiparti portfolio will be automatically included in the proposal being sent to the project owner, so there is NO NEED to waste the opportunity to mention them again.
  • Top 2 pieces of information we found most helpful are:

– Your offline service rate. eg “100 USD per 4 hours site coordination sessions” OR “no offline service will be possible as I am currently travelling around the world & working during my trip”)

– Your previous experience with that project type/project size. eg “As a designer from HK I have extensive working experience in small spaces.” OR “I did xxx project which is of similar size & style as your restaurant.”

3. How to create an eye-catching profile?

A) Keep your personal profile furnished and updated

Nothing is more convincing than a professional, relevant and informative profile & portfolio. When project owners are browsing the pages, profiles with experiences grab their eyes; the unique design style hat they share the same feeling with. The profile is the most important stepping stone enabling project owners to know more about you and reach you.

You know what, this’s just easy. Simply take a few minutes to update your designer profile HERE! With our newly updated system, now you can set each portfolio image as private (only project owners that you submitted projected to can view the images) or public (everyone can see the images and we’ll promote your profile periodically as featured independent designer).

Your achievements deserve to be viewed and valued. We bring in a great function – now you can arrange portfolio images based on your projects. Why? Because we know project owners love neatly-presented works.

For old account owners, our Dev team should’ve sent you the temporary account information for your update of the profile. Check your spam and promotional folder. Any inquiry? Feel feel to contact us!

B) Try to include your finished small projects as much as possible

We know featuring BIG and glorious architecture projects shows your experience, but only a small amount of project owners can relate to it.

As archiparti focuses on small installation and interior design projects which could be done by one independent designer with adequate support (i.e. YOU!!!), showcasing your ability to handle small projects perfectly can gain you a surprisingly lot of credibility.

4. How to optimize my online profile to increase the chance of being selected?

Please make sure your profile and portfolio information is true, complete and updated as this information will be the important project matching criteria for the algorithm. EMPTY PORTFOLIOS WILL NEVER GET ANY PROJECT MATCH.

  • To upload your portfolio into the system, click on ‘My Portfolio’ on the top-left corner once you have logged into the platform, and click ‘Add New Project’. And to update your profile, you can click on any part of the dark grey bar on the left.
  • In order to receive new project notifications you are required have uploaded, to your account a previous project portfolio of that type. (This applies to all project types residential, office, F&B, etc.) So if you do not have an office project in your portfolio then probably you will never get matched to an office project.
  • Please make sure you set the public/private setting of each project well. (Public projects will be seen by everyone and archiparti will help promote your profiles. Private projects will only be seen by project owners.)
  • Please make sure there are enough details in your project introduction, preferably in a story format to help project owners understand your design style. (Experience, awards, design style, beliefs, lifestyles, motto, anything that can represent you as an interesting designer and a trustworthy partner to pass the dollars to.)

5. How to choose projects that are suitable for me?

Truth hurts but let’s make it clear: not every project’s suitable for you.

Always think twice before setting your profile and deciding which project to bid for. Are you experienced enough to take this project? Is this what you’re good at designing? For instance, if you don’t have much construction experience, this’s likely that you’ll do a better job if you focus on bidding installation design projects (especially those with tight budget/schedule or those that construction works aren’t required). Alternatively, being an assistant designer for other designers is a valuable starting point to gain experience for small design and building projects.

And the good news is archiparti is also holding competitions with brands like Towngas & Mia cucina, to host design competitions, which could be really good chances for you to get your hand wet, and start!

You’re a veteran and you don’t wanna bid for any low-budget projects? Tell the world by polishing your profile and exhibiting your phenomenal work history!

6. What information will I be provided to kickstart the project online if I never do the site visit?

As the interior designer of the project, you will be provided with the following information

  • A detailed project survey filled up by the project owner to indicate concerns, needs, priorities, limitations & preference.
  • Either photo, videos or 360 walkthrough images of the existing site situation.
  • Dimensioned layout plan in jpg or dwg.
  • archiparti platform so you can communicate with the project owner directly once a deposit is made into escrow.

7. Will I have a chance to meet or call with the project owner before closing the deal?

Not for typical interior design projects. This arrangement is made possible by the well-designed system we developed. The high conversion rate will save a lot of designer’s time on negotiation & closing deals with not matching projects or pre-mature projects.

