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Yves Klein Blue Residence- Specially Designed HK Public Housing Flat for CAT

【Yves Klein Blue Residence】 (Φ ω Φ)∫

Area:~400 sqf/ 40 sqm
Project Owner:one couple + one cat
Completion: ~2015
Construction Total Budget: ~ HK$ 150,700
Location: Lam Tin, Hong Kong

Meet Yves Klein Blue Residence flat in HK specially designed for the CAT.

#1 The floor color matches the cat’s fur color, so that cat hair won’t be visible on the floor.
#2 The cabinets in this flat have a secret. They are locked unless you push and pull by specific sequences!
#3 Walls are replaced by cabinets for soundproofing and storage space, But Baobao(the cat) can find the way through!

The design is so unique – it’s hard to imagine it was done within a tight budget!

【360 video service】 Can you find the cat in this 360 video?


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