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House Design – The In’s and Out’s of Making Your House a Home

Here are some crucial steps to plan and establish a style and prototype with your interior designer to work with your designing projects efficiently.

The downsizing of property sizes has become a growing trend globally, which calls for more efficient use of interior space – such as vertical space for high ceiling apartments, as well as other areas previously considered to be unusable. Not only does efficient use of space make the flat look more organized, it also enables you to squeeze out every ounce of value that you’ve paid for.

Today, we will showcase a 22-square meter (~220sqft.) Taiwanese studio apartment that has cleverly made use of its 3.3m (~10.8 ft.) high ceiling. Its innovative design for us to draw inspirations from, as this is sure to grow and become mainstream going forward.

For many city dwellers, the increasingly expensive apartments (for both buyers and renters alike) are driving residents to explore 'micro apartment' solutions. 
This Taiwanese studio apartment takes advantage of its high ceiling by creating a second floor as its bedroom area.
The owner is a young woman who has frequent business trips, and hence only wants a home that can provide a cozy environment for 'a hot shower and a good place to sleep'.


To maximize storage space in the compact flat, shelves are built on top of wardrobes to fully utilize its vertical space. The shelves are made accessible via a ladder (and can also be partially accessed on the upper level), which adds to the aesthetics of the apartment overall.
Amenities such as the washing machine and cooking area are neatly arranged along the side of the walls to save space, and to give the whole apartment a roomier look.
The center of the room is left open intentionally, allowing for flexibility to transform the space according to different occasions. 
The tenant is able to create space for exercise at home on typical days, and add furniture as needed (such as a dining table and chairs) to accommodate guests on special occasions.
As the upper floor has limited headroom, it is designed to serve as both a study area as well as a bedroom - both of which are activities that we typically don't perform while standing!
This arrangement also allows for segregation of functional space. Hence, if multiple people occupy the space, then people can conduct their own activities with minimal distractions.
Layout of the apartment's ground floor
Layout of the apartment's top floor

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