Do less, Be more. These free tools save you time, which means you can focus on your creativity , family and other preferences.


Are you starting your projects as an independent designer? Our tools below will guide you through the first stage of the process.

Contract Generator

No more worries about handling all those contracts yourself! We prepared it for you. Just fill out our form, and you’ll get a customized contract to protect yourself.

Project Needs Survey

First time doing a certain type of project? Our user survey forms can help you understand your customers’ needs quickly. Send it to the customer for completion, or help them to fill in through conversation.

Construction budget Calculator

Do you need an idea before submitting your design? Our calculator can estimate the construction budget accurately by putting previous data of Hong Kong market together.

Submission Templates

Use our submission templates for archiparti projects, or change the title and make it your own standard submission template.

Digital Project Management

Time to experience the new mode of work! Learn how to manage your team, tasks, and files efficiently with archiparti’s online platform.

Forming a team on archiparti

Reduce overhead costs by forming online, project-based teams. We can match you with other archiparti designers for the following services.

Realistic Rendering: Interior, exterior, night view, day view, different scales and styles

Virtual Modelling: Sketchup, 3DMax, Rhino

Others: Image to DWG, construction drawings, researches, animations, videos, grasshopper, other expertise consultation, construction and local partnerships

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Partner Co-working Spaces and Facilities all over the world

Design anywhere, anytime. Check out our co-working space partners over the world for printing, laser-cutting and 3D printing supports⁠⁠⁠⁠.

Get Discounts & Ask a consultant

Get exclusive discounts from archiparti’s partner brands.

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