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[2020 Best Work From Home Setup For Productivity] 10+ Small But Cozy Home Office Designs On A Budget

//This blog is updated in 2020//

With the pandemic striking out 2020, a lot of people have begun to work from home. Want to get some of the best home office equipments and gears? Check out these modern home office ideas with amazing setup for productivity, makes you feel cozy at the same time, while all on a budget!

1. Cork Trivet Pencil Holder


Design for Mankind

Keep losing your pens? This cork trivet DIY from Design for Mankind will keep your favorite pens and pencils front-and-center. You’ll need a drill, but beyond that, the project only requires glue and the trivets. Even better—the cork doubles as a memo board, so you can pin notes and to-dos.

2. Chalkboard Clipboard


This Nifty Earth

Sure, you could use an ordinary clipboard, but if we’ve got to pick between that and a chalkboard clipboard… well, we’ll go with chalkboard every time. You can use the painted back to jot down to-do and shopping lists, and you’ve still got an excellent clipboard.

3. Herringbone Bulletin Board


Spark & Chemistry

All you have to do for this simple, herringbone corkboard from Spark & Chemistry is cut, paint, and hang. The result? A totally functional bulletin board that’s way more attractive than the boring, rectangular hunks of cork hanging in most offices.

4. Geometric Paper Weight


Krafty Kath

The world may be going digital, but avoiding paper completely? Nearly impossible. Keep your papers from flying off your desk with this craft from Krafty Kath, which takes a round paperweight kit, a sheet of glitter, a colorful, geometric cut-out (available at her site, or you can create your own design), and basic crafting supplies to create a stunning paperweight.

5. Polymer Clay Pens


Creative In Chicago

You spend at least eight hours a day with your pens. Why not make them beautiful? This DIY from Creative In Chicago is super easy, making colorful, patterned polymer clay sheaths for your pens. True, baking time will push it over an hour, but spend that time watching TV (or, you know, being productive).

6. Metallic Storage Boxes



Organizing your desk is easier when you’ve got lots of little boxes to hide your odds and ends. This project from Brit+Co covers papier-mache box sets (available at any craft store) with gold or copper. Add whatever decorations or decals suit your mood to create this glamorous desktop storage.

7. Confetti Mousepad


Make and Tell

Ditch the dollar-store mousepad—or at least give it a good renovation. Follow the instructions at Make and Tell for a cheery confetti-splattered mousepad, made using watered-down acrylic paints and a coating of varnish. All in, it takes hardly any time at all.

8. Wooden Magnets


Farm Fresh Therapy

These wood veneer magnet clips from Farm Fresh Therapy are a sophisticated take on organization. With a small alphabet stamp set, wood, some magnetic strips, and miniature clothes pins, it’s easy to make a set to help you keep track of which papers belong where.

9. Ombre Pegboard


A Bubbly Life

Want a neat way to organize your craft or work supplies? We love this triangular ombre pegboard courtesy of A Bubbly Life, which uses a stencil (actually, a triangle you cut out from whatever paper you choose!) and paint for the pegboard and gold spray paint for the hardware. Together, it’s an elegant and youthful addition to your home office.

10. Wood Slice Thumbtacks


Upcycled Treasures

Why settle for normal thumbtacks when making these is so easy? You can get wood slices en masse from your favorite craft store (or cut them up yourself). Sand them down, add a little paint around the edges, and hot glue on a thumbtack. Instant cork board class. Find the full tutorial at Upcycled Treasures.

11. Tin Can Caddy


Cynthia Shaffer

This is the best way to keep your supplies close at hand—and if you’re an artist, it’s almost unbeatable. Blogger Cynthia Shaffer combined upcycled tin cans and a lazy Susan to make a rotating caddy with tons of space for holding everything you might need.

12. Robot Organizer


Crafts Unleashed

This little guy is a great addition to a kid’s desk. Follow Crafts Unleashed’s directions for a plastic canvas robot organizer with a colorful belly and plenty of space to hide unsightly paperclips or rubber bands.

13. Command Center


My Fabuless Life

My Fabuless Life’s snazzy office command center is less DIY and more inspiration. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess accumulating on your desk, taking a glance at her gold-and-peachy pink desk setup might give you ideas for a few simple and attractive ways to corral the mess—we particularly love the gilded and decoupaged wall-hung clipboards.


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