Energetic Modern

Energetic Modern Readimade Package designed by Jeffrick Brown

With a pinch of light, Energetic Modern blends in the energy and elegance, offering you an extraordinary atmosphere.

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  • Curtains  3.5×2.7m (LxW)

  • Light Decorations  4m

  • Wall Decorations  A4 size

  • Cushion  0.45×0.45m (LxW)

  • Bed-side Table  0.4×0.27×0.56m (LxWxH)

  • Carpet  0.8×0.5m (LxW)

  • Bed Cover  2.7×2.1m (LxW)

Ready in 10 days* – Convenience and elegance at once

Ready to make a change – Designer package made affordable by crowdsourcing

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Readimade package, made ready for You!

Grab the chance and Readimade your place NOW!

*Delivery time is subject to the destination. However, we promise to deliver in 10 days for Hong Kong customers. Please contact J@archiaprti.co for special needs.

The Readimade package is designed for rooms with specifications stated below. Nevertheless, the package can be applied to any room that is below the size specifications.

  • 4 m² floor area

  • 1.5 x 2 m² window area

  • 3m ceiling height

  • 0.8 x 2 m² door

  • One single bed 0.9 x 2 m²

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