11 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in 2020

11 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in 2020
//This blog is updated in 2020//

Whether you’re hauling home a freshly cut evergreen at Christmas or if you’re thinking about switching your balsam fir for an artificial tree in 2020, there are amazing ways to go about decorating. If you’re worried about where to start or that the fake white tree is going to scream tacky, think again. With the help of a solid decor theme, any manner of tree can be playful, glamorous, or even understated (yes, really). So whether you go for the live tree or buy a faux one that will stay with you for years to come, we gathered some of our favorite ideas for how to transform your decorations into a modern, moody, or wildly spectacular Christmas scene. If you’re having a tiny living room, read our another blog teaching you how to fit a Christmas tree into your small living room.


Embrace a white tree’s inherent quirky vibe, like designer Emily Henderson did, and dress it up with ornaments in bright, nontraditional hues, such as hot pink and turquoise.


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Emily Henderson(@em_henderson)分享的貼文 張貼


You can go the subtle route with a flocked tree—one that looks like it’s covered in snow—decorated with all-white ornaments (and an unexpected black bauble or two).


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Stephanie S. Jolly(@stephsterjovski)分享的貼文 張貼


No matter what kind of tree is underneath, cover it in an explosion of color. You can go with standard ornaments and baubles, or just cover it with anything and everything that strikes your fancy.



You don’t have to be a grinch to appreciate a moodier Christmas scheme. Draping purple or pink tinsel around the tree and keeping the surrounding decor in an array of plum, navy, and black is a simple way to get the look.


Orlando Soria, designer and host of HGTV’s Unspouse My House, festooned his massive faux evergreen with shiny gold orbs, glittery animals, and sparkling garlands. The result: old-school elegance.


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Orlando Soria(@mrorlandosoria)分享的貼文 張貼


Take inspiration from a pack of highlighters for your tree’s theme. We’ll bet all your guests will want to take a photo with your show-stopping Christmas tree.


Want to stick to clean, simple lines and minimalism? Channel your Nordic energies for light wood ornaments and avoiding overcrowding.

Really Red

In a combination that is totally simple and extremely striking, a fully red tree with a smattering of string lights will make a bold statement.


An ombre tree can go in a lot of different directions. Do you want a graphic black-to-white situation or shades of blue? The effect can be the color of the tree itself or happen with the ornament placement.


Still hesitant? Start small with a tabletop version and wrap the trunk in a cozy matching sheepskin à la designer Sarah Sherman Samuel.


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Sarah Sherman Samuel(@sarahshermansamuel)分享的貼文 張貼


Combining the ideas of the moody tree and the red tree, here’s a simple and slightly gothic take on holiday decorating. Plus, a black tree might be fun to bring out for Spooky Season—decorate it with cobwebs!

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