A Guide to Realise Your Ideal Workplace Easily: Commercial Office Renovation Project Plan Ideas 2021

A Guide to Realise Your Ideal Workplace Easily: Commercial Office Renovation Project Plan Ideas 2021

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by Monica Geller

Are you about to kick off an office refurbishment project and not sure where to start? Managing an office renovation project when it’s not your day job can be daunting.

Other than being used by employees for the everyday management of a company or an organization, an office also works as a tool to advertise the belief and morals of a given industry.

We prepared the following information to help you kickstart the office interior design and renovation process.

Project Planning:

The interior design of an office is significant in order to increase the optimism of the workers, offering a friendly environment to the clients of any company. It is essential to have an office fit-out strategy for getting that overwhelming, hospitable, and contented presence of the office.

Get inspired by how top interior designers in the world renovate their own offices. Learn whether the popular open plan office suits your company culture.

Set timelines:

Keeping your office fit-out project on track can be stressful and have significant cost implications if not managed properly.

Set budget:

You can’t make important decisions without a defined budget. Read this renovation fee guide of offices to have an idea of the possible costs, and to ensure you don’t miss out on important costs.

Make sure to check out also these cool design ideas that can save you renovation fee.

Select designer, builder, suppliers, and other partners:

An experienced partner goes well beyond the ‘on-time, on-budget’ approach to look at the lifecycle of a project.

Project Management:

When it comes to interior design project management, a whole lot of choices abound in choosing a bespoke manager for all your project management steps. However, ignoring some essentials could be a potential tripwire for sub-quality projects while also putting you on the receiving end of financial losses. If an inexperienced person is assigned to be the office representative to manage the project, please make sure to read this guide to understand some potential traps ahead especially for the renovation contracts.

Selecting Furniture & Decoration:

Adding indoor plants is not only an effective way to decorate the office but also a great strategy to boost the sense of belonging and teamwork.

Instead of standard white walls, these dark colors might look surprisingly cool with the new style of the creative offices.


No matter where your office is, chances are that you will produce some form of waste each day with all the paperwork, and of course, all the loose paper clips lying around. To save the planet, we could take an easy step by converting ordinary offices into zero waste offices. How? Check out this guide.

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