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We are a Hong Kong-based tech startup with international vision.

Our team at archiparti provides a range of innovative business solutions towards modernizing the traditional design & building industry—which as of 2016 is worth USD $3.2 billion in Hong Kong alone, and USD $210 billion globally—by empowering an international network of experienced, often award-winning, designers to work independently, free from the stifling limitations of corporate design firms. What Taobao has done for independent merchants wanting to sell overseas, Crew for top digital designers seeking to collaborate with talents from around the world, and Upwork for the global part-time sharing economy workforce, archiparti has done for design.

With our streamlined SOPs, digital management and support and global talent network, project owners can finally enjoy professional design services at affordable prices while building an individualized brand image—not only for our customers, but for the world at large.

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Karbi Chan


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Samantha Cheung

Finance / Operations

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Matthieu Droumaguet

Development / Data

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Ronald Tong

Project Management

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Alice Mourou

Digital Design

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Alan Ho

Product / Marketing Strategy