2021| Safety | Security | Privacy | Home data & physical defense checklist (Top 20)

2021| Safety | Security | Privacy | Home data & physical defense checklist (Top 20)

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//This blog is updated in 2021//

Living in the cities, most homes are equipped with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, but did you know there are many more home safety products that you almost certainly need just as much or more? Here’s a short list of home safety and privacy checklist that we’ve compiled to let you develop a greater sense of home privacy and make sure your property is a safe place in 2021.

  1. Are your doors and windows visible from the street or from a neighbor’s view?
  2. Can you see who’s at the door without opening it?
  3. Do you have an emergency escape plan in case of break-in?
  4. Do you have keyed deadbolt locks installed on all of your doors?
  5. Do you have motion-sensor lights installed?
  6. Do you lock all doors at night and every time you leave the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes?
  7. Is your home’s exterior well lit?
  8. Do you have surveillance cameras?

There are many types of security system out there that we can utilize to protect our safety and privacy at our home. For instance, we install a home security camera in and out of our house, but here comes another problem: What if your neighbor’s security camera points at your house? Are security cameras an invasion of privacy? What types of security equipment should we install to be safe from intruders?

Furthermore, things like data privacy protection, internet privacy, and protection from hackers have become the major concern since most of our important transactions happen over the internet. While the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are aimed to make our life easier, the risks associated with the dangers of a smart home that arise can be complicated as well. Once a hacker gets access to one device on the network, it can be used as a gateway to hacking into other devices on the same network, leaving the owner vulnerable to physical and informational risks. It further increases the number of privacy questions regarding the protection of privacy of smart speakers, like Alexa from Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

One might ask: Why is data privacy important and why should I care about it?

In short, when data that should be kept private, for instance, one of the types of privacy, such as personal information that includes credit card numbers, personal financial data, health, and the medical record gets in the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Nevertheless, it is important to not confuse data security vs. privacy, where data security is about securing your own data against unauthorized access, whilst data privacy is about authorized access, concerning who has it and who defines it.

1. Are You Being Bugged or Tracked?

“So glad I purchased this bug sweeper, as it is portable and works incredibly well for exactly what I was afraid of. It found a hidden camera in
a dressing room…..really…crazy, I know. I could not believe it! I reported it to mall security immediately.”

This Law-Grade Counter Surveillance has all the bug detector features you could most likely ask for, besides it is created to pick up any frequencies between 10 MHz and 10 GHz, hence giving it some of the widest detection capabilities on the market. Its camera lens finder attachment allows it to narrow down the location of a camera. All you have to do is just press the button and start sweeping your premises!

2. Let It Be Your Eyes and Ears

“Caught my ex-husband, installing a fake smoke detector in place of my real smoke detector with a spy camera in it while I was out of town. Called the police and had a report made. He thinks I spent thousands having a professional do it when it’s as simple as plug it in and download the app.”

Besides the night vision, 147 degree-field of view and motion alerts, this device is far more capable than most security cameras in the market, equipped with sensors tracking the air quality, temperature and humidity in your home, it helps you to create a pleasant environment to live in. To top if all off, all of this can be easily managed from its app.

You may click here to check out the affordable All-In-One Indoor HD Security Camera.

3. Get To Know Who’s On Your Home Network

“It identified an attempted hacker trying to gain access to my network and immediately blocked it while sending me an e-mail notification simultaneously!”

This device allows you to detect new devices that are connected on your network and alerts you to them in real time. It also has a Pause feature that allows you to block a device from connecting to the internet temporarily, we guess you as a parent would like to utilize this function to make sure your kid completes his or her homework before going on Youtube.

Here’s the link to get one if so you wish to block rogue devices on your network.

4. A Small and Sturdy Router

“Absolutely amazed with this little device! For something so small, the range is fantastic!”

This router comes with the ability to connect to wifi via ethernet and create your own network. It is more than a router, it is also a 10400 mAh battery pack that allows you to charge your gadget at the times you most needed.

Check out more detailed user feedback here for this multipurpose router that also acts as a portable battery and media sharing device.

5. The iPhone Screen Protector Made For Privacy Enthusiasts

“I’ve had so people tell me that they can’t see what’s going on in my phone and the tempered glass? A life saver! The amount of times I dropped my phone.. let’s just say the actual screen should have cracked by now.”

If you don’t have a phone privacy screen protector, you are risking your data being stolen via visual hacking. Fret not, you can now kill two birds with one stone by getting a iPhone screen protector with tempered glass film that keeps your personal information safe from strangers and protects your glass display cover from drops.

6. A Life-Savior Door Lock

“ I live in a rented room where there is no lock and I can finally sleep in peace without having to worry about anyone trying to open the door when I am inside the room.”

Imagine if a burglar climbs the fence and continues past the outdoor cameras and approaches your door. Especially when you don’t have any home defense plan created beforehand, this lock fits between the door and jamb so it prevents the door from opening easily. It provides you extra physical security and privacy for any door that comes with hinges and swings inwards. Click here to check out the price of the portable door lock that gives you peace of mind in your property.

