The Readimade DIY Packages are designed explicitly by competition-winning designers to provide stylish, affordable, and fast interior upgrades.

Our Packages

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Why Readimade?




More than 10 times cheaper than renovation.

1 hour VS months of refurbishment.

Designer-selected + competition-winning package.

 All in one = Readimade Package
Readimade Package, ready for you!

 HOW it works?

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Deliver within 10 days (For Hong Kong customers)


Less than 1 hour
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Enjoy the best atmosphere created by Readimade!

Hear from our satisfied customers!

From lower than 50% rent-out rate to 4X profit and full booking, I made the investment back in less than 10 days.
_Andrew, Airbnb host in London

Investing too much to decorate my small rented bedroom is just stupid, then I found Readimade as the perfect solution for me.
_Edyta, project based consultant in Hong Kong

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend by giving her a warm and stylish upgraded living environment. Seeing her smile is just priceless.
_Andrew, Journalist in NYC

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