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2020 House Renovation Checklist To Guide The No-experience Step-by-step

//This blog is updated in 2020//

If life is a roller coaster, life during a renovation is an upside-down, loop-de-loop roller coaster. Getting a brand-new space is such a thrill, but it’s also really terrifying, you” have to get a house renovation checklist with all the money, decision-making, and delegating involved. By the end of the project, you’ll probably have felt every feeling there is to feel, often to excess. When you’re not in the thick of it, this amount of emotional turbulence is hard to imagine, so we did you renovation newbies of 2020 a favor and chronicled every thought you’ll have during a renovation —good and bad—via memes. Prepare yourself!

1. I’m getting a new kitchen, bathroom, whole damn house!

First thing, congratulations! But then, calm down. There are tons of work waiting for you. Get yourself a home renovation step-by-step checklist before you ruin your house.

2. My contractor is nothing like all these contractors everyone’s always complaining about

Oh really? But are you sure they are doing things right? Do you even know what they are doing? Renovating a house with no experience could be the riskest thing you ever do in your life, even though you are the one actually doing the renovation. You could have destroyed your priceless with only one confusing instruction to your contractor. Get a list of the order of renovation operations before EVERYTHING. Thank me later.


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3. Yesss, no cooking for a few months 🙏🙏🙏

No cooking for a few months doesn’t mean you should ignore your kitchen until the next time you cook. Your renovation in any part of the house could affect other parts subtly but tremendously. Always visit your house during renovation and check every corner carefully. Point things out as you see them before it gets worse,


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4. Love this countertop, love that floor, love it alllll

It is everyone’s first thought when they see any new part in the house. But calm down and take a deep breath. Think carefully if it is practical, useful, handy, or anything is missing. Don’t get fooled by the brand new sparkling look.

5. OK, this got expensive quick


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6. No no no no no, that faucet was a total mistake

This happens when you do not prepare a home renovation operations checklist. But no worries, it can be fixed. First step, stop complaining. Go to the contractor and sort things out! There is no point crying at home alone.

7. I swear, if one more person asks me to make a decision . . .

Again, planning, and the home renovation checklist. If everything is detailedly planned out, you could have done the renovation perfectly on your own!


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8. But I could stare at this marble for the rest of my life and never be bored 😍

Marble doesn’t get scratched or stained easily. They barely change even as time passes. So congratulations if you like it!

9. Excuse me, the cabinetry shipment is going to be how late?!

Here we come the real part – SHIPMENT. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait. But of course, you should constantly check the status and track your shipment. If it takes exceptionally long, then contact the shipping company ASAP.

10. Seriously, I never want to see my contractor again

I’m sorry, but you will and you have to. There is a lot of follow-up work for a renovation. If you think your house doesn’t turn out good, then you should see them more often! Get everything fixed! Otherwise you would hate your house more and more as days go by while the contractor would just be chill with it.

11. Fine, they had one good idea today

Don’t show THIS face once you hear an idea that does not appeal to you. Contractors are professionally, after all. There must be a reason for their suggestion. Try to listen to them first. If you really don’t like it, just let them know POLITELY.

12. Ugh, who even cares anymore

Ugh, that’s your house. If you get annoyed for getting it well-built and designed, then maybe you should consider renting one.


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13. One more freaking week and we’re done, I repeat, ONE MORE WEEK

Ugh, that’s not true. As said, there is endless follow-up work for a renovation project. You would expect one month or longer to fix all the glitches.


End of all follow-up work. That’s definitely worth a HUGE celebration!

15. Yeah, this is my gorgeous new kitchen, no big

Yeah, show off to everyone. After all it takes up an enormous amount of money and long to get this done.

16. We should definitely remodel the basement next

And this…happens ALL THE TIME. Yeah…get prepared for it, Get your bank balance prepared as well.

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