7. Protect Your Family With Top-Notch Door Security Bar

“A drunk neighbor came home to the wrong apartment and started to push on her door and the security bar held in place. He pushed on the door for over 5 mins until police arrived. Thank you for helping protecting the only thing that matters to me, MY DAUGHTER!!!”

Many of us, might wonder if the door lock would be enough to keep an intruder out, unless you have superb self-defense plan that may save you from an invasion, or you have all the time to rush into your saferoom. Otherwise, you could wedge a doorstop under it, but now there is a portable gadget that is claimed to work better.

Get this best and high quality security door bar that suits its price at here now.

8. Possibly The Best Smart Hub Ever Made

“I feel secure knowing that this system will shut off the house in case the washer lines or water heater spring a leak.”

You might have smart lights, smart TV, smart doorbells, smart plugs in your house, but getting them all work with each other to create an undeniably smart home could be a challenge. With this smart hub, you can have the light turn on as you open the front door, it’s as simple as that.

Click here to learn more what this device with a multipurpose sensor is capable of.

9. A Window Film That Give You Privacy Without Blocking Your View

“I can now see who is ringing my doorbell without them knowing I can see them.”

This window privacy film is available in wide variety of sizes, ranging from 12in X 24ft to 60in X 100ft from which you can choose as per your suitability to provide daytime privacy to your place. It is a durable item as it is coated with scratch resistant coating.

Check out the privacy window film here to suit your individual privacy needs.

10. The HVAC UV Light That Provides You The Cleanest Air You Have Ever Had

“Awesome, killed the mold in Ac unit and it even got rid of wet dig smell in house that was left over from previous owners and we had tried everything changed air vents had carpets cleaned.”

We spend most of the time indoors and the air can be more polluted than the outdoor air. Air quality control is significant because it can affect our comfort, productivity and, most importantly, our health. Ultraviolet lights have been proved to help eliminate many types of fungi, bacteria, germs, and viruses in our premise, thus UV lights for house HVAC system should be installed to improve the indoor air quality to avoid any health effects of air pollution.

Learn more about the price of this air purifier UV light HVAC dual lamp duct at here.

11. Get To Know What Is In The Air You Breathe

“I’m amazed at how accurate the monitor is and easy to use. Very sensitive to the slightest change in air pollutants which is nice when your central air comes on and it gives you quick changes in the air. ”

If you always want to know how polluted the air in your house is, it is a great idea to get this Air Quality Pollution Monitor. Along with a wide digital screen and backlit, it helps users to stay aware of current level of humidity, current temperature, level of room pollution, and so on.

Start creating a healthier home environment by getting yourself an air quality monitor here so you can have a decent air quality control system to maintain the indoor air quality standards at your premise.

12. Your First Line Of Defence Against Air Pollution

“I am so glad I decided to finally try an air purifier and try this brand in particular. I can honestly say that I feel a difference in the morning, my nasal passages are clear and I just feel I get a better nights sleep.”

This 4-in-1 Air Purifier uses Ultra HEPA filter to capture particles one hundred times smaller than the regular HEPA filters, together with activated carbon technology that filters out VOC’s and other chemicals. To top it off, this machine that equipped with air pollution control technology runs 30% quieter than other air purifiers in the market.

Click to check out the price of this 4-in-1 Air Purifier.

13. It Protects You And Your Family From All Impurities Present In The Air

“The people who live downstairs from us smoke & every morning our kitchen reeks of cigarettes. I plugged it in right next to the garbage can & the next morning there was no smell!

This portable air purifier can remove odors and dust particles, which is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. The best thing about this machine is that it’s very affordable and anyone can buy it.”

Check out this pluggable air purifier here so there won’t be a need to use chemicals to kill germs in your house.

14. The Window Screen That Cleans The Air In Your House

“We’ve had high pollen alerts for over 5 months and haven’t been able to open windows without sneezing and coughing. Since putting up these screens 2 days ago, we can have windows wide open despite the high pollen outside and windy conditions.”

Some houses don’t have air-conditioning, yet the very days you want to open the windows for some airflow are the days the pollen can be at its worst. This window screen claims to filter 98% of airbone pollen allergens, thus allows you to stay cool and pollen free at a relatively low cost.

Click to read more about this incredibly useful clean air window screen.

15. A Toothbrush Sterilizer, Because Germs Are Everywhere

“I bought it mostly for the drying feature and it keeps the brushes and toothpaste tidy in the bathroom while providing a door on the front to help protect the brushes for other germs in the bathroom. I would definitely buy this again in the future and maybe for gifts for family!^^”

We brush our teeth to get rid all the bacteria in our mouths, yet we think a simple rinse on the toothbrush can remove those microbes. In fact, leaving your toothbrush on the bathroom counter exposes it to new bacteria which may end up in your mouth the next time you’ll be using your toothbrush. Thankfully, this toothbrush sanitizers which is designed to kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs on your toothbrush will be your lifesaver.

