Welcome to the main page of AIDR – archiparti in da room (Now Readimade)

This is how Readimade DIY Packages (Previously archiparti in da room) were brewed!


WHY Readimade (Previously archiparti in da room)?

Readimade (Previously archiparti in da room) is a design competition created explicitly for interior designers to unleash their talents and creativity. It derives from a common trouble we heard from project owners/customers: the predicament between extreme low budget for design from project owners, and a tremendous need to upgrade Airbnb/short-term rental homes to improve rental value.

On the other hand, there are many talented professional independent designers who cannot wait to get their hands dirty with smaller projects.

Thus, archiparti came up with a new magical formula to help both sides and provide affordable professional design service without having designers being paid less, nor having project owners paying more!



Simple Introduction of the competition

Designers are to design based on the assumed settings. There is no need to redesign/specific/change new furniture, it is more a decoration project. Each week the project owners and the public will vote for their favorite design, and archiparti will help realize the design by making it into real production.

Designers will get commissions from each sale as design fee, while project owner gets the benefit of the crowdsourced design.



WHAT can you get?

This is a mutual beneficial competition with designers getting publicity and commission per sale. At the same time, project owners will receive the most popular and unique crowdsourced design in a high quality but affordable price.