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In the previous blog, we have shared our suggestions on picking a suitable cloud system to improve your file-sharing productivity and efficiency. Yet, indeed, system selection is not the only concern when it comes to file organization and sharing.

No matter which system you prefer, there are some more aspects that you can work on to make remote collaborative work effortless!

The following paragraph will be useful for project owner who is looking for a solution to share files with short-term consultant, or a team that needs to manage complicated sharing options for short term and long term multiple remote teams. An effective system is very important to help everyone to hit the ground running from day one, and saves the file owner loads of time on management and onboarding.

How to set up a filing system that allows complicated sharing options to allow many short-term consultants, and multiple remote long-term teammates? What should be the correct filing and sharing structure?


online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage


online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage


3_batchonline filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage

Layer 3: in both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL FOLDER, on top of your standard ACCOUNTING, PROJECTS, MARKETING, LIBRARY, RESEARCH FOLDERS(list goes on base on your personal need) set up also an EXCHANGE FOLDER

online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage

Layer 4: in each EXCHANGE FOLDER, set up by project name or by person subfolders such as HAPPY VALLEY HOME PROJECT or SALLY. Decision base on whether you have long-term remote teammates who you are comfortable with sharing all information, or short-term task based remote helpers who you want to share just a part of the information. Another advantage of sharing based on the person instead of the project is that will cause less confusion as you want to make sure every time the teammate is using latest correct file sent by you.

online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage

Layer 5: assuming you have layer 4 based on a person(in which we recommend), then here you want to set up a subfolder, base on dates and task, eg 20161001_A3 RENDERING. Year – month – day is a good format for easy file sorting.

online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage

Layer 6: In each DATE subfolder you will want to set up 2 subfolders TASK BRIEF and TASK SUBMISSION.

You want to put all necessary files the teammate needs to use to finish the task in TASK BRIEF FOLDER, and brief the teammate to put the progress/work done into TASK SUBMISSION. After setting up the overall structure, you can go ahead to share the NAME folders to different email addresses of teammates.

And more than that, archiparti has more tips for you to fully utilize cloud storage, particularly using Google Drive to make sharing and managing your working files in no effort!


Further Tips!

  1. Use google Doc instead of sharing a word file. This is because then you can track changes to a file by different people, and even revert to earlier versions if needed. You can right-click on a file and select “View Details” to skim through editing history. If you would like to look at the editing in details, you can open the file and click “See revision history from the “File” drop-down menu, and click “Show more detailed revisions” at the bottom-right corner. And you can do version restoration here as well, and better yet, restoring won’t eliminate any version of your file!
    revision history
  2. Add Google Drive to your desktop so you use the google drive like using a document file.
    online filing system, remote working, files organization, Cloud storage
    It is troublesome if you have to access the cloud and manually download every file there to obtain certain files. Instead, installing Google Drive to your desktop (and almost any electronic devices like Android devices, Ipad, etc.) gives you easy management of all those documents on the drive, as if you are just creating another desktop folder there!
  3. You will want to set up also a TEAM ORIENTATION FOLDER in which all your teammates must go through before working with you. Things inside might include 1)templates of autocad, indesign, powerpoint etc, 2) Reference images to style you like, can be layout style, detail style,  rendering style, presentation style, 3) Billing/Invoice system, so they can input their hours or tasks done so charging you, 4) Fonts/logos/colour schemes and other standards, 5) Passwords of different software accounts, 6) Your design vision, style, introduction of you etc.
  4. Offline access and edit your documents.
    Cloud Computing Concept
    Additional to treating your Google Drive as another computer document file, you can also activate the “Enable Offline Access” function under internet connection, so that you can access and edit your files offline, even on an airplane! All the changes you made offline will be updated online once you have connected to the internet!



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