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Hong Kong Design: 5 Ideas for Startups, Offices, and More!

Hands up if you ever struggled to choose the layout of your office.

We understand. Your budget’s too tight for huge and spacious office. You are bored with the cubicles but not sure what good would the start-up style office do for you. You’re worried that it’ll be too risky to try a completely new office layout or it may undermine the productivity of your team.

The good news is, many other SMEs have been suffering from the same concerns and archiparti compares 3 most common office layouts for you. Office design is very important as it directly influences the working environment, culture and employees’ morale. After reading this piece you’ll finally know which layout best suits you. Ready? let’s get started!

Here are some popular office designs:

1. Open Plan Space

Example: One of our most frequently requested reference styles: Blueprint office (location: Quarrybay, Hong Kong)

Layout Features:

  1. Working format: togetherness is key.
  2. Particularly suitable for start-up businesses, consultant based businesses, and anyone in the creative industry. 


     1. Flexibility

Use movable desks and seats to increase the flexibility of the office, this allows easy changes in layouts. Hence changes in the number of your team is no longer a problem.

   chairs, office, movable chairs, movable desk, flexibility, flexible

     2. Connection

Without dividers and cubicles, open plan space nurtures a transparent and intimate culture. it also encourages discussions and teamwork which have been proven to increase productivity and sense of belonging for employees.

     3. Space Efficient

The office can still fit everyone in during the busiest time with some compromise in individual space, or by adding more chairs around the big table.


     1. Distraction   

Open plan places can be noisy and distracting.

     2. No Privacy

Boss and everyone else may be able to see your screen and works, which could be an invasion of privacy. Similarly, it may also be inconvenient when dealing with confidential documents or having confidential discussions.

     3. Messy

If there is no one designated to clean the office or there is no clear policy, then the working space can become cluttered and messy quite quickly.

General Tips:

  1. Enough plug and wiring port for a flexible number of people joining the table.
  2. Provide drawer/ enough locker space elsewhere to stay organized.    


2. Semi-enclosed Cubiclescubicle, semi-cubicle, office, traditional office, divider, office layout

Layout Features:

  1. Involve individual cubicles with dividers and fixed seat, forming a space of your own. This allows individuals to focus when they are seated and communications with others when they stand up.
  2. Particularly suitable for dedication-focus, privacy-required works.


     1. Reduce Distractions

The barrier blocks sound and disturbance which may help you focus on tasks, hence improving productivity.

     2. Privacy

Within the cubicle, everything is under your total control. Your laptop, stationeries, heaps of paper will remain unattained even you’re away from it for days.

     3. Individualism Within The Box

More areas for display as you can pin on the dividers. You can decorate it any way you’d like.

     4. Organised

Easy to keep the overall office clean as everyone is responsible for their own area, and messiness is hidden behind the dividers.


Cubicles, lame, boring, dull, monitored, office,

     1. Outdated and Old Fashioned Image.

Workers are viewed merely as labors instead of part of a team. There is little sense of belonging to the business.

     2. Uncomfortable To Work In.

Employees may find it hard to move around in small cubicles. Sometimes the stuffy space causes discomfort and inconvenience, resulting in low efficiency.

General Tips:

  1. Set up a monthly cleansing hour to prevent accumulation of hideous mess.
  2. To break the boring, repetitive/ homogenous image, add greenery or visual decorations.


3. Independent Team

independent room, office layout, concentrate in office, privacy in office

Layout Features:

For functions/roles that require a lot of privacy/storage space


     1. Full Privacy

Employees will be able to concentrate on their tasks more when they are not worrying or stressing about confidential information and documents. Independent rooms will mean everything business related will stay in that room.


     1. Take Up Too Much Space.

Due to the fact that the room is entirely for that business, none of the costs of running the office e.g. air-con is shared.

     2. Accumulate Rubbish Over The Year

There may be less incentive to clear and clean the office because space is not shared with anyone else, this could lead to a lot of rubbish/unnecessary items to pile up over the years.

General Tips:

Paint walls into blackboard/whiteboard/glass for brainstorming and inspirations


Our last tip of the day: map out the positioning of your company first, then decide on your office. Your decision depends on what your company does and what company culture you want to nurture.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to improve the efficiency and relationship with our tips. Want to redesign your office? Sign up HERE and more than 1200 designers are available to amaze you!