8. Will there be a chance that I do not get paid in full after a project is started?

Yes, it is possible in the following 2 conditions:

  • After Concept Design Package submission & revisions, the project owner decides to go for the other designer, or decide to terminate the project. In this case, you will still be paid 1000 HKD (or 128 USD) as a design fee for the Concept Design Package.
  • The project owner complained about the designer’s performance throughout the project. archiparti will look into the case when any dispute happens, the following deduction of escorted payment might be the result.

– 75% of the project amount if the quality of work at any point is not up to archiparti standards,
– 30% of the project amount due to significant delays,
– 20% of the project amount for inappropriate language when communicating with the Project Owner.

9. Are all interior design projects really done online?

The short answer is NO. Projects typically happen in one of the following formats.

  • Project Owner has his own building team, so he is looking for an online design service to match the style and give guidance to the use of space.
  • Project Owner is looking for an interior designer who can also be a project manager and help to coordinate the design + construction process.
  • Brands are project owners looking for an interior designer who also has a marketing talk point. In this case, offline services do not mean construction management but interviews, if you are selected for this archiparti project managers will get in touch for details.

Note in all these situations, you should be always be providing quotation base on our recommended format. It is not uncommon for a project owner who wanted to hire an interior designer for full scope of offline management to change his/her mind after seeing the quotation, & decide to go for online services only. It is also not uncommon to have a project owner who wanted to hire only online service, to change his/her mind and later hire a full offline service after realising how much work is involved.

Our advice is to always give quotation in the format of:

  • Online design fee(Concept Design Package + Full Design Intent Package): $$$
  • Offline service rate: $$ $ per 4 hours session, cross city transportation fee to be paid by project owner. 

10. How much should I charge for my projects?

Make sense of your quotation. If you’re not sure, stay with us, our next blog will talk about the tactics you must know before setting a reasonable quotation. Note: in most of the cases, our project owners don’t really prioritize designs with the lowest prices but the designer that is most trustworthy to deliver the tasks.

Most of the residential projects are done under the design fee of 6500 USD. Design fee for offices, shop, F&B, villa projects varies a lot more. For more quotation tips, you can read our popular blogs on quotation concepts & calculators.

11. Do I need to sign a contract with the project owner?

By bidding for the project that means you agree with archiparti’s standard terms and conditions, collaboration agreement & privacy policies. Project Owner, independent designer & archiparti enter into a contract automatically once the designer submitted the quotation & when the project owner placed the payment. There is no extra contract signing process.

12. Why am I not being selected for the project?

From experience, the top reasons for not being selected at this stage are:

  • Incomplete/irrelevant portfolio
  • Low-quality photos/renderings instead of photos of build projects
  • Too high a bidding fee: note archiparti system handled most of the coordination works through the system & digital tools we developed. You bid should be based on the standard scope of work. DO NOT INCLUDE ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION FEE AT THIS STAGE.
  • Simply not a matching style: This happens a lot too, and for sure is a good thing as you do not waste time with the wrong audience. Our advice will be to take time and build a unique style so your portfolio stands out in even the global market.

13. Any other information I should know?

Some trends we observed on Archiparti:

Projects of tight schedule tend to pick designers in the same city, with very exact style and build project experience to take less risk.

For F&B, retail and installation project owners who have house contractors, designs that they consider as most outstanding and matching might win.

You can search for the answer here at FAQs session. We might not have time to reply to all enquiry emails due to the quantity we received every day, but we will be constantly updating this information page so please remember to re-visit constantly to make sure you have the latest news.

Eye-catching isn’t as easy as it sounds like, huh? Don’t forget here at archiparti we help you to focus on the creative part, but at the same time still being able to find the project owner who will appreciate your uniqueness. In the end, it’s all gonna be rewarding!

Standing out is not enough. You want the project owner not only to click on your portfolio, but actually CHOOSE you. We know successful cases always come along with a practicable quotation, so why don’t you follow us and stay tuned for our next quotation blog? More info is on our website and if you have any inquiries, do feel free to discuss with our project consultants!

Linda Wu, Archiparti blog contributor

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