How it Works

Connect with 1400+ award-winning architects/interior designers, hear from the pioneers of the industry who believe in the new mode of work.

1. Submit Project Details Online

Describe your project needs, goals, dos, don’ts, references and so forth. More information means a better result. Inquiries Through Hotline, Whatsapp, Live Chat Or Email for questions at anytime. All archiparti designers are vetted and used to do international projects online. You can trust this network from planning to delivery.

2. Submit Visual information

Reference images of styles you love, 360 degree photos of the rooms from phones, layout plan and floor height are enough to get the project started. If you do not have a layout plan, you can use some free apps such as magicplan.

3. Wait for the project to be approved

  • Project uploads & project planning inquiries.
  • Advance logarithm and prescreening for matching the most suitable designers.
  • SOPs to align expectations and ensure apple to apple comparisons on design fee.
  • Outline projects to sensible tasks and timeframes, track progress to escort payment.
  • Standard contracts with contract terms to effectively protect both parties.
  • Digital tools to help designers gain efficiency and standard with less cost.
  • Each project process is fully managed online by professional project manager of 10 + years industry experience should the project be an all online design project.
  • Protect the interests of both sides with free third-party contract signing witness and data backup services.
  • Platform that follows 24/7 login to track project progress.

4. Construction Phrase

Work With Reliable Contractor Partners & Consultants (Limited countries availability)

  • Sourcing reliable offline construction and supplier partners.
  • Detailed construction quotation and contract templates with professional analysis/comparison to eliminate hidden costs and risks.
  • Site Mobilization design briefing and construction coordination
  • Proactive followups with progress and reviews
  • Photography & Marketing for the project

For cities without our construction partner/for situations you prefer your own contractor, please check Here to use our self-help tools for standard quotation forms/contracts.

5. Claim Discounts From Brand Partners & look for consultants

Check out our resource page for more discount information and contact us HERE  if you need more help!