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Your Thoughts On “Home Office” Will Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are (2020 Ver.)

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//This blog is updated in 2020//

Are you looking for inspiration with regards to designing your home office? We’ve summarized 4 main elements to keep in mind when you do your home office renovation. A good match between these elements will ensure you feel comfortable and refreshed as you work in your new office everyday.

There are 3 basic processes to consider when designing your home office: decorating your desk, wall, and office area. The design of your office space is vital to the outcome of your optimal work activity that involves the least distraction elements as possible.

We briefly summarize these home office tips and essentials:

  • The decor of the desk of your home office should include your laptop/desktop PC, a lamp, a place to store your writing utensils, a cup, tray, a plant to liven up your desk, and a notepad.
  • Decorating your wall can include framed pictures, artwork, or motivational quotes. Perhaps a grid hanger or cork board for important reminders or a place to hang up a calendar. The additional wall shelf will help save space and act as a place for extra storage area.
  • For a bookshelf, organize it and make it aesthetic by putting up a photo-frame, plants, and a candle amidst the files, books, and boxes on the shelves.
  • The colour of your wall sets the mood for the room. Cooler colours give off a relaxed and inviting impression, while warmer colours are friendly and creative.

Be sure to check out our other infographics on our blog, where you can find home renovation tips and other tidbits shared by our network of international designers. Freshome is another great resource to look for different design-related information.

Check out our designer network’s portfolios showcasing their past property renovation projects – we’ve curated designers from a diverse background both culturally and stylistically. If you’re looking for inspiration for your project, be sure to browse through some of their portfolios.

If you need help with redesigning your bedroom or home, be sure to let us know via the contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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