Check the current price of this dual UV and heat premium toothbrush sanitizer at this link.

16. It Cleans Your Phone With Light

“It has multiple chargers on it so it’s super convenient. My favorite part about it is it has scientific evidence that it works and actually kills all the bacteria on your phone.”

We tend to wash our hands regularly, but what about our phones, that we use to carry it to all over the places, whether in a park, in a cafe or in the bathroom. While we don’t ‘wash our phones’, that’s how the germs migrates to the phone screen from our dirty hands. And so, this is the phone uv sanitizer that you need, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria on your phone screen while charging your phone.”

Check out this clinically proven UV cell phone sanitizer that comes with dual universal charger here at Amazon.

17. A Low Energy Consumption Air Purifier That Keeps The Electricity Bill Low

“When I pulled them out of the box, I started to wonder if I had made a mistake because they looked and operated nothing like the more expansive air purifiers, but within 24 hours I was so happy I had bought them. House has no smell when I come in from being gone all day.”

We clean our homes regularly so we can be more comfortable and not living in a smelly and germ-infested environment. However, cleaning is truly not enough to make your home a really healthy place to live in day after day. Any area of your home with high traffic and surfaces that get touched a lot is a germ bank and those germs may turn into disease-causing viruses or bacteria later on. This is where this UV air purifier comes in as the best disinfectant for home. It helps purify the air without the stress of a carbon footprint because it only has very low emissions, besides a low power mode that keeps the electricity usage low.

Get this UV vaccine (air cleaner) purifier here online at Amazon.

18. There Is No Need To Endure Polluted Air In Your House

“This tiny little UV lamp does the job to sterilize small spaces that can get stuffy and stinky. I’m actually using it a little at the head of my bed before I go to sleep — the little bit of ozone just freshens and clears any body odor smells.”

There are many ways to sanitize your home to restore a habitable environment, and this item is one of the methods that is extremely great for 5 to 9 cubic meters small space sterilization and odor removal, while 99% of the bacteria get killed in less than 3 minutes, we are confident that this can be the solution to your ‘how to disinfect the air best’ kind of question. Besides that, this is a germicidal lamp that you can easily carry to living room, bedroom, kitchen, car or pet nest.

Get to learn more about this portable UV Sterilizer Lamp at this link.

19. Join Over 10,000 Happy Customers Who Enjoy This Drinking Water

“I love my water filter! I have hardly any swelling or joint pain but if I don’t drink my Alkaline water it hurts! Oh and the price point was perfect for my budget.”

Water safety and quality are fundamental to our well-being. Since tap water is commonly contaminated with chemicals, there are more reasons than ever to get a filter water machine, better if it promises water safety for kids. On a side note, toxins are one of the reasons for aging. The best way to fight toxins is with antioxidants. Surprisingly, it’s as easy as drinking this antioxidant-rich alkaline water. The alkaline water is also safe for kids as it enhances their immune system to maximize their body’s ability to fight off disease.

Explore the benefits of this alkaline water filtration system here.

20. The Bug Out Bag That Is Built With You Needs In Mind.

“These bags have the essentials you’ll need to make it through 3 days. Everything is packaged in resealable bags that should help protect the contents from getting wet.”

An urban survival kit is a compulsory for city survival, when all types of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquake, and man-made emergencies could inevitably happen near you. Thus, this bug out bag is designed to enable you to survive any disaster ranging from personal disasters to all-out warfare.

Take a look at this urban survival bug out bag here.

21. A Multipurpose Handy Gadget For Survival

“An excellent set of credit card style survival tools. The three cards are all useful in a great variety of ways. The smallest still packs in 11 tools and the most versatile has twice as many! The smallest is riding in my wallet.”

This survival multitool card comes in as a bundle of 3 cards, that includes a 22-1 survival card tool, a 14-1 credit card sized multitool, and 11-1 utility multitool card. You may slip that utility multitool card into your wallet for a total of 11 tools including a screwdriver, bottle opener, etc. All three cards are constructed of stainless steel for durability so you know it’ll hold up.

To learn more about this 3 tool pack survival multitool card, click here.

22. The Sleeping Bag That Keeps You Warm

“A must for every car, boat, plane, or emergency pack. Impressive results if you ever put your hand inside to test.”

Whether you are camping or trying to survive, sleep is definitely a necessity. When the harsh elements try to ruin your sleep, fight back with this reflective sleeping bag. It is both wind and water proof, ensuring you to get a warmer night’s sleep at the time you most needed.

Check out this Reflective Sleeping Bag here at Amazon.

We all know creating a safe environment where you and your family can grow and thrive is a top priority. Thankfully, though various serious safety hazards lurk around the property, most of these worries can be settled pretty easily. We hope all the home safety and privacy related products mentioned above helps to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

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