Who got selected at Concept Stage? Tips for winning the bids on concept design stage (2021)

Who got selected at Concept Stage?  Tips for winning the bids on concept design stage (2021)

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by Chandler Bing

//This blog is updated in 2021//

There’s always a question before working on every project: with so many limitations, how can you be selected successfully at the bidding and concept design stage? Learning from past experiences, archiparti has summarized the following 9 tips to help you best present your design and stand out easily.

1. Recognize the limitations of each project

Project owners, on top of looking for some ‘good’ or ‘stylish’ designs, are at the same time searching for someone who shows his/her seriousness, someone who understands the limitations (E.g. limited budget, tight schedule, branding purpose, limited space but complicated functionalities), but joyfully accepts the challenges.  One of the most common reasons for failing a bid is that, while facing project limitations, the designers aren’t able to show their professional attitude and their ability to finish the project within the limitations. In short, the key is to understand the limitations, follow the project owners’ priority, and respect the project.


2. Put your best foot forward

It’s not only about the design, but also a chance for designers to show your virtue to the project owners. To show that you’re passionate, and experienced in construction; that you’re familiar with that particular type of projects (e.g. retail/F&B). You’re detail-oriented, and you produce up to standard. In this way, project owners are likely to think that you’re trustworthy, and ramp up your chances of being selected.

3. Surprise project owners

All project owners using archiparti believe in the value of design, and are looking for value-added surprises. They tend to value clear presentation of your core design ideas/concepts/style/identity instead of a simple functional solution. So be prepared to spend great efforts to sell a touching story –  we assure you it genuinely works REALLY well.

4. Present project clearly

Avoid using architectural or designer symbols (e.g. don’t only use arrows to represent stairs without writing UP/DOWN) as general project owners just won’t understand. Rather, use words, colors or index keys to represent different functions. After all, a presentation shouldn’t be a one-way communication – you want the project owners fully understand everything.

5. Do a little sketch for your project owners

Project owners love a little hand sketch that could illustrate your or their thoughts effectively. Spend some time on that – maybe you’ll understand the needs of your project owners even more.

6. Good quality images are crucial

Good quality reference images with clear indications to the layout plan are really important to help visualize details and spatial qualities. Be specific and land the reference to an exact design solution.

7. Ask questions before it’s too early

Don’t be shy to ask questions in early stages because the schedule is always TIGHT!


8. Convey the most of your ideas

Project owners select designers based on the information provided, especially for the online international environment! So don’t hesitate to tell more about your ideas on their projects, write as many text as you can in order to make sure the project owner understands what you are going to propose.


9. Be a good story teller

Design a touching story tailor for the project owner’s situation, background or need. So their feels this is a special gift of special meaning to them. It can be the favourite colour, a secret between space users, some spatial idea generated from the brand logo, a secret room for certain belief function, individualized unique design with style instead of a general good design is always what we believed to be the best design.

Well, there are quite enough for you to absorb. Try these tips out and good luck on your next project! Be noted that archiparti is much more than just a project owner-matching platform. We’re here to help every designer to focus on the creative part and insist on your unique, individual style while still being able to find the project owners who appreciate your creativity. So together we celebrate a diversified and interesting physical world full of surprises.

You’ve learned something from us, but there are more for you. Now that you’re more confident with the bidding part, how about looking into the designer tips, feel free to contact us or comment below.

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