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Q1: The services to be provided by the Designer shall be as set out below:
Specify the Services that you provide
Q3: Services not included in the contract?
The following documents shall form part of the Contract which shall be read as a whole. In case of ambiguities or discrepancies amongst the Contract documents, it shall be resolved according to the order of precedence of the documents forming the Contract as listed in Clause 1.1 of the General Conditions and as listed below.
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    These Special Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the General Conditions to which these Special Conditions are annexed. Wherever these Special Conditions vary from the General Conditions the terms of these Special Conditions shall take precedence.


    Q3: What is the payment schedule?
    Stage1: Deposit payable upon the signing of the Articles of Agreement
    Stage2: Upon confirmation of project design
    Stage3: Upon completion of tender drawings
    Stage4: Upon commencement of site work
    Stage5: Upon completion of _% of site work
    Stage6: Upon Practical Completion
    Stage7: Upon expiration of Defects Liability Period
    Stage8: Others Extra
    Q5: What are the Charge-Out Rates?
    Where time charges are used as the method of payment for the Services, these shall be calculated on the hours actually expended by the relevant personnel at the following hourly rates:
    Project Manager/Senior Interior Designer
    Architectural/Interior Designer
    Q7: Please fill in the Bank Information of Designer



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