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Great Renovations made Simple.

Design/Renovation + Tech: If you’re looking to renovate your property, we want to give you the best award-winning designers across the globe, while also saving you time and money. We’ve fully managed hundreds of homes, offices and shops, saving project owners months of time and millions of dollars in the process!

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How we do it

Streamlined Management

Dedicated management team oversees your project, providing professional advice to ensure smooth process which will save you cost and time.

Sourcing Global Talents

We will connect you with vetted professionals from our global-talent network via matching algorithm so you can always find someone who suits your style and price point.

One-stop Solution

no more headaches and time wasted on cross communication. Clear structure with archiparti designers, consultants and contractors who share the common vision.

Money Back Guarantee

How to start?Who to trust? We escrow design and construction fee, carry out inspections before approval of funds.


Because you and your loved ones deserve it.

Best Match

Find the one who can do the project, globally.


Fair pricing, clear schedule, with archiparti designers and contractors who share the common vision.


one person design firms registered from 22 countries.


of them are award winning architects/interior designers.


of them have over 10 years of experience.

“I thought the selling point is just to find cool designer around the world at an affordable rate, but archiparti project manager actually helped me to check quotation & contracts with other local partners, guide me through the schedule, find me a highly skilled local contractor, and escrow the whole project. This saved me loads of time, and now I am waiting to move into my dream home!”

— Ellie Ho

“Smart and talented designer. Never expected my Bar project could be done this fast and hassle-free with this budget.”

— ShenZhen Bar

“Positively surprised! All communication was done online, I know my project manager is in Australia and my designer is from USA, but with just some requested drawings and dimensions, archiparti helped me to develop the design from planning to construction within the budget and timeframe.”

— Samuel

“Even though communication was all done through online, flows and details were clear. archiparti has made me at ease which I don’t need to worry about communicating with different parties.”

— Vikki

archiparti offers me choices. Rather than shopping from different places, this is a new model allowing us to choose a plurality of designs from more than one designer at the same time.”

— Babington Path Apartment


archiparti started as a local interior design platform in Hong Kong, and today, we continue to empower project owners and independent designers by digitally streamlining processes in the global design & build industry.


Time to renovate your office to attract more talents and impress clients.


Build a home instead of a house.

F & B / Retail

Our designers will give you bespoke options – with speedy delivery!

Event Installation

1400+ designers around the globe – always ready to serve.


We design with love – regardless of the scale.

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Be sure to give us a call, or send us a message using the contact form – we’re always happy to hear from you! Catch us at and +852 5499 8578.