“To connect project owners with passionate independent designers, and streamline the non-creative parts through intelligent software solutions.”

A vicious cycle has taken hold of the design & building industry. Until archiparti, project owners had only three options available to them:

  • Recruiting contractors, which saves money but fails to provide design or branding value.
  • Opting for a corporate design firm, which is expensive and requires a minimum USD $25k down payment.
  • Hiring a freelancer at their own risk.

Design firms mark up the fees associated with their services to cover overhead costs, as they typically have no more than a handful of projects throughout any given year. Such high-priced services ward off project owners, thereby reducing the market’s project pool and forcing design firms to charge even more when they land a project. The current industry model thus ignores the growing demographic of middle-class project owners who, while being on limited budgets, nevertheless desire a better lifestyle.

About Us

Our team at archiparti provides a range of innovative business solutions towards modernizing the traditional design & building industry—which as of 2016 is worth USD $3.2 billion in Hong Kong alone, and USD $210 billion globally—by empowering an international network of experienced, often award-winning, designers to work independently, free from the stifling limitations of corporate design firms. What Taobao has done for independent merchants wanting to sell overseas, Crew for top digital designers seeking to collaborate with talents from around the world, and Upwork for the global part-time sharing economy workforce, archiparti has done for design. A typical archiparti design team might bring together a local licensing and project management expert with an American parametric designer, a Filipino renderer, and an Indian construction draftsman—all working as a solid core unit under archiparti’s secure umbrella, to deliver finest quality at the lowest cost.

With our streamlined SOPs, digital management and support and global talent network, project owners can finally enjoy professional design services at affordable prices while building an individualized brand image—not only for our customers, but for the world at large.

In September of 2016, Crosstec, a Hong Kong-based retail interior design firm, went IPO on HKEx. With a mere seven in-house designers plugged into a global outsourcing system, they reported USD $17 million in revenue for 2015. archiparti is empowering millions of single-person design firms to achieve even more.

1400+ Designers

22+ Countries

10+ Years Experience

How It Works

Our current network links project owners with independent designers from across the globe:

What Our Customers are Saying

  • “Impressive, thoughtful design. I never expected that my bar project could be done this fast and hassle-free within this budget.”
  • “Instead of committing to the full package up front, I picked a basic package then added tasks as needed. The process was much more flexible and transparent, the designs stunning and creative.”
  • “archiparti offers me choices. Rather than shopping from different places, this provides a new model, allowing us to choose from multiple designs from multiple designers at the same time.”

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