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Home Design: 5 Fundamentals to Know

A cluttered and untidy interior may make us feel stressful. Having a room or an office which is neat, practical and well-organized can refresh your mind and make you feel more relaxed. Wondering what could be done to create a relaxing room? A minimalist style is definitely a great step towards creating a relaxing environment. Here, archiparti would like to share with you some minimalist interior design ideas.


Main idea behind minimalism interior design

The main idea of minimalism interior design is the use of simple, natural and orderly spatial arrangements. Instead of emptiness, minimalist interior design asks for clarity and richness of simplicity. Such simplicity is often achieved through reduced clutter and refusing division of rooms.


Tips to help you create an interior in a minimalist style: 

  1. Stick to a few or just even one color

A general color is usually chosen to be the default color of the space. White can be a good choice for a minimalist style, along with other natural shades. It is not a must to keep everything white or black, a bright color could also be added as an effective touch. However, do make sure that color combinations should be kept to the minimal, in order to establish a serene and balanced environment. Other than monochromic hues of colors, textures of wood or cement also work very well in any minimalist space.


  1. Choose furniture that are in streamline shapes

It is common to find furniture in a minimalist design room in streamline shapes with neutral colored leather. Details of the furniture should be kept to the minimal. If details are essential, stainless steel or chromium are the optimal material choices.



  1. Make sure walls are smooth, non-reflective and with minimal decorations

Walls should be plastered in a way that they are flat and smooth. An example of paint that can be used is matt emulsion. It creates a non-reflective finish and thus is ideal for hiding minor marks and imperfections. Other than wall paint, simple ornaments could also be added to the wall as decorations. Such decorations should, however, be carefully chosen to avoid over-decorating the place. If you would like to hang something on the wall, choose large paintings or mirrors, instead of small items. This prevents the walls to appear cluttered.



  1. Choose floor materials that are easy to be taken care of

The floor should be composed of materials that are easy to be cleaned and taken care of. Wood, linoleum or stone tile are excellent choices.



  1. Keep lighting soft

The room should be well lit but not too bright. Having a soft lighting can help the room to appear airy and relaxing. Types of lamps that can be used are floor lamps, pendant lights, led strip lights or concealed lighting. They can act as a good touch to a minimalist room, both for decorating it and providing a light source.




Naomi, archiparti blog contributor 

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