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15+ Loft Room Ideas That Will Give You Extra Floor Space (2020 Ver.)
October 4, 2019
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October 16, 2019
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Desk Combinations for Your Office in 2020

//This blog is updated in 2020//

Maybe the secret to a successful, productive household is a laundry room and office that you want to be in. Sure, an office space can be an escape, but more importantly it’s a place to get work done.

Here’s a guide perfect desk and chair combinations in 2020, just in case your office needs an upgrade. It’s organized by style, so there’s something for every home!


In this bedroom office they paired the Asher Desk with the Frankie Side chair. It’s got coastal vibes and nautical detailing, making it perfect for this Southern California space.

From our Calabasas Remodel

Design by Sharon Taftian

The Parade Home office has these great dark cabinets that really set the mood. The desk is chic, with a rich color palette. They contrasted all the dark with a light chair.

From our Parade Home

Design by Alyssa Kapito

The Calabasas Remodel has another office! This one has dark walls, but it’s so airy. With dreamy artwork and a light chair, with a white lacquered desk, it’s very refreshing.

From our Calabasas Remodel

Can you tell they love a dark office? This office is definitely sophisticated. They used a cool modern desk and paired it with a modern chair.

From our Foothill Drive Project

From our Foothill Drive Project

Design by Milk Decoration

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