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1 Minute Checklist: Everything You Should Expect In A Full Design Intent Package

design intent package

Concept Design Package Stage (Continued….)

Full Design Intent Package

After the concept design stage, congratulations your favourite design has came out! And at the next stage, you are expected to receive the followings items:

  • Plans
  • interior Elevations and setting outs
  • Sections
  • 3D renderings at least 1 for each room
  • design and Key Details of tailor furniture
  • material & Finishes Schedule
  • furniture schedule
  • reflective ceiling and Air Conditioning plan
  • electrical and Building service intent planning
  • feature & General Lighting Schedule
  • reference Images

Let’s dive into some previous full design intent package projects done with archiparti again!

Project 1: Zhuhai Private Residence

Independent designer: Ryoyu Kido (Japan)

Project 2: Bar Project in Shenzhen

Independent designer: Ryoyu Kido (Japan)

Now you find everything’s clear! You’ve learned something from archiparti, but there are more for you. If you would like to further discuss with one of our project consultants, please contact us.

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